Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 1341 To insult Master Shuixi is to insult grain

is that true?

You want me to be the queen of King Yanping?

Shuixi certainly understands what the queen means, and is someone who can stand side by side with the Milky Way.

Although he couldn’t stand Galaxy having other people, he never asked Galaxy to give him any identity. He is a demon, as long as Yinhe admits him in his heart, it doesn’t matter if he is given an identity or not.

it is true.

Yinhe’s eyes had already told him that this matter was after careful consideration, and he really wanted him to be the queen of King Yanping.

Shui Xi widened his smile, the corners of his mouth slowly curved up, and those beautiful eyes were getting brighter and brighter.

“Since you made me queen, then I’ll be queen.”

Shuixi’s voice reached Yinhe’s ears, but other people didn’t hear it. Of course, Yinhe knew that this was a special method. It was because of this special method and Shuixi’s identity that Yinhe felt very panic. Shuixi could leave his side at any time. He was a mortal, and he would grow old and die. , and Shui Xi is a demon, with an unknown lifespan.

“Then congratulations to King Yanping.”

The congratulatory voices of the three messengers brought Galaxy back to their senses. The three messengers looked at the Galaxy with a look of longing, as if they were children waiting for candy.

“Happy, the three messengers might as well stay in Yanping for the time being to attend the wedding of the lonely king and queen before leaving.”

How could the messenger of the Three Kingdoms refuse to agree? He immediately responded, saying that he would report his experience in Yanping Kingdom to their king. The officials of Yanping Kingdom did not think that their king would not give them any chance to refute, and directly said that the three envoys would leave behind the ceremony to participate in the canonization of the queen. They just wanted to prevent it from being impossible.

Once stopped, they could imagine that Shui Xi was not welcomed by the courtiers of Yan Ping, and it would definitely give other countries a chance to take advantage. The courtiers looked at their king with a touch of sadness, but the king’s eyes seemed to stick to Shui Xi’s body.

That beautiful young man was smiling brightly at the king of his family. It was indeed fascinating that people couldn’t find the north and south, and even they felt a little dazed. With such goblins by their side day and night, it’s no wonder that their king can’t hold back.

After looking at each other in dismay, the courtiers could only sigh and compromise in the end. After the end, go back and prepare gifts for the king and queen!

They seriously believed that all this was planned by the king, but unfortunately the young man did bring countless changes to the Yanping country. This kind of huge credit, once the king did not confer any official position on the young man, I am afraid it is for today, right?

The messengers of the three kingdoms were arranged to live in Yancheng respectively. At the same time, the king was going to confer the queen. The fact that the queen was Shuixi was also spreading all over the Yanping country.

When countless nobles expressed their anger at the fact that the king could enshrine a male queen, Yinhe announced the new crops brought by Shuixi. when.

These crops are not crops, but all kinds of fruits. At this time, outside the palace, the people are already lined up in long queues in an orderly manner, waiting to receive the new fruits.

Before, they had potatoes and corn to fill their stomachs, and later they had countless vegetables that could be eaten, and the dishes on the table became rich. Now I heard that Master Shui Xi brought them fruits and fruits, which are things that only nobles can enjoy. Ordinary people want to eat one or two fruits, unless they go to the mountains and forests to pick them, they may not necessarily pick delicious fruits. Most are astringent, or even poisonous.

But the arrival of Master Shuixi has improved their lives, and now it has brought more excitement to their lives. They don’t know how to thank this young man who has never met.

I only know that he stayed in the king’s bedroom every night, he was rarely seen, he was easy-going, and he had a very good temperament. It is said that anyone who has seen this son of Shuixi will be healed by his bright smile.

The people lined up, stretched their necks and looked forward, and saw the colorful fruits on the bullock cart guarded by the soldiers, some round, some flat, some long, big and small, red. The green, especially the fragrance from the ox cart, made them swallow their saliva.

Every time a new variety appears, the king will give them free items to taste, and then they can follow the people sent by the palace to learn how to plant them. At the beginning, they can receive a small amount of seeds and seedlings, and then they will need them later. Bought.

For such a method, today’s rich people are very happy to do it. Since the Galaxy became the king, everything they do will bring them great changes.

At this time, those princes and nobles were annoyed that Yinhe was going to confer the title of Queen Shuixi, and sent people to Yancheng and other places to walk the rumors about Shuixi, and said that Shuixi was a monster that harmed the country, and I don’t know where it came from. The purpose of coming to the palace is to confuse the king with beauty. If this continues, it will definitely bring disaster to the entire Yanping country.

When the people happily received the delicious fruits and went back, they heard rumors like this everywhere on the street, and even songs sung by children.

The people are angry, our Shuixi son is obviously a blessing from God, if there is no Shuixi son, how can they be rich today.

No one thought that the people who had rumored that the water was not good were arrested by the people and sent to the outside of the palace, asking the king to punish them for their disrespect and slander.

“The grass people have seen the king.” All the people kneeled on the ground, not only that, but also the rumours who were bound to the side were crushed to the ground, pressing the other party’s forehead to the ground and making a heavy noise, “Your Majesty, Caomin has been blessed by the king and son Shuixi for many years, so that he can get such abundant food and vegetables, and now he has delicious fruits. Young Master Xi was sent by God to help us, Young Master Shui Xi chose Wang Shang, even if he chose Yan Pingguo, he also chose us.”

The corner of Yinhe’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch. He really didn’t expect his people to be so brainy, but the effect was surprisingly good. Now even if he doesn’t need to come forward, the entire Yanping country will protect Shui Xi.

“Caomin really didn’t expect that after getting such a rich and happy life, there would be people with a heartless heart, saying that Mr. Shuixi is not good on the street, and making up rumors that slandered Mr. Shuixi.”

Speaking of this, the people kneeling outside the palace talked about the guilt of these people in an orderly manner, and finally someone slammed their foreheads on the ground and said neatly: “I beg the king to deal with their guilt and insult Shui Xi. Young Master, you are insulting the grain.”

“What are they slandering me for?”

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