Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 1293 together (plus)

“Xiaoxun is Ying Changqing’s regret in the past. As time passed, another figure gradually filled my heart. Many years ago, the purpose of my research on the art of time has changed.” Ying Changqing felt If you don’t make the words clear today, you may not have such an opportunity in the future, “Perhaps after we have been together for so many years, once you woke up from the danger of breaking through, and heard your regret…”

Needless to say, Xue Wuxin already understood. From that time, Ying Changqing studied the art of time not for himself, but for her to come back to solve the regret in her heart.

has always been calm and steady, Xue Wuxin, who couldn’t make any waves in his heart, couldn’t help but bent his eyes and raised his lips: “Chang Qing, in fact, I didn’t study the art of time from the beginning, and I didn’t want to come back.”

She raised her head and looked at the full moon outside the window, “Ever since I entered the cultivation world, although I have had some regrets, for me, it is not necessary to come back and change.”

“That is?”

“That’s when you entered my world. I never thought that your presence would make my heart like a pool of stagnant water active again. Looking at your persistence, your firmness, I couldn’t help but get involved in your life, Ben I thought that when you found Xiaoxun, there would be no fate between you and me. When I stepped into the reincarnation state of mind, I thought many times that I would stay in the Qing Dynasty and never come back. Being with other people is really uncomfortable. But when I came to the Qing Dynasty, I found that I was not reincarnated in the original body, but had one more person out of thin air. At that time, I didn’t understand why, the original reincarnation state of mind. I spied out my thoughts long ago, and that’s why I have today’s Ulanala Huixin.”

Just waiting for Ying Changqing to come here, Ulanala Huixin, no one can hide from the prying eyes of the cycle of mind.

“In that case, Wuxin,” Ying Changqing held her hand tightly, “Let’s be together from today, if you want.”

“I…of course I would.”

Xue Wuxin showed a smile, she became more and more beautiful under the red candle, Ying Changqing thought, this is the beautiful Snow Fairy under the red candle, it belongs to him Ying Changqing, he did not come here in vain.

He is very grateful for the cycle of mood, which allowed him to find the person he loves, and he is very grateful to Kangxi for letting Xue Wuxin come to him with integrity. The two embraced each other, and the red candle in the house burned fiercely, burning slowly until dawn.

After a night of spring supper, Ying Changqing only felt that there was something more between him and Xue Wuxin. It should be that the last barrier between the two was gone. Now they already understand each other’s feelings, although Xue Wuxin, who doesn’t smile, can see the joy on the brows.

Both of them sighed in their hearts. It turned out that before they knew it, they had liked each other for so many years, but they missed so many years because they didn’t say it.

“Nevertheless, I have no regrets.”

Xue Wuxin sat in front of the dressing table and let Ying Changqing help her comb her hair, draw her eyebrows, and apply rouge. In fact, in her words, it doesn’t matter whether you use these or not, but the two of them are closer. One step, Ying Changqing was really considerate to the core.

“I always want to make Wuxin more beautiful and more beautiful.” He was really satisfied with this arrangement to let everyone know what kind of wonderful wife he married.

“Let’s go, let’s go to the palace to greet E-Niang.”

Ying Changqing took her hand and walked out of the house, attracting envious glances. Fortunately, everyone in the house was controlled by him. No matter what he did, nothing could stop him, nor could it harm him.

Even if someone dares to deal with Wuxin, he believes that Wuxin will entertain these people well. He didn’t mind at all unintentionally helping him entertain these not-so-behaved people, thinking that he would lead the beautiful woman to the carriage briskly.

The two held hands in Yonghe Palace. When Concubine De looked at the new daughter-in-law, she was a little surprised to see her son liked her so much.

Especially knowing that Huixin is still Huiru’s younger sister, Concubine De is even more satisfied. Huiru is lively, sensible, and very understanding. Every time she comes to the palace to talk to her, she makes her laugh. Therefore, Concubine De did not directly give Yinzhen two grids as Xue Wuxin did.

Xue Wuxin of course understood the reason, mostly because of the existence of Changqing, which eased the mother-son relationship between De Fei and Yinzhen, and would not block her son at this time. Without the concubine’s blockage, Yinzhen’s backyard is very quiet.

Only in every small election and general election, Kangxi will send two over, which is inevitable. Xue Wuxin felt much more relieved when she saw that Huiru was very comfortable with this kind of life and there was nothing wrong with her.

As for her own side, even if the royal family gave Ying Changqing more, then the two of them would throw two illusions at will, and let these gege have two spring dreams every night, and they would be too lazy to refuse this kind of thing.

As long as these people are obedient, she doesn’t mind! It’s enough for Chang Qing to have her alone, she doesn’t have any thoughts about others.

Xue Wuxin is very aware of Concubine De’s temperament, but Concubine De is a lot more peaceful now, because Ying Changqing’s conditioning looks like she is in her twenties, just like a big girl, and she speaks in a soft voice, Xue Wuxin feels that , they should be able to get along in this life.

After talking about , it really was a great conversation.

De Fei took her hand and said, “Hui Xin, Zuo’er’s health is not good. As her Fujin, you must take good care of him in the future. As long as he is happy, he will be fine. I am a mother. Don’t give any women to block you. As long as you can catch him,” Concubine De smiled softly, “Bengong can see that you are a good person, and Zuo’er seems to like you very much. Ever since he recovered from his illness After that, I have never seen him so happy. I heard that he was holding your hand all the way into the palace. This palace also hopes that you can continue to love each other. Zuo’er does not need anything else, but only needs to be safe and happy in this life. “

Xue Wuxin saw this side of Concubine De for the first time. Every time she heard Concubine De, she wondered if she had given two more palace maids to stop her. It was the first time she saw De Concubine say such unethical words. She understood that the former De Concubine was different from the current De Concubine.

Because he and Ying Changqing were together smoothly, the eyes of Concubine De were also much softer, “Emian, don’t worry, Huixin will take good care of the master, and with Huixin, he will be safe and happy.”

De Concubine stared at Xue Wuxin, as if confirming her words, and finally took her hand and smiled. Concubine De could see that what Xue Wuxin said was true. This daughter-in-law looked cold and cold, but when she talked about his Zuoer, her eyes revealed tenderness and affection. People’s eyes, she was relieved.

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