Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 1311 Does Shui Xi really want to go with me?

In Yinhe’s surprise, Shui Xi covered the wound on his body with both hands, and a white light emerged from Shui Xi’s fleshy palm and landed directly on the place where he was injured. He felt so comfortable that he wanted to groan out. , couldn’t help but close his eyes.

This feeling is really too comfortable, I can’t help hugging this child. Although this child is only a turtle, he can help him without reservation. Yinhe thought to himself, this time back, he must not be able to accept anyone’s manipulation, he must seize power, without power, how can he protect such a simple child.

Shuixi Shuixi is really a good name. When I recalled this child calling him Brother Yinhe, the corners of his mouth could not help but curl up.

“Brother Yinhe, your injuries are all healed, I’m so tired, I’m going to sleep for a while, you must not leave me, I’ll sleep for a while.”

Yinhe heard the tired voice, especially when his small body fell asleep on top of him, he suddenly opened his eyes in shock, there was some panic in his eyes, he quickly hugged Shui Xi’s soft body and looked at him. When he just slept tiredly and his face was not as rosy as before, for some reason, he always felt very uncomfortable, as if he had encountered such a thing before, and at that time, the child was not asleep. Wake up, but fall asleep and never wake up.

Thinking of this, he hurriedly hugged Shui Xi and put him aside, watching quietly, touching each other from time to time, and feeling the temperature and breathing of the other person’s body, so that he could be relieved.

Yinhe didn’t understand why he felt this way, he just felt that if the little turtle couldn’t wake up because of him, he would definitely go crazy and hug this little body tightly.

“Shui Xi, I’ll take you back when you wake up.”

Yinhe was unable to control his own life except when he was three years old, and since then he has always acted recklessly. No one would have thought that he would have the ability to convince the king of Yujin to let him come back?

I am afraid that the entire Yanping country would have given up on him long ago. Who would have known that his proton not only lived well in Yujin, but also had a very nourishing life. If he can, of course he can continue to survive in Yujin Kingdom, and will reach an unimaginable status, but he still chooses to come back.

A sneer appeared on the corner of his mouth, and asked him to be a proton and leave Yan Pingguo to others. How could he let Yinping go? Yan Pingguo belongs to him, and he will slowly take it into his hands, making some people regret it for the rest of their lives.

Shuixi just opened her eyes when she heard Yinhe’s voice: “Are you awake?”

“Well, wake up, how’s Brother Yinhe?” Shui Xi quickly sat up, took off Yinhe’s clothes, and finally showed a bright smile when he saw that the wounds had all healed, and there were even only faint scars.

“I knew this would definitely help Brother Galaxy.”

Yinhe hugged his small body: “Next time, you must know how to protect yourself. What if you save me and hurt yourself?”

“I don’t want to see Brother Yinhe’s injury.” Shui Xi didn’t know why. From his disregard at the beginning to now, after getting along with Yinhe, there was a voice in his heart telling him that he must go with Yinhe and follow him. To keep the Milky Way safe and sound, the Milky Way cannot be harmed a little.

Shuixi didn’t understand why, but since it was the voice of the heart, he didn’t hesitate. He is a different tortoise, it shouldn’t be surprising to do something different, right?

Actually, he really likes the smell of Yinhe, and it always makes him addicted. Even when he is next to Yinhe, he feels that his cultivation speed has accelerated. This feeling is really good!

The blood of the Milky Way transformed him, which made him believe that there was nothing wrong with following the Milky Way. Feeling that Yinhe was hugging him, he didn’t seem to refuse his closeness. Shui Xi was also very happy. Brother Yinhe also liked him, so what Brother Yinhe said was true, would he be willing to take his little monster with him?


Thinking of a slightly sharp voice outside the house, Yinhe put Shui Xi aside and walked out of the house, “Have you found your clothes?”

“Master, I have already found the children’s clothes, as well as the master’s clothes, and some food is in it.” The man held everything in front of him respectfully, and Yinhe turned in with the things satisfied, and closed the door by the way, “You guys first Wait, go back tomorrow.”

“Yes, Master.”

Shuixi was still a little scared when she heard the voice of a stranger. Although he has practiced for unknown years and feels that he is also very powerful, he is still a little scared in his heart.

Yinhe watched Shui Xi and probed the probe outside, but his eyes were a little defensive, and he walked over and hugged him: “Are you afraid? These people won’t hurt you, they are all my people.”

“Really?” Shui Xi grabbed Yinhe’s sleeve as if he had found the backbone, “Since Brother Yinhe thinks they won’t bully me, then I believe it.”

After he finished speaking, he looked at the item that the Milky Way put aside, blinked, and looked curious.

“I found clothes that suit you, and brought some food. Will Shuixi eat these?”

Yinhe took off Shui Xi’s large robe, and helped Shui Xi put on the fitting clothes one by one. Shui Xi smiled brightly, touched here, tugged there, obviously very satisfied with the clothes on her body.

“When you return to the palace, I will have someone make the best clothes for you.”

Shuixi doesn’t understand these things, but he has clothes to wear, and he is very happy. Brother Yinhe treats him well, so he will protect Brother Yinhe well in the future and will not let him suffer such serious injuries again.

“Eat some food first!”

Shuixi’s eyes were sparkling, staring at the food in the basket, not knowing what to say. It was only with the help of Yinhe that he recognized how to eat this kind of food. After he tasted it, he realized that it was a delicacy in the world.

“Is it tasty?”

“It’s delicious,” Shui Xi swallowed a piece of cake and couldn’t help but stare at Yinhe, “Brother Yinhe, can I eat these every day from now on?”

This small appearance of desire, of course, the Milky Way will agree. It turned out that the little tortoise had never eaten these things before, but when I remembered that Shui Xi was also a little tortoise transforming, nothing was surprising.

“Brother Galaxy, when are we leaving here?”

Yinhe touched Shui Xi’s head and said with a smile, “Leave tomorrow, does Shui Xi really want to go with me?”

“If you don’t want to, I won’t force you…”

“Brother Yinhe, do you want to leave me?” Shui Xi put down the food in his hand, and hurriedly crawled on Yinhe’s sleeves and claws, regardless, “Alright, you can’t leave me, now Are you going to leave me?”

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