Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 1297 The happiness of the second half of my lonely life will be handed over to you (

As for the prince, this temperament is a prince, and it is estimated that when he takes power, the country should be destroyed.

The most important thing is that Wuxin told him Wuxin asked her to stop her when she was leaving. No matter what, he could not let a child named Hongli from the fourth brother be the emperor, saying that this son was a prodigal and lost Laozi’s money. Most of the time, then his son continued to lose, and he was defeated, and he was defeated by a generation of shame.

Ying Changqing said that he was in pain, and Wuxin told him a lot, saying that it was the dark cloud who was very persistent in this history. Even though he knew that this was a world created by a revolving state of mind, the dark cloud also wanted to change.

Originally, she had no intention of thinking that if Honghui wanted to, she would hand over these things to Honghui, or she would tell Yinzhen directly. But things turned so that they didn’t react, Xue Wuxin said it, of course Ying Changqing would listen to his wife’s words and handle these things well. That was what Wu ordered. If he didn’t do it well, he knew that returning to the virtual world would definitely be a beating.

Thinking of the violence and unreasonableness of the dark clouds, Ying Changqing’s face was a little distorted.

Whoever calls him is a junior, he is a junior to randomly find someone from the palace of the human race. This kind of feeling of being oppressed is really uncomfortable.

I have to say that the only thing he enjoyed in the Qing Dynasty was that he could bully the weak at will.

If the dark clouds knew that he was worth this much, I’m afraid it would be another beating.

Yinrong stared at the sixth brother, watching him fall into contemplation, his face even distorted, just because he was thinking of something he couldn’t do, wouldn’t he want to fight Khan Ama again?

Thinking of this, Yinren’s forehead was covered in sweat. The heart is full of moving, or the sixth brother is good to him! If the sixth brother is in good health, it would be good to let the sixth brother be the prince. At that time, he can be a **** to the fullest. Yinren’s eyes are different, and the dignified prince wants to be a playboy. If Kangxi finds out, I am afraid he will chase after him. Whip him.

It’s a pity that the sixth brother’s body is not good. Even if he wants to, Khan Ama probably won’t want it. Even if Khan Ama wants to, the sixth brother will not be willing. As far as the sixth brother’s temperament is to fight with Khan Ama, if there is a real trouble, there will be a big problem.

In fact, after listening to the sixth brother’s words, Yinren really couldn’t help thinking, what if he quit the prince?

Once the idea of ​​ came up, it couldn’t help but sprout and take root. His current status is second only to Khan Ama, what do you want? Prosperity, wealth, and monstrous power, what he ultimately wants is to act arbitrarily, to be rebellious, to be unrestrained, to behave in a well-behaved manner, to learn this and that, and the burden on his body has long suppressed his breath.

Those brothers thought that he was aloof and arrogant, and that the identity of the prince suppressed them.

Yes, he really suppressed them as a prince, because the brothers didn’t take him seriously.

Especially Yinzhen, he knew that Yinzhen was unwilling to be the eldest son of the emperor, but so what, it was just Kangxi’s decision. At that time, he was only in his infancy, what could he change?

Pearl is Yinzhen’s biggest backing. In fact, he and Yinzhen had a good relationship when they were young. At that time, Yintu called him the second younger brother, and also called him Baocheng. He was called the big brother Yintu. He had never used his identity as a prince to suppress him, and even if there was any fun, the first thing that came to his mind was this playmate.

I don’t know when, every time Yinzhen saw him, he would salute him, and then said awkwardly and unwillingly: “I have seen the prince.”

And he still smiled softly: “It turns out that the big brother is here.”

Although with a smile, the smile has lost its original intimacy. He will no longer pull the boy who is much taller than him, shaking his arm and quietly asking the other party to take him to play.

Later, he became more and more like a prince, and Yinzhen became more and more like a man who wanted to take his status as a prince.

He is angry, can a mere crown prince be able to destroy the brotherhood?

Later he understood, not only the crown prince, but also Khan Amana’s supremacy.

Concubine Hui was not reconciled, Pearl was not reconciled, Yinzhen was instilled with various ideas by them, and Yinzhen himself was unwilling to admit defeat, so that they would never die.

As long as there is a chance, Yinzhen will find a way to lose his face. Every time he didn’t please Yintu, but he never thought about killing the other party.

He always remembered that they had a good relationship when they were young. It’s okay to fight, he doesn’t want his life.

He once thought that if he inherits the throne in the future, he must circle Yinzhen, visit him every day, call him eldest brother every day, and disgust him to death.

Shaking his head, Yinren laughed softly, looked up and met a pair of clear eyes, his heart warmed, this is his good brother, how the sixth brother understands his mind, these clear eyes, I’m afraid what? Can’t hide it!

“Sixth brother, second brother apologizes to you. That year, my uncle attacked sixth brother, but only later did he know that he never apologized to sixth brother. It was the second brother who shouldn’t have done it.”

Perhaps it must be stressful for Yinrong to apologize to others, but in front of the sixth brother, he seems to be an ordinary person, he is no longer a high-ranking prince, this feeling is undoubtedly very beautiful.

“Uncle, he is a lonely uncle after all. Although he is ambitious, he has committed a lot of things.”

“Since the second brother said this, I won’t mention it, but what he did depends on Khan Ama’s mood.”

Yinren smiled bitterly, “Khan Ama probably thought of a way to toss him, especially after he took action against the sixth brother, the sixth brother didn’t know, every time Khan Ama looked at his uncle and Mingzhu, the eyes were not right, as if he wanted to eat it. The flesh of both of them.”

Ying Changqing’s face was light, and he really knew Kangxi very well.

“Gu Ruo is really not the prince, the sixth brother has to think of a good way for Gu to make him look good, and don’t let Gu be imprisoned for a lifetime.” Yinren put his hand on Ying Changqing’s body, ” Sixth brother, the happiness of the second half of my life will be handed over to you.”

“Let’s go back, I heard that the sixth brother is here to pick up the sixth brother and sister. It’s so late. I won’t be the bad guy and keep you for dinner.” Yinren knew that the sixth brother and his wife were very loving, and there was some envy in his eyes. He used to be far away. I have seen that the emotions revealed by the sixth brother and the sixth younger sister are not fake at all, they are true conjugal love and love, and there is no calculation between them.

Royal, in fact, there is still true love.

Yinren thought, in fact, there has always been, but a lot of love has been buried by power and survival.

Watching Ying Changqing leave, Yinrong put away his chuckle, “He Yuzhu.”


“From tomorrow onwards, I want Yuqing Palace to sing and dance day and night,” Yinren said with a light expression, “Go and tell the Crown Princess, let her restrain others well, and let her live in peace when the time comes.”

“Let my uncle come to see the orphan tomorrow.”

Even if Gu can’t do it, wouldn’t there be six brothers who will help Gu?

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