Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 1359 fuck your heir

Shuixi hurried back to the Yancheng Palace all the way. This time he did not hide anything. Half a month was enough to spread the news of the flood in Mingfeng City and the rain in Shunning City throughout the entire Yanping country.

Sure enough, when he jumped to Yancheng, all the people were already waiting in the city, looking up to the sky, and even bowed reverently, as if they were praying for him.

When his figure appeared, all the people in Yancheng knelt down and bowed: “Welcome the return of the king.”

Apart from this sentence, the entire Yancheng was quiet, and even the sound of hawkers hawking disappeared. Even those Fengyue places were unprecedentedly quiet, and everyone had a pious expression on their faces.

Prevent floods and rain down, what is this not a fairy?

There were rumors that Wang Jun was a monster before. At this time, they felt that those people were simply sinister. They didn’t care about Wang Jun’s true identity, but at this time Wang Jun was the fairy in their hearts. To allow them to live and work in peace and contentment and protect them from natural disasters, they must believe in, respect and worship such people.

“Everyone, get up, I am the king of Yanping Kingdom, and it is the responsibility of me and the king to make the people live well.”

The people cried with excitement. Yanping has such an immortal king and such a virtuous king, why can’t he be able to continue to be prosperous. They became very obedient and watched the figure of Shui Xi leap to the palace, never taking back their sight.

The fluttering young man in white has long been deeply imprinted in their minds. From now on, they will no longer believe any rumors about insulting the king. Whoever dares to say that, they will tie people up and send them to the palace to be punished by the king.

Outside the palace, Yinhe has been waiting here for a long time. He hasn’t seen his lover for half a month. He will wait here every day after dealing with state affairs. Even if he gets news from Dasha that Shuixi is fine, he still can’t rest assured.

They have slept in the same bed for more than ten years. Except for the two months in the middle, they cuddled the boy to sleep every night. This time the boy left for half a month. when. Yinhe deeply felt that in the future, no matter what, he would not be able to let Shui Xi leave him.

The courtiers also followed Yinhe and waited outside, before Yinhe told them that the king was coming back.

In the past two weeks, they have been getting information about Wang Jun’s deeds in preventing floods and helping to bring down the rain. It is impossible to say, what can such immortals do? I’m afraid that what they dare to do, the people of Yanping country will immediately cut them alive.

They should be lucky, this belongs to their Yanping Kingdom, and only their king can leave such a powerful person.

There are also two people who are very shocking, that is Yun An and Chen Tong. These two people can be said to be the people who are most familiar with Shui Xi in addition to Yinhe. They did not expect that Wang Jun, who usually only has bright smiles and is extremely intelligent, turned out to be immortals. It’s just guessing that the king can do sorcery.

Where is this witchcraft, it is clearly fairy magic.

Suddenly, a white figure leaped in the distance, and everyone held their breath as the figure approached. Hearing it is one thing, and watching it is also one thing. The young man stepped on the cloud, and with a splendid figure, he landed in front of the Milky Way from the white cloud.

Yinhe stepped forward and embraced the young man in his arms. At this time, the officials did not dare to speak, nor did they want to speak. They were also very excited and grateful that this young man could become their king. As for the king’s heir, this made him The king will give himself a headache, they can’t afford to offend the immortals.

“Welcome Wang Jun’s return.”

This is the most willing time for all the courtiers to bow down to Shui Xi. From today onwards, they will be willing to do so every time. This is an immortal, not just a king.

Maybe if the immortals are happy to give them two breaths of immortal energy, they will be able to live two more years.

Yinhe didn’t let Shuixi go, he missed him every day after not seeing him for half a month, and finally saw him come back.

“Galaxy, let’s go in!”

Shui Xi was hugged tightly by this man and couldn’t break free, so he had to speak. Although they were the king and the king, it was not good to keep hugging and hugging outside like this.

Yinhe also reacted, and reluctantly let go of the boy, held the boy’s soft palm, passed the courtiers, and led the boy into the palace. At the gate of the palace, Yinhe suddenly turned around and waved to the courtiers.

“The lone king and the king will go first, you all go back.”

All the courtiers looked at each other, watching the handsome man lead the beautiful young man into the palace quickly, and hurriedly responded, everyone knew what the king was going to do, they should go home and carry their wives and concubines.

Yinhe finally brought the boy back to the palace, closed the door, hugged the boy and put him on the couch, then pressed his body up, and randomly kissed the boy’s cheek a few times, as if nothing was enough.

Pulling off the boy’s belt, the boy lay naked under him in a short while, the jade-like body attracting all his mind, “Next time I will definitely not let you leave me so far, so long. “

He also stripped himself naked when he spoke, and couldn’t wait to integrate with the teenager.

“How about you go to court with me from now on?”

Shui Xi blinked in surprise: “Are you serious?”

Yinhe held the boy’s hand, “Of course I’m serious, I really can’t think of what I should do for you, but what I can do is to sit in the world with you and accept the worship of the courtiers. This country of Yanping also has half of you. My Shui Xi is different, you are not a woman, you should not stay in the backyard of the palace all the time, you should sit with me every day.”

“it is good.”

Shuixi readily agreed, he actually liked being with Yinhe all the time. In the past, he used to let his friends broadcast the affairs of the court, but now he can see the confrontation between the Galaxy and the courtiers with his own eyes, and he is looking forward to it.

On the second day, Yinhe led Shuixi to the court, and announced that he would govern the country of Yanping together with Wang Jun. None of the courtiers have an opinion. With the current status of Shui Xi, would they dare to stop it?

The flood can be stopped. Who knows if Wang Jun is angry and will directly slap their house down.

They couldn’t help thinking that when they proposed to choose a wife for the king, they were eaten up by insects and ants the next day, leaving only tattered clothes, and they looked at Wang Jun, who was sitting beside him with a smile.

looked at each other in dismay, and couldn’t help asking inwardly, wasn’t that what this young man did back then?

If so, they couldn’t help breaking a cold sweat, then several times later, did they completely offend Wang Jun?

Shui Xi smiled brightly at them, as if to say that everyone should take care of you. Anyway, Wang Shang is young and Wang Jun is an immortal. There is definitely nothing they can’t do. What do they worry about?

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