Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 1364 Accident

Yan Sheng did not expect that he would be tested by Wang Shang. He was very nervous at first, but gradually calmed down later and only expressed his own opinions. Judging from Yinhe’s soothing expression, he should have passed the test.


Yinhe put away the bamboo slip with satisfaction and patted Yansheng on the shoulder, “Your father taught you well, are you still interested in these?”

“Naturally there is.”

“Yan Sheng really wants to be a talented person who can do what he can do for Yan Pingguo.”

Yinhe said with a special meaning, “Then the Lone King will invite two teachers for you and let them teach you, how about it?”

“Thank you, King.” Yan Sheng was stunned for a moment, and then quickly knelt down and thanked him.

“Get up, you don’t have to bow down here from now on.”

“Your Majesty, Young Master Sheng’s bedroom has been tidied up.” Yun An walked in and said.

Yinhe waved his hand, “Move these too, Yan Sheng, go with Yun An to see where you live, and if you are not satisfied, just tell Yun An directly.”

Yun Anxin glanced at Yan Sheng in astonishment, not knowing what had just happened. Over the years, except for the king who could directly instruct him, only the king could, but now there is one more Yan Sheng.

No matter what the reason was, Yun An kept Yan Sheng down in his heart and led Yan Sheng away.

After the two left, Shui Xicai asked, “It looks like you admire Yansheng very much.”

“Well, this child is a talent that can be made, as long as it is cultivated a little…” Yinhe embraced Shui Xi, but didn’t say anything more, “Since the third brother couldn’t let go of this child at the beginning, it would be the best to take over the palace. He can’t grow well by staying in the Qihoujun’s mansion.”

“Then which two people are you going to hire him as teachers?”

Shui Xi is still more concerned about Yan Sheng, and this is also the person he cares most about besides Yinhe. Since the Milky Way attaches great importance to it, he is relieved.

“My king seems to care more about Yan Sheng than the lonely king?”

Shuixi has long been used to it, and every time the galaxy is jealous, he will call himself the lonely king. This can be regarded as the love between the two. He smiled and looked at the Milky Way. The Milky Way really couldn’t stand his smile. His tense face relaxed and he quickly hugged him.

“But since he is Yansheng, the lonely king will endure it for the time being. However, you are the king of the lonely king. Although the child is pitiful, you can treat him well, but you can never surpass me.”

“You are different, no one can compare to you.”

What Shui Xi said is true, even the people of the world cannot compare to the Milky Way in his heart. Although this idea is very selfish, but that’s how he thinks, it’s not okay to be selfish!

Galaxy was satisfied now, and kissed the boy’s lips fiercely.

“I haven’t said who the teacher you invited to Yan Sheng is?”

Yinhe said meaningfully, “I hired him a teacher to teach him martial arts, and another teacher to teach him other teachers.”

Shui Xi was a little depressed. No one could compare to Yinhe in terms of sales, but Yinhe didn’t say anything. Although curious in his heart, he might not be able to go to court early tomorrow, so Shui Xi decided to see who it was at that time, not to ask Yinhe.

Yinhe raised his eyebrows, “Aren’t you curious?”

“Be curious about what to do, you will know anyway.”

Yinhe laughed. This smile had a special meaning, making the boy in front of him blushed.

The country of Yanping is very happy, the people live and work in peace and contentment, everyone praises the virtuous king of Yanping, and the king of Yan is kind, on the contrary, the people of the other three countries fell into despair.

The battle for several months showed no sign of stopping, instead it became more and more intense. Shunzhou and Tianda attacked Yujin at the same time, which made Yujin in a hurry. In the past few months, he lost more than a dozen cities. Just when the two countries thought that if they continued, they would be able to annex Yujin, but the war took a turn for the better.

The army of the Kingdom of Yujin changed its previous decadent color, and attacked the two countries like a broken bamboo. In just one month, they recovered more than a dozen cities that were lost. The two countries in the panic were completely unprepared, and as a result, they were beaten to pieces, and they didn’t know what happened to Yujin.

In half a month, many cities in the two countries were attacked, and the armies of the two countries were somewhat defeated.

Yinhe and all the courtiers did not expect such a thing to happen, and Shui Xi was also surprised that his little friend did not report anything wrong at all. In the end, Yinhe still made a decision to wait and see what this Yujin will do.

In fact, Shuixi has already arranged for people to check the situation of Yu Jin. As a result, the little friends he arranged did not detect anything at all, and the Yanping King’s Palace was still the same as before, and there was no difference, which made him very strange.

“Dasha, go and see, your strength is not weaker than mine, it will take less than ten days to check the entire Yujin country once, remember, you need to check every corner, I doubt helping Yujin country are not ordinary people.”

“Understood, Master, I’ll go right away.”

Yinhe watched Dasha’s originally cumbersome body suddenly rise into the air, and disappeared in a few moments, and was also a little surprised. I didn’t expect this greedy stupid dog to be quite powerful.

Holding his chin, he thought that this stupid dog should make more use of it in the future to lose weight.

so ugly, not so cute as a child at all.

Shuixi also learned who taught Yansheng to practice martial arts. It was Lin Jin, the invincible general of Yanping. He was a little surprised. Could it be that Yansheng really made Yinhe so satisfied that he even invited a general of a country to teach him.

In fact, Lin Jin was also very strange, until he saw Yan Sheng and taught Yan Sheng, he was willing to rise up. In the morning, we practice martial arts, and in the afternoon, we study literature.

Shuixi didn’t see Yinhe’s figure left or right, guessing that he had something to do, so he went to Yansheng’s place by himself, but when he walked in, he found that Yunan was also here. At this time, he heard Yinhe’s voice inside the door. He was surprised and approached. Looking through the crack of the door, Yinhe was actually sitting in the teacher’s seat, and Yan Sheng was listening carefully.

It turns out that the teacher that Yinhe said was himself?

Shui Xi blinked, but he really didn’t think of it. But he thought about it, and it seemed that the entire Yanping country could not find someone more suitable than Yinhe. He has seen the talent of the Milky Way, the Milky Way that others can do, and the Milky Way that others can’t.

Shuixi didn’t go in, just waited at the door and heard the voices of Yinhe and Yansheng. He only thought that this was another side of the galaxy, and he was very surprised by the unexpected discovery.

Yun An and Chen Tong didn’t leave when they saw Shui Xi, but stood quietly at the door listening to Yin Sheng’s teachings, and left very wisely and stayed by the side.

Shui Xi listened to Yinhe teaching Yan Sheng. In fact, Yinhe was very strict. Even if Yan Sheng read a wrong word, he would be punished. However, Yan Sheng was very obedient. Hearing his voice did not feel ashamed if he was disciplined by the teacher. more and more interested.

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