Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 1272 The person I love now is Wuzhi

A group of second-generation ancestors surrounded the sofa and stared at Ye Hua all dressed like dogs. Their eyes were no longer the same as before, they were more mature and stable, and they flashed a few bright lights from time to time. Many, Ye Hua looked happy too.

“You guys seem to have changed quite well.” Ye Hua’s smile was like a gentle breeze, and everyone around him felt their eyes dazzled. I have to say, Hua Shao’s smile really made the country and the city fall.

“Your eyeballs are about to fall out.” Wu Zhi hugged Ye Hua a little jealously, took the person into his arms, declared ownership, and made a group of second-generation ancestors smile.

“Brother Zhi.”

This sound of Brother Zhi satisfied Wu Zhi, but he still didn’t let go of Ye Hua’s waist. Ye Hua didn’t care at all, and just leaned against his chest with a smile, which made it even more clear that Ye Hua really liked Wu Zhi. , is not a means to be angry.

Especially when Ye Hua saw Wu Zhi’s appearance, he clearly liked it.

“It was really thanks to Hua Shao’s words last time.”

“Hua Shao, now that the old man actually let me intervene in the company’s affairs, I really can’t think of it.”

“Actually, my old man also planned to let me intervene, but my younger brothers and sisters have grown up, and I don’t really want to go to such a complicated place. I plan to open a branch in the country in a few years. As long as the old man thinks about me, it will be fine. Don’t let him worry about it!”

These people explained what they wanted to say in every word. Recently, they looked at their own success, and they were full of words in their hearts. Although they wanted to go to Ye Hua, they always felt that it was not the right time.

“Master Hua, why are you here today?”

They felt that Ye Hua had been with Li Ming for so long after all, and vaguely they thought that Ye Hua and Li Ming broke up not because of the relationship he said, but for other reasons.

They are not stupid. At the beginning, Ye Hua’s relationship with Li Ming was known to the whole city C, especially since this relationship was recognized by the Chen couple, so few people could really make a joke about it.

Especially when Yehua gave away shares later, the entire Chen family was given to Li Ming. They all thought Yehua was crazy, and secretly said that this was Yehua’s breakup fee.

“Why can’t I come?”

Ye Hua felt their concern and smiled slightly. I didn’t say more, these people are all human, and I didn’t ask any more questions. If you want to know if you want to know if you can’t check it secretly?

Besides, one of the protagonists tonight is the object of their discussion, which is really not very good.

After waiting for a long time, the protagonists finally came in from the door. Wu Lingling had a smile on her face. That’s all, everyone wanted to see that there was nothing else. In the arms of the man, they all looked away.

And Li Ming’s condition was very bad, his eyes swept to the young man’s figure from time to time, seeing that he and the man were talking and laughing, he clenched his fists tightly.

Wu Lingling instinctively felt that Li Ming’s state was not right, but it was not easy to remind him in front of so many people.

The wedding was still going on. When the priest asked Li Ming if he would like to marry Wu Lingling as his wife, Li Ming suddenly opened his eyes and couldn’t help but glance at Ye Hua’s side. Seeing Ye Hua’s gentle smile, his face didn’t change.

Father thought Li Ming didn’t hear it, so he couldn’t help but ask another question. Li Ming finally took a deep breath and a wry smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, Ye Hua, you won.

“Sorry, I don’t want to.”

Li Ming’s voice sounded, which made everyone stunned. They knew how much this marriage was going on, but Li Ming’s personal refusal still made them think he was crazy, just like Ye Hua was going to transfer his shares, crazy.

Li Ming was thinking, he was really crazy, he was driven crazy by Ye Hua, driven crazy by that young man who no longer loved him, but turned to love other people, it was too late for him to let him leave his own. around.

“Mr. Li, do you know what you’re talking about?”

“I said it very clearly, I don’t want to, I’m sorry, Miss Wu, I don’t think we are suitable.” Li Ming looked at Wu Lingling lightly, his tone blunt.

“Li Ming, what do you mean?”

Wu Lingling was already a little crazy, she could finally live the life she wanted, but she never thought that things would go wrong in Li Ming. She is not reconciled, obviously her conditions are already very good, Li Ming’s marriage to her will not have any effect at all, and the benefits will continue.

Li Ming ignored Wu Lingling and pushed her away, and walked towards Ye Hua. Everyone looked at him quietly and thought it was too unbelievable. They always felt that there would be some big news today.

Seeing Li Ming’s actions, Wu Zhi hurriedly wrapped Ye Hua in his arms. This Li Ming looked like A Hua who was going to rob him. If there weren’t so many people, he would have wanted to kill him with a claws and a mouthful of flames. .


Li Ming took a deep breath and looked at him fixedly, “Is Ye Cheng you?”

Everyone couldn’t imagine what Li Ming asked. Who is Ye Cheng? This name is somewhat unfamiliar to them, but it is definitely not unheard of. It should be said that this name has existed for a long time.

Some of the people present quickly remembered it and stared at Ye Hua with wide eyes, wanting to get this amazing answer from his mouth.

Ye Cheng!

If Ye Cheng9 is really Ye Hua, then… how old was he many years ago!

Some people suddenly realized, no wonder, no wonder, no matter what method they used, when the Chen Group was in Ye Hua’s hands, there was really no way for them to take advantage of it. If Ye Hua was Ye Cheng, everything would not be surprising.

Li Ming ignored the other people’s eyes. Although he knew Ye Hua was Ye Cheng, he wanted to hear it from his mouth.

Yehua smiled lightly and said indifferently, “It’s me.”

When these two words were uttered, Ye Hua instinctively felt that he was less connected to this world, and shook his lover’s nervous hand, “The day we go back is not far away.”

Wuzhi’s body relaxed, and he felt it too.

Li Ming looked at Ye Hua complicatedly, “So, you came to me that day, yes…”

“The past is gone, you know, I don’t care about that.”

But this emperor hates being betrayed.

Li Ming felt the unfamiliarity in Ye Hua’s mouth, and his heart was aching. How much this young man should have loved him, he should be the one who was by his side.

It was he who lost it all.

“The one I love, I can give everything to him.”

Ye Hua’s tone was still flat, “The person I love now is Wu Zhi.” Ye Hua didn’t care about everyone’s eyes and bit Wu Zhi’s lips, “I, Ye Hua, always do things as I want, so Mr. Li , please pay attention to the occasion, you refused to marry that Miss Wu, and you should apologize to them.”

Li Ming wanted to say something, but a group of officers in police uniforms rushed in, asked Wu Xixi’s location, and arrested him.

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