Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 977 war

The crowd did not speak, but they also understood that the only people here who are capable of fighting the Silkworm King are Cang Yu. Mu Bingyun would definitely follow Cangyu, they couldn’t possibly stop him.

“Bingyun, be careful with everything!” Wu Yun said cautiously, “If you are not defeated, you call me down.” Wu Yun seemed to have decided something, “There may be a chance that the instinctual fire in my body will destroy the opponent.”

Mu Bingyun held down the dark cloud: “Unless it is a last resort, it can’t be like this, dark cloud!”

Once she loses her instinctive fire, the dark cloud will not know how long she will sleep, and she will even lose a huge amount of power. It is impossible for her to do so.

told them to leave the crowd. The two of them moved their palms slightly and hit the ground with one palm. In an instant, a hole appeared on the ground.

The figures gradually fell, and soon, as if they had penetrated something, they landed on a flat ground. Looking up at the surrounding space, it is obviously a flat passage.

Although it is underground, it is very dry here.

It is not surprising to think that the purple feather silkworm likes dry and warm places.

“Binger, be careful for a while.”

The man took her hand tightly, “Everything is up to me.”

“What to say, since I came down with you, the silkworm king is naturally ours to deal with. This time, it is not the silkworm king who died, but us.”

I don’t know the strength of the silkworm king yet, and in fact, she doesn’t have much confidence. However, she believes that they can get out alive, and as long as there is a chance, she will not give up.

The two gradually walked towards the passage, and soon, a cave that was more delicate than the previous cave appeared in front of them. There are also huge, colorful cocoons inside the cave.

One silkworm cocoon next to another silkworm cocoon, both of them were a little shocked.

“Sure enough, he is the king of silkworms. Just because he is the king of silkworms, no one dares to take things from his hands. It can be seen that these silkworm cocoons have accumulated for many years.”

“Binger, this red is still suitable for you.”

In front of them, there was indeed a huge red silkworm cocoon, and Cangyu discovered it when they came in.

“The texture of this silkworm cocoon is much better than the previous one. There are a lot of them here, and it should be able to make a lot of clothes. Red belongs to Bing’er. If other people want it, they can choose other colors.”

“You, the silkworm kings are still in front of you, so you just want to divide things up.” Even though she said that, she had a sweet smile.

The two went through one silkworm cocoon after another, and finally saw the true face of the silkworm king. In front of this huge colorful object with thick silk all over its body, its body is so gorgeous that I don’t know how many colors there are.

“This is the silkworm king!”

Cang Yu’s eyes sank, “I’m afraid he has the strength of the middle stage of the third-order **** level.”

Equivalent to the strength of the fourth-rank to sixth-rank God King, the two people’s faces were completely relaxed, and turned serious, but their hands did not let go. They knew that the silkworm king must be above the third-order god-level monster, but they did not expect that the other party was in the middle of the third-order god-level, and it was vaguely approaching the later stage.

The color of the silkworm king is gorgeous, but the shape is not much different from the ordinary silkworm. There are also tentacles on the soft body, but the tentacles of the silkworm king are a little bigger.

Especially on these tentacles, there is a thick silk that vaguely extends out.

“The common purple-feathered silkworm spins silk from its mouth, but the tentacles of this silkworm king can also spin silk. Miss Qin said earlier that if you want to kill the silkworm king, you need to cut off all its tentacles. At the same time, there are also Q.”

Mu Bingyun said silently, “Yu, this time, we have to join forces. You can see how huge it looks, and it has no idea how many threads it can attack. If it’s too late, people outside may suffer too.

Its body is very soft, and in a narrow place, it is definitely inconvenient to move, the only thing that can only use silk to deal with us. So, as long as we are fast enough, there is still a chance! “

“Yes, as long as it is fast enough, it won’t be entangled by its silk. Its size is too large, it is indeed different from the young purple feather silkworm outside, and it is inconvenient to move. Bing’er, you attack its tail, and I attack its head. department.”

Cangyu has already taken out a knife, the knife is still a rank four divine weapon. Now he is still a long way from a fifth-grade god-level artifact refiner. But just being able to refine a fourth-grade artifact is already a gift.

Mu Bingyun was also promoted to the second rank of the Divine Formation Master some time ago. Fortunately, she did not slow down in terms of researching the Divine Formation, otherwise she would really have to jump.

Currently, one of them is a first-rank priest, and the other is a fourth-rank god. Of course, their real strength is even stronger. However, in the face of the silkworm king who is already in the middle stage of the third-order **** level, in addition to fighting, he can only gamble.

Mu Bingyun took out the Chixin, this Chixin, her strength increased, and the refining materials she obtained were constantly improving. Although Chiye is powerful, he is not as good as Cangyu, who can use materials that are not up to the level to refine a super-level artifact.

Therefore, most of Chixin’s upgrades depended on Cang Yu, and now it is also a Grade 4 artifact.

“Yu, be careful!”

Mu Bingyun touched a ring and came out. It was full of medicinal herbs for healing and recovery. Her magical medicine had no effect on the realm of the silkworm king.

Cangyu took the ring, nodded at her, and with the knife in hand, his figure swept gently towards the silkworm king’s head.

Mu Bingyun’s eyes were full of tension, and he also held Chixin and quietly approached the silkworm king’s tail. Under such circumstances, she knew that only with a fight would she have a chance to go out.

At this moment, Cangyu slashed at the mouth of the silkworm king, and in an instant, the silkworm king reacted and spit out a thick silk from his mouth, like a swimming water dragon, attacking Cangyu. Cangyu dodged immediately, looking for an opportunity to attack the silkworm king’s mouth.

The silkworm king’s eyes were wide open, full of anger, as if to say, **** human, dare to come to this place to deal with it.

Mu Bingyun saw this, his heart was ruthless, he drew his sword and leaped over, from the tail of the silkworm king, a sword was inserted into one of the tentacles of the silkworm king, only to hear a scream.

She held Chixin tightly with both hands, and fiddled with the tentacles, the tentacles were already **** blurred by her. There were ten tentacles on the silkworm king. After being attacked, the silkworm king could not see it, but its tail moved, and it swept towards Mu Bingyun with a huge wind.

In an instant, she stirred again and again, until the tentacles were no longer available, the figure jumped, dodging the silkworm king’s attack. At the same time, the wire of one of the tentacles was broken, and a new one was spit out, attacking her.

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