Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 959 luck

“If a person has great luck because of a special reason, but she has an opponent, and she is killed by this opponent in the end, does Miss Qin know, what is the reason?”

Mu Bingyun said that, apart from the knowing blue and dark clouds, Tao Ran and Ying Changqing were a little confused. Although they don’t understand, they seem to want to know why.

“Is this the problem?”

Qin Yingling tilted her head, although her eyes were closed, Mu Bingyun still felt it, as if a very bright eye was looking at her face.

“Don’t Miss Qin know?”

In fact, after so long, she doesn’t care anymore. After all, she is very good now, and she can protect what she cares about.

But, if she could explain her doubts, she would still be interested. She felt that she was indeed not a lucky person in her previous life, otherwise she would not be unlucky in anything.

“You should know, wooden girl, that there are many people in this world who have luck, but very few people can keep their luck. Maybe a choice you make inadvertently can change your life.”

Qin Yingling’s voice was very flat, it seemed that she didn’t care about this kind of great luck, she just said: “For example, I can’t bear the great luck of opening the eyes of the sky, because the eyes of the sky have been opened since birth. That’s why my eyes can’t grow. If my heavenly eyes were opened later, my eyes would definitely not be blind. It’s just because a newborn life can’t stand such a big luck.”

“Maybe some people have great luck at the beginning, and great luck can bring them many opportunities. As long as they follow it, they can reach the top. However, once some people just want to rely on chance, they will continue to consume their qi. Luck, luck will slowly disappear.”

Mu Bingyun and the others listened attentively, and they really understood a little more about such a mysterious thing as luck.

“Actually, all cultivators have a bit of luck, and they have to rely on themselves to get there. The reason why I say that the luck in Mu girl can drive other people is because there are three kinds of luck in Mu girl. .”

Now it was Mu Bingyun’s turn to be surprised. She couldn’t understand why she had three kinds of luck on her body. So, she stared at Qin Yingling with a pair of eyes she didn’t quite understand.

She really wanted to know what kind of luck she had besides the luck stone.

“The first one is yourself, born with you, gifted by heaven and earth.

The second kind is transferred to you by your close relatives.

The third type of is obtained through foreign objects. “

Qin Yingling said her answer slowly, but Mu Bingyun was shocked, and Wu Yun’s eyes widened, as if she heard something unbelievable.

“So, the luck of the wooden girl contains the gift of heaven and earth, the income of foreign objects, and the blessings from close relatives.”

Qin Yingling had only a smile on her face, but when she first saw Mu Bingyun, she was extremely shocked. With the three kinds of luck gathered together, how good will this person be?

And she could also see that Mu Bingyun’s luck was still growing.

“As for the question of the wooden girl, about the one who was very lucky at the beginning, but was killed by the opponent in the end, it can only be explained that the opponent can’t keep his luck.”

Inexplicably, Mu Bingyun asked again, “Does Miss Qin know about Nan Junmo?” Although she didn’t know if Nan Junmo was her brother, she still wanted to ask.

“Naturally I know that he was a talented person ten years ago, let alone know, I’ve seen him before! He’s a person, but he looked at him from a distance back then,” Qin Yingling said with a smile, “Miss Mu But what about his luck? I can only tell you that he is also a person with great luck, but his luck once suffered losses, and now it is slowly recovering. Judging from these years, his luck should be picking up. Completely, huh? Wait a minute, why do I feel that a certain kind of luck in the wooden girl is very similar to him?”

At this moment, Qin Yingling seemed to have remembered something, and her smiling face finally showed another expression, which was a huge shock, “No way?”

After a long time, she murmured, “Miss Mu, don’t say, that Nan Junmo’s lost luck was given to you?”

If so, she just thinks this thing is too bloody?

One surnamed Mu and the other Nan, if she hadn’t felt that some luck between the two was the same, she would never have thought of it. After all, if it wasn’t for a loved one, it would be impossible to give something like luck.

Don’t say Qin Yingling was shocked, Mu Bingyun and the others were also shocked for a while. They were suspicious at first, but they came to a conclusion from Qin Yingling by accident.


After a long time, Mu Bingyun replied that it was not that she was too calm, but that she was too excited. I was so excited that I didn’t know what to say, and finally only said these three words.

Qin Yingling couldn’t help but patted her chest: “It’s so scary. This is the first time I’ve witnessed a **** incident. Girl, what’s your relationship with this Nan Gongzi?”

“If there is nothing wrong, he and I should have a brother-sister relationship.” She had to admire the eyes of the sky in her heart, not her appearance, not her relationship, she only needed to look at luck, and she could know so much.

As you can imagine, Qin Yingling’s luck is also not low. Those eyes that can never be opened proves everything.

Qin Yingling clicked her tongue twice and said, “No wonder, Nan Gongzi is a character, I didn’t expect his sister to be a character, so I didn’t get close to that person at the beginning, and I can get close to a character like Mu Girl. I believe that with the strength of the two of you, there will be a world.”

“I do hope that I have approached so many great people with great luck and can find the Qingling Grass as soon as possible.”

Qin Yingling still smiled frankly, even if she knew such a big secret, she did not change any attitude, as if, in this world, there are very few things that she can care about.

The treasure in the eyes of countless monks, although she is also a treasure, she will not give birth to greed.

Obviously her strength is not strong, but she has an open-mindedness in her heart, and many people cannot reach her realm.

At this time, several people finally understood that Qin Yingling would never tell this secret to other people. This was the first time they had come to a conclusion for someone who had not met for a long time.

“I believe it is possible. After all, six people with good luck are together, and if you can’t find the clear spirit grass, then luck is really not luck.” Mu Bingyun burst into a smile.

“I don’t know for whom is Miss Qin looking for Qing Lingcao?”

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