Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 1333 He didn't sell the Lord for a few pieces of meat

King Yanping distributed new crops, and showed the method of planting the crops and the fruits that were planted for the people to see and taste. Although the taste was very good and it was pleasant to listen to, most people did not dare to. try.

After all, it is good that new crops are planted. If they are not planted, time and land are wasted, and they will starve to death next year. Who would dare to try such a thing easily?

Yinhe could not issue an order to force people to plant it, and finally gave some preferential policies to let the people allocate a piece of land to plant these new crops, and ensure that if there is no harvest, the loss will be counted as Yan Pingguo.

There were not many people who planted them in the end, but some people thought about the preferential policies for planting these crops, and they couldn’t help but set aside some land to plant these rare crops.

When it comes to the harvest, the results from this small part of the land are really gratifying. Gradually, the people of the whole Yanping country accepted such new crops, especially potatoes, sweet potatoes and corn, which were very popular among the people. Every household would be ridiculed for not planting these crops.

Shui Xi also breathed a sigh of relief. It didn’t take long for the Milky Way to announce that all of this was due to Shui Xi, telling the story of the young man who was fortunate enough to discover these crops and turned his small garden into a field for growing crops. It attracted a knowing smile from the people. Such a young man is really attractive. What if this young man who sleeps in the king’s bedroom every night is the king’s favorite boy?

Even if the king does not choose the queen to be obsessed with male sex, no matter what, this is a good king who serves the country and the people. The ministers of the galaxy are a little worried. It has been two or three years, and the king seems to have no choice. Queen means.

So, the courtiers couldn’t hold back anymore, “The king said three years ago that you already have a candidate for a queen. I wonder if the king can welcome the queen into the palace and give birth to a prince as soon as possible?”

Yinhe casually glanced at the courtiers below and smiled: “Why are you in such a hurry? If you insist on doing this, the solitary king will be crowned queen as soon as possible as you wish.”

He was talking about conferring the queen, not welcoming the queen into the palace.

The courtiers breathed a sigh of relief, but why did they think the king’s words were a bit weird, and they really didn’t want to understand what was weird. But the king has let go, and they can’t press each other tightly.

As for the young man who lived in the king’s palace, although the courtiers wanted to read a copy, but the young man’s current prestige is now comparable to that of few people in the entire Yanping country. They believed that as long as the boy was dealt with today, he would be scolded by the entire Yanping country tomorrow.

For the people, they don’t care who your king wants to favor. As long as they can live and work in peace and contentment, and be able to get a harvest through their own efforts, so that they can live comfortably, eat well, and dress warmly, they are the best kings.

As for the king’s private affairs, especially whether the king loves women or men, it has nothing to do with their shit.

The courtiers did not dare to offend Shui Xi, let alone drive Shui Xi out of the king’s side. Other countries attach great importance to this kind of talent. Maybe just after leaving the palace, Shui Xi will be invited by other countries to do it. The honored guests, that is very unfavorable to Yan Pingguo, it is better to let the king sacrifice some beauty to keep this young man.

As long as the king is willing to create an heir, they feel that the king can accept Shuixi as queen in the future. The courtiers looked at each other in dismay, not knowing when their bottom line became so low, was it really taken a little off the right track by the king?

In the middle of the night, Yinhe finished his day’s government affairs, and saw that the boy beside him was already asleep on the desk. Under the light of the light, the boy’s face was slightly reddish, like a delicious fruit. He couldn’t help but lean over and looked at the boy’s face seriously. I have to say that the boy has become more and more beautiful in recent years. His face was a little rosy, and he couldn’t help but bite down.

Over the past three years, he has obtained seeds of various crops and other vegetables and fruits from Shuixi. Sometimes he wonders if Shuixi is too pitiful and lonely and sent to him by God.

If it weren’t for Shuixi, he would not know that there are other countries in the distant overseas seas. Listening to Shuixi, the languages ​​of those countries are also very special, and their culture is also very different from here.

What he didn’t quite understand was that Shui Xi stayed in the palace all day and had no intention of going out. Does he not like the life outside? He didn’t take the initiative to take Shui Xi out, because he was afraid that the outside world of Huahua would be fascinated by the boy’s eyes, so that he couldn’t find the direction to return to the palace, abandoned him in the cold palace, and left without looking back.

He knew very well that as long as Shuixi didn’t want to stay, he couldn’t keep him at all.

Dasha was lying on the side, glancing at the Milky Way. He is not at all strange about Galaxy’s strange behavior over the years. Every time the master falls asleep, Galaxy will do some strange actions to the master.

For example, touching the master’s face, pinching the master’s ears, stroking the master’s eyebrows, kissing the master’s face, kissing the master’s lips, and occasionally reaching into the master’s shirt to touch…

Dasha couldn’t help but wonder if Yinhe was a pervert, but he didn’t stop it. After all, Yinhe didn’t do anything to hurt his master, but instead looked happy. He really didn’t understand why Yinhe did such a thing to his master and looked happy. It’s like being able to eat a big bowl of meat.

Thinking of meat, Dasha couldn’t help but feel a little hungry. He looked at the bowl on the side, and it was late, knowing that he couldn’t eat fresh meat today, so he slept on the side, ready to sleep in the dream. A delicious meal at the dream table.

As for the strange things that Yinhe did to his master, he really didn’t care at all. He deeply remembered that one night many years ago, Yinhe stared coldly at the warning he said, if he dared to tell Shui such a thing Xi, he will never want to eat meat.

Dasha thinks that he didn’t sell the master just because of a few pieces of meat. After all, the Galaxy really didn’t hurt the master, did it?

With a clear heart, he went to sleep stupidly, but Yinhe picked up the boy and walked to the bed. The boy’s weight was still very light. He had never hugged a woman, but he felt that the boy was weaker than the woman. on the surface.

The originally fleshy little baby was gone, but a beautiful young man stayed by his side instead. In the face of such beauty lying beside him, it would be a lie to say that he didn’t react at all, especially if he was someone he liked, but he didn’t dare to say anything. This feeling made him uncomfortable. But when he woke up in the morning, looking at his reaction, the boy would say something that left him speechless.

“Brother Yinhe, why do you always hold back your urine early in the morning? It’s not good for you to hold back your urine. You can solve it first, and I’ll sleep later.”

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