Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 964 How is your luck up?

“Saucy girls, the uncle has strength. When the uncle comes back, I will let you know what a man is!”

Having said that, the big man really left. As for the group of subordinates behind him, he also made an appointment with the women on both sides, withdrew the joke, and once again exuded a strong murderous aura.

“Sister, who are those?”

A weak and weak woman stretched her head out, and hurriedly shrank inward.

The woman who had been molested by the big man before had her lips curled up in red: “Xiaoye, don’t ask so much, most of the people who come here are desperadoes, we women, just serve them well, serve them well, save With enough divine stones, maybe one day, we will be able to go to other places in Shenxiaotian and live a stable and peaceful life.”

Once again, he will not be crushed under the body by these big and rude, and suffer all kinds of brutal torture.

The woman turned around and walked into the building with a soft smile. She did not forget that this uncle is a generous person.

If other things aside, the night of Fangshi is very beautiful, especially in the back of Fangshi, there are rows of quiet places, behind this row of houses, there is a flowing river, the river water is very clear, and there are still reflections in it. with a bright full moon.

The so-called moon and stars are rare, and a few stars dotted on the side make tonight’s night different.

I don’t know when, the originally round moon actually hid in the clouds, but the stars seemed to be disappearing.

A dark cloud floated to the top of the inn, as if marking something.

A gust of cool wind rose, and in the inn, Mu Bingyun and the two woke up from their practice.


She said lightly, and was about to get up when she heard Qin Yingling’s voice.

“Wooden girl.”

The two got up and opened the door, only to find that the other people were also outside.

Ying Changqing explained: “Miss Qin said that someone surrounded this place.”

Mu Bingyun immediately understood that Qin Yingling’s heavenly eyes had already discovered it, so she called Ying Changqing and the others over. She nodded, stepped aside, and let a few people in.

“I think these people are full of murderous aura, and their strength is above the fifth rank of priests, and there is also a strong man of the ninth rank of priests.” Qin Yingling’s color is also a little serious, she is just a priest Fifth-order, although Cangyu can also deal with the sixth-order powerhouse of priests.

But there are twenty priests of the sixth rank outside, not counting the priests of the seventh or eighth rank, there are also ten or so, plus thirty or so of the priests of the fifth rank, and finally the ninth rank of priests. Yes, these people combined together are equivalent to a medium-sized martial art.

The most important thing is that they are murderous and look like desperados, so their strength needs to be added to the level of their real strength.

Here, the highest strength is her and Cangyu. Even if the two of them can deal with three people, they can only deal with six people.

After Qin Yingling’s explanation, several people looked at each other, thinking they would be nervous or afraid of something, but Qin Yingling saw only one look in their eyes, finally coming.

At this time, she was a little anxious: “Those are dozens of people in the realm of the gods, Miss Mu, I think they are deliberately targeting you, you can think of a way to escape. I will stabilize them at the back, and then I will Show your identity, they shouldn’t do anything to me.”

Qin Yingling was right on this point. There were not many people who dared to provoke the core disciples of Zidianzong.

But Mu Bingyun shook his head: “Miss Qin, at this time, even if you reveal your identity, I’m afraid it won’t work. Since these people are desperadoes, they will not let you go. Besides, don’t you think this matter is very important? Is it strange? Why did we just arrive in Fangshi, and there were people who were chasing and killing?”

At this time, there was a noise outside, and listening to the movement, it seemed that they were driving away the people in the inn. Although these people are desperados, they don’t dare to kill too much, otherwise they will definitely not be able to get along here.

“What does the wooden girl mean?”

Qin Yingling’s face sank, “I never thought that Qin Ming would use this method!”

At this time, she guessed that it must be Qin Ming who rewarded this group of people, so that these desperados were dispatched, and the price must not be low, otherwise these people would not be allowed to work so hard.

“So, what is the wooden girl going to do?”

“What else can I do? Of course I killed it.” Ying Changqing raised his head, “Uncle Master, it’s time for me to show off after being in Shenxiaotian for so long.” Ying Changqing raised her eyes and glanced at Qin Yingling, Seeing her worry, she quickly said, “Miss Qin, don’t worry, just my uncle and my uncle, the two perverts, the ninth-rank cleric outside, my uncle will definitely be able to solve it.”

Qin Yingling was silent for a while, and instantly used the eyes of the sky to check the luck of a few people, and suddenly she was stunned: “How is it possible?”

“Miss Qin, what did you find?”

Qin Yingling stared at a few people, her body trembling slightly: “How come your luck has increased?”

If it was said that one person had risen, she could barely accept it. As a result… the luck of these five people turned out to be rising again and again. Now she somewhat believes that they can deal with people outside.

At this time, she had a guess and couldn’t help but watch her luck again, and now she didn’t know what to say.

The eye of the sky has been absorbing her luck, so her luck can only keep her from suffering, but what did she see just now?

Tianyan stopped absorbing her luck, and her luck also increased!

Really went up! !

Originally, her luck was only a little yellowish color, but now it is close to light red. As long as there is no accident, it is likely to slowly rise to red, or even a deeper color of fiery red…

Qin Yingling was really frightened by herself.

The five of them stared at Qin Yingling, and they didn’t quite understand it. In fact, they didn’t know much about luck. It was only after they got to know Qin Yingling that they knew that there was such a master in it. However, Qin Yingling’s explanation is indeed very convincing. If you think about it carefully, isn’t that the case?

After a while, Qin Yingling came back to her senses. Although she didn’t have naked eyes, Mu Bingyun did feel a line of sight, as if she was looking at some monster.

Qin Yingling took a deep breath and said, “Miss Mu, I really borrowed your luck.” She couldn’t help but be shocked. Master once said that if there were no accidents, she would have cultivated up to a **** king at most in her life. In the realm of life, there will be no progress.

It is because she can’t bear this big luck, and Tianyan will help her absorb all the luck. A cultivator who does not have enough luck will not be able to progress at all.

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