Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 978 fight again

Mu Bingyun held the bare heart in his hand and quickly dodged.

At this moment, Cang Yu raised his hand, and from where he did not know, figures leaped out one after another, holding swords, there were nine people in total, and one of them dealt with one tentacle.

For a while, the Silkworm King did not react, and three tentacles were destroyed by these figures.

But when the silkworm king reacted, the nine puppets were instantly entangled by the silkworm king’s silk, imprisoned fiercely, and shattered with a bang.

Mu Bingyun’s face changed, and now there are six tentacles left.

However, the tentacles that can spin silk, even one, make them difficult to deal with. The reason is that the silk that the silkworm king spit out to attack is not only thick, but also very sturdy. It takes a long time for them to cut it for some damage.


Mu Bingyun frowned deeply, if it goes on like this, they will be the ones who will die. The belly of the silkworm king was bulging. Obviously, there was a lot of stock in it. After all, it was the silkworm king, how could it be so easy to deal with.

So, she had to think of other ways.

At this moment, Cang Yu was surrounded by rows of knives, all attacking the Silkworm King in unison. However, the silk of the silkworm king quickly blocked these attacking knives, all the silk was wrapped around it, and the knives were broken abruptly.

She gritted her teeth, and pieces of divine stone appeared in her hand. They flew to their proper places, threw the divine stone with one hand, and moved the magic trick with the other, and the surrounding divine power surged in quickly.

Yes, she is setting up a formation, a killing formation!

She had to divert the Silkworm King’s attention so that she could destroy the opponent’s tentacles.

Of course, with the strength of her second-order divine formation division, the killing formation that she has set up will definitely not be able to kill the silkworm king. However, it is still possible to delay for a few moments, and just a few moments can already allow her to do a lot of things.

In an instant, the formation formed.

She escaped the attack of Silkworm King Silk, and her formation was able to hold the five breaths.

She saw the opportunity and jumped to the belly of the silkworm king. Holding a bare heart, murderous.


Two breaths!


She slashed into one of the tentacles of the Silkworm King, and screamed again. The Silkworm King’s tail and silk frantically attacked her formation, and the incomparably strong formation was already crumbling.

Her eyes narrowed, and she still had two breaths.

The rapid stirring in her hand did not pull the heart out from the opponent’s body, but quickly swiped to the nearest tentacle. At the last moment, she swiped to that place with a sword, and she stirred it hard, and in an instant, it was destroyed again. went to a tentacle.

At this time, there was a bang behind her, she knew that the formation was destroyed by the opponent, she instantly pulled out her heart and hurried back.

The screams in the silkworm king’s mouth never stopped. In a short period of time, six of its tentacles were recognized and destroyed. God knows how angry it is!

There are four left!

Mu Bingyun knew that the previous method could no longer be used. The silkworm king’s tentacles kept coming out, as if he wanted to surround the entire space. Of course, the silkworm king did not seem to give up food outside.

One of the tentacles is still spinning outside, and now she has no extra mood to observe the scene outside.

During the whole time, the silkworm king’s entire body trembled violently, and his body instantly became even more bulging, as if something was brewing.

In an instant, she saw Cang Yu stab at the mouth of the silkworm king, and his voice sounded in her ear: “Bing’er, get ready!” She followed his line of sight and looked at the tentacles that kept spitting out to death, nodded.

She understood that Cangyu meant that when he went to attract the attention of the silkworm king, the silkworm king’s mouth was the most important thing. Although other tentacles can spit silk, only the mouth of the silkworm king can spit out the purple feather tencel.

Cangyu has a serious face, holding a knife in both hands. The sword light was cold, and the silkworm king seemed to feel something, and spit out thick silk from his mouth. However, its body seemed to be preparing for something, so its movements were much slower.

This phenomenon was explained by Qin Yingling. Although there is a lot of inventory in the belly of the silkworm king, some inventory is sealed in the depths of the body by it. If you want to take it out, it will take a certain amount of time.

Therefore, they have this chance to breathe.

The two have been fighting for so long, and the divine power in their bodies has been almost consumed. Fortunately, they have enough medicine pills on them, otherwise they really cannot be the opponents of the Silkworm King.

Their advantage is that they are flexible. In this narrow place, it is true that the silkworm king cannot exert his own strength, so this is the reason why the two dare to fight.

If they are outside, it is impossible for them to escape the silkworm king’s moves. Silk, the wider the place, the faster the silkworm king can control.

At this moment, Cangyu two knives attacked the silkworm king’s mouth at the same time, and one of the knives had already slashed ruthlessly.

In an instant, the silkworm king screamed. Suddenly, three of the four tentacles that attacked Mu Bingyun spun silk and attacked Cangyu. The long strands of silk suddenly became hard, like sharp swords. hit the past.

“Binger, do it!”

Seeing that he was attacked before and after, Mu Bingyun still gritted her teeth and jumped towards the silkworm king’s stomach with her bare heart in hand. She stabbed a sword into one of the tentacles. Nong, until the turquoise meat sauce was in front of him, he pulled out his sword and stabbed the other tentacle again.

The same action, the same speed, and in a blink of an eye, only the last tentacle is left.

It was the tentacle that spun silk toward the outside. She looked back at Cang Yu, the remaining silk was still attacking him, but judging from the current situation, he was able to deal with it.

But this tentacle is a little far, she used to need three breaths of time. This may be just three breaths in normal times, but here it represents the moment of life and death.

She didn’t hesitate and rushed over quickly.


Two breaths!

The red dress was stained with some turquoise blood, and her face was a little embarrassed.

Three breaths!

In an instant, she grabbed the bare heart and stabbed it fiercely.

At this moment, when the silkworm king screamed, his tail swept towards her fiercely. Although her sword had been inserted into the tentacles, she did not have time to destroy the tentacles.

It was hard to find this opportunity, and she naturally would not give up this best opportunity.

Two breaths, she can destroy this tentacle in just two breaths.

So, she moved, stirring Chixin fiercely, the screams of the silkworm king and a blue voice sounded in her ears. At this time, she felt that the surroundings were dark, as if she was surrounded by something.


She pulled out her heart and was about to escape, but found that her body seemed to be stuck by something. She didn’t forget that the purple feather silkworm definitely has this function.

Seeing that the huge tail was about to press down on her, she was ready to fight hard.

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