Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 1318 Angry

“Brother Prince, are you sleepy?”

Shui Xi widened his eyes and shook the person who was lying on the table. The little face is still smiling brightly. If no one here sees it, he will definitely feel that he has an illusion. Why does the smile on this simple child’s face make people feel scary?

“Brother Prince, can you still hear it?”

The corner of Shui Xi’s mouth curved, and his voice changed, “Since you can’t hear it, then Shui Xi is welcome. Originally we had no grievances, but you bullied Brother Yinhe like this and made me very angry, so I want to Help Brother Galaxy to bully him back.”

“Little friends, come out!”

As Shui Xi’s words fell, he remembered the sparse voices in the room. Although Yun An felt that something was wrong in the outside, he thought that the prince didn’t dare to mess around in the restaurant. He just had to wait at the door, and he wanted to break in. He didn’t dare to go in. The prince’s two entourage were still standing at the door. They were tall and burly. He really couldn’t beat him.

But Yan Dan in the private room was not feeling very well, his body was stripped to the bare bones, and the dense mice and insects were biting on his body, but the exposed skin did not touch the slightest. took a bite.

After finishing the work, Shui Xi helped Yan Dan get dressed, and then let his friends quietly leave the cave. I thought that the effect of the medicine was almost over, and this was what Yan Dan was going to use to greet him. He can see at a glance what tricks ordinary people want to play in front of him.

Seeing that Yan Dan was about to wake up, he simply drank a sip of fruit wine, stopped exercising energy to disperse the medicinal power, and fell into a deep sleep.

According to his calculations, Brother Galaxy will be able to come over soon, and he doesn’t have to be afraid of anything. Even if Galaxy didn’t arrive by then, he wouldn’t have an accident. His little friends are not vegetarian, they will greet this Prince Yan well.

Yan Dan suddenly woke up, thinking that something had gone wrong, and then saw Shui Xi lying asleep on the table, he was relieved, it seemed that he just fell asleep accidentally, the child in front of him is really beautiful, So much so that he ignores the physical discomfort.

picked up the beautiful child and pushed open the door. Yun An quickly stepped forward and saw this scene, Shui Xi’an fell asleep quietly, her heart pounded, Yan Dan actually moved here.

Yunan stepped forward anxiously, “You must be Mr. Shuixi tired, please ask the prince to hand over Mr. Shuixi to the slave, and the slave will take Mr. Shuixi back to rest.”

How could Yan Dan hand over the person, “Let Shui Xi go to my house first, and you will come pick me up when you wake up tomorrow.” How could Yun An agree?

Just when he was embarrassed, the sound of heavy footsteps sounded in his ears, followed by the Milky Way striding forward, and when he saw Shui Xi being held by Yan Dan, his pupils shrank suddenly. Violation, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Yan Dan’s preferences, he is very clear, for beautiful children, is Yan Dan’s favorite.

“Don’t bother the prince, let me do it!”

Yinhe’s unquestionable voice, Yan Dan has no position to take people away, and there is some regret in his eyes. If he hadn’t suddenly fallen asleep, he wouldn’t have delayed for so long and let the other party rush here.

Yinhe has already snatched Shui Xi, and Yan Dan felt very uncomfortable at this time, and didn’t say much. He hurriedly left after saying hello. He always felt itchy, so go back and have a look. As for that beautiful child, as long as he is in Yancheng, he will not run away, he will have a chance sooner or later.

Wouldn’t it be better for his fourth brother to help him raise a little?

Yinhe watched Yan Dan leave with a gloomy face, and hugged Shui Xi into the carriage without saying a word. When he got inside the carriage, he couldn’t hold back any longer, and slapped Shui Xi **** the buttocks.

Feeling that Shui Xi didn’t mean to wake up, he took off Shui Xi’s pants and found a slap print on his snow-white buttocks. Hold, wait for Shui Xi to wake up and then clean up properly, Yun An didn’t say a word throughout the whole process, he knew that the master was angry, and he was still angry with Shui Xi’s son. This was the first time, he really didn’t know what to say.

In fact, this time he felt that even if Shuixi refused to agree, Yan Dan would still be able to abduct Shuixi son away.

Yun An wanted to say something, but he really didn’t know what to say. Although the master was angry, it seemed that he was angry because he was worried about Young Master Shui Xi, and it should be fine in two days.

After finally returning to the house, Yinhe took Shui Xi into the house with a dark face. Yun An didn’t say a word, and let the carriage drive away, while he waited outside the door.

“Master, do you want to eat first?”

There was no sound coming from inside, Yun An was really uneasy now, just as he was about to speak again, he heard the voice of the Milky Way coming from inside.

“No, you go down first.”

The master’s voice still sounded angry, Yun An silently lit a candle for Shui Xi, hoping that Master Shui Xi can dissipate the master’s anger!

Shui Xi woke up in a daze, and when he opened it, he looked at Yinhe sitting on the edge of the couch with an expressionless face, staring at him without blinking. This appearance was very fierce. This was his first time on Yinhe’s face. See this expression. For some reason, Shui Xi understood that Yinhe was angry.

“Brother Galaxy.”

Shui Xi moved his small body, this time he counted everyone, just to teach Yan Dan a lesson. If Yan Dan hadn’t bumped into it himself, he wouldn’t have done it. That guy is obviously not a good person, and the look in his eyes is clearly that he wants to stew him.

Yinhe was grabbed by the villain’s sleeve and let him rush into his arms without moving his eyelids. He felt that unless he taught Shui Xi some lessons, the other party would not listen to his words.

“Brother Galaxy, are you angry?”

Yinhe still doesn’t speak. Shui Xi, who always coaxes people, doesn’t think it’s very good, so brother Yinhe who can’t coax him makes him very embarrassed. He doesn’t know how to make Yinhe angry, is it because he met Yan Dan?

“Brother Yinhe, I won’t agree to that Dan’s request in the future, and I won’t go to the restaurant with him.”

This time, he just wanted to help Brother Yinhe teach some Dan, Brother Yinhe was bullied badly by that Dan when he was a child, he just couldn’t bear it. He also learned from his friends that Brother Yinhe is the queen’s son, and it should be the prince of Yanping Kingdom. What Dan robbed Brother Yinhe of everything, and asked King Yanping to send Brother Yinhe to Yujin to be a proton.

Yinhe was unmoved by Shui Xi’s pitiful begging for him, “It seems that you don’t know where you are wrong, think carefully about where you are wrong, and I’ll come back when you figure it out.”

After saying that, ignoring Shui Xi’s pitiful eyes, he turned around and went out.

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