Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 974 People spit out this color.

If it was the Purple Feather Silkworm King, there should be only one, right?

Mu Bingyun asked with doubts. At this time, Qin Yingling explained: “The Silkworm King will not live here, but deep down.”

“It seems that there is undoubtedly a silkworm king here. Girl Mu, you must be careful. If the silkworm king is awakened, I don’t know what will happen. Judging from the current scale, the silkworm king is very powerful!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she found that everyone else was worried, only Cangyu’s eyes showed a look of anticipation, and the whole person trembled, Cang Gongzi, that is the silkworm king, don’t think about it and send him to death!

“I know, then let’s split up.” Mu Bingyun took out a few medicine bottles and threw them to the people present. Lin Xiao was very surprised, why Mu Bingyun threw them to him.

“Thank you, wooden girl.”

At this time, he had an indescribable feeling towards the woman in red. Obviously he was threatened by the other party, but now he doesn’t have much hatred in his heart.

“No thanks, let’s talk when you guys go out!”

Mu Bingyun didn’t care about Lin Xiao, and was able to find out that it was thanks to Lin Xiao that she had always been a person with clear grievances.

Whether Lin Xiao can survive or not depends only on their own abilities.

“Let’s go!”

She said, and found that the man beside her was walking faster, she couldn’t help laughing: “Yu, that’s the silkworm king, let’s not provoke it.”

She knew that he was eager to improve his strength, but she didn’t want him to be in danger.

He paused for a moment, then quickly held her hand, “Don’t worry, Binger, if it doesn’t wake up, I won’t provoke it.”

The implication is that if the Silkworm King wakes up, he will definitely deal with it. Only under strong pressure can his strength increase rapidly.

“it is good.”

She silently looked forward to the silkworm king not waking up, feeling a little annoyed at the slow progress of her cultivation. It seems that this time out, the Shuangyun Mansion will be established. As long as you have the power, it will be much easier to find the elixir.

Inadvertently, her eyes fell on Lin Xiao. The latter trembled when she saw it, and hurriedly covered the medicine bottle in her hand, for fear that she would take it back and cause people to laugh.

Lin Xiao heaved a sigh of relief when he saw her withdrawing his gaze and walking forward with the man in black robe. He swore that he would never underestimate a woman again in his life. In fact, he didn’t blame him. He had been in the bamboo forest all the year round, and he had never gone out to meet other women.

In addition to going into the bamboo forest to do the task, it is to hang out with those gorgeous women in the market, thinking that all the women who are full of gods are like that. Of course, the ones he has seen are powerful, but they are all unremarkable.

Therefore, in this deformed environment, Lin Xiao thought that a beautiful woman was a showy, not powerful, object that could be played with. Those who are not beautiful must be powerful, powerful, just like men.

Seeing that Mu Bingyun was so stunning at first, he made such a rule.

“Boss, they’re all in, let’s go over there!”

A younger brother reminded Lin Xiao to react, “Go!”

The group quickly ran to the stone cliff. Although they were fast, they stepped on the ground and did not make a little sound. They didn’t dare to speak loudly. After all, Qin Yingling had said that the Silkworm King probably lived underground.

Mu Bingyun and his party did not move separately, but walked towards the first cave.

Ying Changqing was about to go in when Mu Bingyun said, “Changqing, wait a minute.”

Ying Changqing stopped, “Uncle, what’s the matter?”

A flame appeared in Dark Cloud’s hand, and when it was placed at the entrance of the cave, the sound of burning sounded. At this time, everyone found that the door was actually covered with silk.

“This is the silk spit by the purple feather silkworm to protect itself, and it is also the silk that makes the prey come to the door automatically. These silks are transparent. As long as the prey comes up, smell the breath of the purple feather silkworm, and see that there are no obstacles in the cave, you will not think about it. Rush in. The result can be imagined, only to be stuck, and wait for the purple feather silkworm to wake up, and then you can enjoy a delicious meal.”

When Qin Yingling spoke, the dark cloud had already burned all the threads of the hole.

“It seems that it is feasible to burn with fire.” Wu Yun narrowed his eyes, “However, when burning these silks, it is more difficult than burning others.”

“Let’s go in!” Mu Bingyun said at this time, Ying Changqing almost became the food of the purple feathered silkworm just now, so naturally he didn’t dare to act recklessly, and when he entered, he looked cautious.

When they came in, they found that it was not as dark and humid as they had imagined, on the contrary, it was very dry and warm.

“The purple feather silkworm has some habits similar to that of silkworms.” Qin Yingling explained silently, but everyone didn’t answer because their eyes fell on the front.

It turned out that at the very front, there was also a very flat stone, and on top of the stone, a colored object was curling up. Although the object didn’t move, they saw the ups and downs of each other’s breathing.

This colorful object is the size of two heads of a person. On the body of the colored object, threads of various colors are wrapped around, and these threads do extend out to various places around.

Everyone observed and found that there was a huge silkworm cocoon wherever the colored silk was connected.

Red, yellow, blue, purple, green…every color they can imagine, all in this place. The entire cave is covered with such cocoons.

The silkworm chrysalis of different colors really shocked them.

Even the dark clouds couldn’t help but say: “It’s so simple, it’s just born to produce fabrics, the color doesn’t need to be dip-dyed, it’s just this color when people spit it out.”

Don’t say the dark cloud is shocked, so are the others.

They finally understood why Purple Feather Tencel is so precious, and there are not many colors that are usually spread in Shenxiaotian, or even very simple. But here, a cocoon full of various colors seems to have opened the door to their new century.

“I love this place so much, Bingyun, let’s stun that thing!” Wu Yun was a little impatient, she could already imagine what it would be like if she could use Ziyu Tencel for her clothes.

Even Qin Yingling is a little moved, her daughter’s family loves beauty, especially seeing such a scene, who wouldn’t be moved?

“it is good!”

Mu Bingyun took out the medicine bottle, moved his palm slightly, and the medicine bottle flew towards the purple feather silkworm. When she was about to approach the colored object, she suddenly undulated, and she kept the medicine bottle still.

Then they found that the fleshy colored object turned over, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Mu Bingyun continued to control the medicine bottle, slowly approaching the opponent’s body, the medicine bottle tilted, and the powder inside fell down, just under her control and fell into the opponent’s nose.

In an instant, everyone felt that the Ziyu Tianyi really slept more deeply.

Several people paused for a while after the effect of the medicine took effect, and then acted.

“I’ll try it first.” Wu Yun said, and walked towards the pink silkworm cocoon.

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