Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 962 Fang Market of Rolling Bamboo Forest

It didn’t take long for the five people to gradually raise clouds. This time they were very close. They could clearly see that in front of the clouds, it was the heads of the beasts who walked on snow and chased the clouds. When they saw them tilt their heads, as if It’s for them to sit on their backs.

At the same time, Qin Yingling also summoned her own snow-chasing cloud beast, which also looked like a cloud, but it was much bigger than the others.

A few people sat up, and before they could react, suddenly the whole person flew up, and the speed was very fast. Even if they tripled their strength, they could not catch up. This is the first-order god-level stepping. Snow chases the cloud beast!

In the end, the five of them had to do other tasks in the bamboo scroll forest, so after they recognized them as their masters, they took back a specific space. At the same time, he generously gave them a bottle of medicinal herbs, and Mu Bingyun also gave Qin Yingling a bottle.

“I didn’t expect this one in my family to be able to eat such a good medicine pill.”

is not that right?

Mu Bingyun found a lot of elixir in the Zhuanzhu Forest. In order to find the snow-chasing cloud beast, she used part of the elixir to make pills. As long as she is strong enough and has elixir, Chiye can refine what she needs. ‘s elixir.

It can be said that as long as the five people are there, they will never be wronged. As for those in the Bamboo Forest, there are also a lot of them being preyed on by other monsters. They seem to have only two fates, one is to become food for others, and the other is to follow humans.

Just because they only have the strength of second-tier god-level monsters, they will only be bullied miserably in such a place where the weak eat the strong.

“Wood girl, what else do you need to look for next?”

Qin Yingling knew about the five people before, but she didn’t inquire more about what tasks they took.

“Three magical orchids, two pieces of Xingyao black iron, and purple feather tencel.” Mu Bingyun silently explained the task he had accepted. At this moment, the five people were slowly walking out of the bamboo forest.

In fact, for so many days, they have been on the periphery.

Rolling Bamboo Forest is divided into the periphery, the middle, and the depth. Relatively speaking, the outer areas are not so dangerous. Once you get to the middle, you have to be careful. A little monster that comes out can take your life.

As for the depths, basically no one dares to break in. Even if it is the realm of the gods and kings, if you enter the realm, you must consider being attacked by monsters and die at any time.

Rolling Bamboo Forest is a good place, and it is also a very easy place to die.

Between the outer and the middle, it is separated, and there is a market in the middle, which is specially prepared for people who come in. As long as you have enough **** stones, you can live in the inn here and get everything you want.

For example, some desperados like women, and they can be found here. Everywhere, there is always a group of women who obtain resources from men at the cost of their flesh.

Likewise, there is a group of men here, and Israel serves women who like handsome men. Most of these women are unrestrained, and their appearance is medium and low, but their strength is not low.

A few people came out from the periphery and saw the lively and lively Fang Market. The prosperity in front of them was very similar to the city without residence, only more lively than the city without residence.

There are many beautifully dressed women around, winking at the people who come, their clothes are scanty, and they are full of dust.

But these women will not be ignorant, as long as you choose to refuse, they will not come to force, but will smile and turn around to greet other people.

And the other side is interesting, here are all well-dressed men, all of them look impatient, with cold smiles on their faces, but still greet the women who come in.

No matter whether these women are fat, ugly or disabled, they all smile and bring them in like treasures.

Mu Bingyun and a few people were standing outside Fang City, just in one corner, they could already imagine what it was like inside.

In addition to this, there are other places that sell elixir, elixir, artifacts, etc. In short, this is a mixed place.

“Miss Mu, let’s go, this place is like this, you don’t mind, just get used to it, these people also have their own goals, here are your wishes and my wishes, of course, there is no lack of unruly , People who want to do something with their strength.”

Qin Yingling thought that several people were not used to it, so she explained.

In fact, they don’t need to explain, several people also understand that many things are the same everywhere, just evolve in another place.

“Let’s find a place to rest first, and then see what we need outside. After all, the middle part is quite dangerous and we must be fully prepared.”

Mu Bingyun decided instantly, “Miss Qin, you are familiar with this place. I wonder if you can take us to a quieter place?”

“Okay, you come with me, in fact, I don’t really like the lively look here.”

Qin Yingling glanced at the men and women who were making a fuss. Although she couldn’t interfere with other people’s style, she could never fit into these people. She also believed that Mu Bingyun and the others did the same.

Qin Yingling led the five people past the place where the women were standing, and a strong smell of fat wafted over.

When the women saw three handsome men approaching here, their eyes lit up. Just as they were about to come over, Qin Yingling suddenly threw a few divine stones and said, “Please make way for the girls.”

Those women were stunned for a moment, then they understood, smiled, and did not come again. Although they were very sorry, they lived here according to the rules.

If the people they meet are unwilling, and they provoke powerful powerhouses at that time, then let alone earning resources, their lives are probably gone.

“The three women are truly stunning. Although one can’t see and the other is only twelve or thirteen years old, they are not comparable to us. No wonder the three young masters didn’t even look at us.”

“Yes, we can see the beauty of the sky and the country all day long. How can we get into their eyes?”

“Especially the woman in red, even me, I couldn’t help but take a few more glances.”

The discussion of the women came from behind, and they all smiled and ignored them. Such wise people, they don’t mean anything contemptuous, and everyone’s fate is different.

This is a firework alley, and both sides are occupied by those gorgeous women. The six people walking here seem out of place. Knowing that he was not interested, those beautiful women threw a few winks, but did not dare to come up to disturb them.

A few people will not be interested in them, which does not mean that all the people here are the same as them.

They saw several fierce-looking, even burly men, squinting at these gorgeous women. Their clothes were so revealing that they couldn’t bear to look directly at them, but they were the favorite of these desperados.

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