Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 967 his strength

In the face of fear and power, he finally couldn’t help but burst out all his anger, especially the people who were killed by these people, it was the mercenary group he was fortunately built up, and he was caught by others. , whether he was wronged or not.

So, he used all his strength and burst out at once, throwing away the knife, filling his fists with powerful power, driving the surrounding air, and instantly locking the surrounding space.

At this time, Mu Bingyun and the others really couldn’t help him.

Although their actual combat experience is very strong, in the face of absolute strength, they are still close.

Therefore, the five of them were all worried. When Mu Bingyun saw this, he would throw out the divine stone and prepare to arrange a formation. A little power was enough to block it. In short, she would not allow her lover to be in danger in front of her.

Just when she was about to start, she suddenly found that Cang Yu, who was radiating light from her whole body, moved. Even though the space around her was locked by the head, he still moved, and he moved very easily.

went to the boss with ease. The boss didn’t think Cangyu could do anything. This was his most powerful killing move. If it wasn’t for life and death, he wouldn’t use it at all.

After all, it is not always courageous to injure the enemy one thousand and lose eight hundred.

So, when Cangyu came, he used all his strength to attack Cangyu’s head.

Everyone’s eyes widened, and they saw that the buildings in the place where the leader’s fists had been shaken had all turned into pieces.

couldn’t help being shocked, they all knew that these desperados must have their own cards, but they didn’t expect that the other party was so powerful, and the spare power they exuded could easily smash the fourth-grade artifacts!

is powerful!

So, can this man who is breaking through take this move?

Surrounded by the whistling divine power, the buildings on the ground were lifted up, like a powerful hurricane. Many people suddenly spit out blood, obviously shocked by the power of the leader, their faces are horrified, and they have to stand back and watch.

As for Mu Bingyun and the others, they never left the place. The formations around them were destroyed layer by layer, and everyone couldn’t help but be surprised.

“It turned out to be a divine formation master!”

“Heaven, it’s the woman in red. You can see how she sets up the formation. She throws the divine stone at will, and a few formations will become a defensive formation!”

Everyone came here in unison, but they were quickly attracted by Cang Yu and the leader again.

They saw that the boss had a ferocious face, and he was about to hit Cangyu on the head. Suddenly, they saw that the man in black robe raised his hands, it should be his palms, and the palms were facing each other. Looking at the trend, he wanted to use his hands. Block the opponent’s attack.

Everyone couldn’t help shaking their heads, no matter how powerful the man in black robe was, if he took the move with his bare hands, let alone his hands, he would most likely be smashed into pieces.

They seemed to have seen the man cut into pieces and blood splattered, and their eyes showed strange excitement. After seeing such a strong man’s countermeasures, after they go out, they can brag for a while.

However, what happened next caught everyone by surprise.

I saw the black-robed man squeeze the leader’s fists with both palms, and in an instant, a hurricane really blew between them. The squeaking sound, as if stirring something.

Even Mu Bingyun couldn’t help but worry, a pair of beautiful eyes kept staring at the small hurricane, and their arms were in the hurricane.

“Ah! Ahhhh!”

Suddenly, the leader screamed and fell from the air. At this time, they found that the leader’s arms were missing. There were only bare shoulders and blood on both sides. At this time, everyone saw the hurricane disperse.

Everyone was stunned when they saw the black-robed man’s intact hands.

Mu Bingyun couldn’t help laughing, and let go of her worries. At this moment, she found that Cangyu’s aura seemed to be more vast, and she couldn’t see it clearly.

I thought to myself, she had to wash her pulse as soon as possible, this was leaving her far behind again.

Everyone stared at the black-robed man who landed on the ground. Although the man’s face was hideous, he also knew that he was not an opponent. His eyes flashed with resentment. When he was about to flee, he saw Cang Yu raised his hand and pushed it with a powerful divine force. past.

Everyone was stunned, because that force formed a hurricane, wrapping the leader’s body.

They only heard a scream, and then there was only a swoosh, and then there was the strong smell of blood, the hurricane gradually drifted away, and the moon became brighter.

They all know that the boss is dead.

When he looked at the black-robed man in front of him again, he couldn’t help but tremble. The first-order priest, the ninth-order priest was destroyed!

My God, it is incredible that this person broke through in the fight between the two!

The owner of the inn also widened his eyes and looked at the corpses all over the floor. He really couldn’t imagine that this group of people was so fierce. Especially the man in black robe, who is so powerful that he is simply not human.

When he was still at the ninth rank of priests, he was able to be undefeated by this desperado of the ninth rank of priests. Now that he has broken through to the first rank of priests, then how powerful he is.

Everyone was horrified, could this man be able to reach a tie with the first-order God King?

Cangyu knew, however, that the gap between a priest and a **** king was not a star and a half. With his current strength, he could easily kill a ninth-rank priest, but in the hands of a **** king, he would be defeated within a few moves. .

“Let’s change place!”

When everyone was shocked, Qin Yingling had already left with a few people and changed to another place. As for a long time later, the group of onlookers finally reacted.

On this restless night, the name Cangyu was deeply imprinted in their minds, and they could not forget it even after many years.

As for Mu Bingyun and the others, they felt as they should, they must be in the realm of gods, but they just hid their strength and pretended to be pigs to eat tigers. Only this reason to comfort them makes them feel better.

Such a thing happened. In fact, several people were no longer in the mood to cultivate, and instead came out of their residence.

At night, Fang Market still did not stop, even more lively than during the day.

They crossed the firework alley again, and the women on both sides were wearing a lot more revealing. When they walked through here, they clearly felt that the women were staring at them with pale faces.

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