Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 1352 busy

Yinhe clenched his fists tightly, he didn’t want Shui Xi to take risks, who knows what would happen in the middle. What if Shuixi is in danger? Although he wanted the people to live and work in peace and contentment, he never thought of exchanging it for Shuixi. Shuixi was his treasure and could not be exchanged for anything.

“Yinhe, you don’t have to worry about me.” Shui Xi was confident in this point, “I am born in water, and I am born to be able to control water. I still have many subordinates, and I will let them help together. You are my man, The people are your people and my people, what is it if I do something for them, maybe I will do something for them, and I will be able to understand the exercises for you to practice.”

Yinhe laughed dumbly. Seeing the young man being so serious, he couldn’t help asking, “I’ve never heard of disaster relief being able to comprehend the exercises.”

“I haven’t heard of it doesn’t mean I haven’t, maybe I can?” The boy raised his brows, and Yinhe couldn’t help kissing him with such a dazed look, “Shui Xi, how did I find out that you are not so innocent? What about the child?”

Seeing that the boy’s cheeks turned red, Yinhe hugged the boy and kissed him until his fair neck was full of red marks, “Cunning bad boy.”

Shuixi pouted, “So you already knew.”

“How can I not know, how can a little turtle who has been cultivating for many years be so innocent, eh? Shui Xi?” Shui Xi squinted, her lips were bright red, and this appearance tempted the galaxy so much that it instantly stripped the boy naked. .

When Shui Xi realized that he had been pressed on the desk, he hurriedly stopped him, “This is your desk, go to the couch.”

“It’s good here.”

Yinhe bit Shuixi’s ear, and his big palms kept teasing him. Shuixi couldn’t bear it, especially when Yinhe touched the tortoise shell every time he couldn’t bear it. Lover’s caressing.

After an intense affair, the two had cleaned up and lay down on the couch.

“Yinhe, leave this to me! I’m the king of Yanping, and I always need to do something.”

Yinhe hugged the boy in his arms, “Have you not done enough?” Yinhe felt warmth in his heart, and his Shuixi had already done more. Without Shuixi, even if he unified the world, he might not be able to do it. bring more prosperity to the people.

Sometimes he felt that he could unify the world and realize his desires without Shuixi. Shuixi could make up for his weakness. The two of them seemed to complement each other, which was a very good feeling.

“But I want to help you, only I can do this.” Shui Xi said seriously, “Who else can have this ability except me?”

This is not Shuixi’s boasting, this is the truth, Yinhe of course knows that in recent years, apart from Shuixi and his subordinates, he has never seen anyone more powerful than Shuixi. It’s just that there are only one or two of Shui Xi’s subordinates who can change shape, and they all go to work overseas.

Although the remaining ones have good fighting power, they can’t change shape. Usually, it is birds or snakes, worms and ants who pass the news to them. The horror of the Milky Way from the beginning to the habit of now.

Even he was able to know the movements of the other three kingdoms, thanks to Shuixi. Without these psychic snakes, insects, rats and ants, he would not be able to control so much information.

He said that the use of watermelon to divide the Three Kingdoms was also because he heard the news that Shunzhou and Tianda were dissatisfied with Yujin, and that Yujin wanted to join forces with the two countries to deal with Yanping, so he used it like this. A strategy that was very successful in the end, and now the three countries do not dare to go to war easily.

“Galaxy, if you don’t agree to this matter, I will still go if it can’t be resolved.”

Yinhe hurriedly hugged the person, “I promise, but you have to listen to me. You can’t take action when things haven’t been recovered. There are still three months left, and the people who can be relocated can be relocated first. That place Don’t build houses for the time being, and after the flood, I plan to send someone to control the flood, and it will be able to restore its former vitality in a few years.”

The Milky Way wants not only a temporary peace, but a lifetime of stability.

“I promise you.”

Yinhe breathed a sigh of relief and fell asleep holding his beloved. His little turtle’s temper was getting bigger and bigger, and he was spoiled by him. But he is really happy to spoil him like this, maybe Shui Xi has a face that wants to be spoiled!

Knowing that there will be disasters in the next few months, Shuixi and Yinhe are busy. Yinhe was busy moving the people of the city west of Xiyan Land, but unfortunately the effect was not good, but he still did not give up.

Shuixi invited people to find a lot of medical skills, and he wanted to develop a medicine to stop the plague. Drugs are not only cheap, but also effective, so the requirements for dispensing are very high.

If it was just a medicine for the plague, he could make it now, but the cost is too high and there are too many people, such a medicine is not good at all. After Yinhe knew it, he also let him toss, and Shui Xi’s ability was very clear to him.

After a month, Shui Xi finally came up with a prescription, using only a dozen herbs, but it has a great effect on the treatment of the plague. After dispensing, he handed the prescription to Galaxy.

Galaxy immediately prepared some people in batches, and then announced the prescription in the name of Shui Xi. As the news spread, the prescription soon spread in several countries. Of course, there is no plague at present, and everyone is not taking it seriously.

But the common people still write down the prescription, after all, they might be able to use it in the event of an accident. As for those princes and nobles, they are disdainful, and they don’t even look at them, and the herbs on them can be seen everywhere.

Shuixi and Yinhe knew about these situations, but their purpose has been achieved. When a plague breaks out in a city in Tianda Kingdom, it can save the lives of those people.

Once the plague broke out, the first thing those officials and nobles did was to abandon the city and even burn the city down in the end. People in other cities will never object, everyone is afraid of death, this is the only best way to prevent it.

The matter of plague has been considered almost, and now there are droughts and locusts. When these two disasters come, they will kill the common people. Drought will result in no harvest, drinking water is difficult, those who have the conditions will move to live, and those who have no conditions will only be able to survive.

If the locusts come, no matter how good the crops will be, they will be destroyed, especially a large swarm of locusts. For the people at this time, this is simply impossible to stop.

Even if you watch the locusts flying in, you can’t do anything at all, you can only watch the locusts eat up the food they are fortunately planted.

“Galaxy, I have a way to stop this locust.”

Galaxy is interested, “What way?”

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