Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 1262 Suspected of holding a fake hostage

Yehua only felt that the drive was a long way away, and Wuzhi found out not long after he was tied to the car, rushed over in anger, and is now observing in the clouds above. If he hadn’t known Ye Hua had a plan, he would have twisted the necks of these people with one claws.

Yehua raised his head with a smile, “Azhi, why are you angry, can you do what you’ve done? Be sure to let Li Ming doubt himself.”

“It’s done, you don’t believe me anymore?” Wu Zhi chuckled, showing his claws to smash the clouds, “I really want to crush them to death with one claws, and then set fire to ashes.”

“Azhi, it’s not good to kill this kind of slut, it’s better to send them to the place where they should go.”

“Listen to you.” Wu Zhi stretched out his paws, as long as his Ava was happy, “I just cooked.”

“Then Ah Ji will cook it for me next time. Now let’s watch the play.”

Ye Hua’s comfort was very useful to Wu Zhi, Ye Hua suddenly felt that if Azhi could become a prototype, let him fly in the air on a ride, and then touch Azhi’s head, it must be a wonderful thing. Thinking so, he said so, of course Wu Zhi was very happy.

“Ahua can do whatever he wants, but if we’re here, we can choose a time to go out at night.” This small request is what he should do for his lover. Honorable Golden Crow Emperor.

A smile appeared at the corner of Ye Hua’s mouth. Sure enough, it was right to be with Azhi. This is the correct posture for love. Azhi will not let him worry about anything he can think of, as long as Azhi can do it, he will do it for him, and even if he can’t do it, he will find a way to do it for him.

It’s really fun to be with Ah Ji!

Wu Zhi instinctively felt that Ye Hua was in a very happy mood, and turned over on the clouds. Although he knew that Ah Hua had no feelings for Li Ming anymore, but when he thought about how Ah Hua wanted to retaliate against Li Ming and had to contact him, he couldn’t help thinking about the pain Ah Hua had suffered.

Thinking of Wuzhi’s expression, he grimaced, and then a voice woke him up, “Boss, things have been done.” A certain Jinwu looked at the van below, “Boss, is Young Master Hua okay?”

“Ahua is fine, you go away.” Wu Zhi sneered, and a certain Jin Wu said that he was very innocent, boss, it wasn’t my fault, he was wronged when he heard his boss say, “The day I go back. It shouldn’t be too long, and you’ll be ready by then.”

“Yes, boss!”

A certain Golden Crow was excited, he wanted to go back in his dreams!

Yehua was taken by van to a place very far from City C. It took about five or six hours by car. When he was taken out, he felt that the surroundings were desolate and connected by mountains. The mere black hood could not stop his sight at all, and he could see the surrounding situation clearly.

There are several houses that don’t look very good in front of me. They were led into the house. The inside seems to be cleaned by someone, and it looks clean. After entering the room, the kidnapper put a blindfold on his eyes, removed the black cover, and brought him into a room, probably because he was really good, he didn’t tie him up, but Is to lock him in the room.

He was neither noisy nor noisy, and it really made the kidnappers a little depressed, suspecting that he had kidnapped a fake hostage.

C City, the top floor office of Chen Group.

“Li Ming, discuss something with you.”

Li Ming was sitting in his seat processing documents, and suddenly raised his head when he heard Cui Chang’s words, “What’s wrong?”

This was the first time he heard that Cui Chang had a personal matter to discuss with him. It seemed that he and Cui Chang were basically talking about work. He thought about it for a while, and he won’t treat Cui Chang badly after he gets the Chen Group in the future.

Thinking of Cui Chang, he couldn’t help but think of Ye Hua. Since the breakup, he hadn’t seen Ye Hua for a long time, although his mind couldn’t help but miss him.

It is good to miss Ye Hua, but only now did he realize that Ye Hua was too accommodating to him, too good, and there was a hint of sarcasm on the corner of his mouth. This is the bad root of human nature. But so what, even if he saved his relationship with Ye Hua, he would not marry Ye Hua.

“There are some problems in my hometown. I want to go back and have a look. It doesn’t take long, three days is enough.”

Cui Chang sat beside him and didn’t look directly into Li Ming’s eyes, in fact his hands in his trouser pockets were trembling. In front of Li Ming, he never knew how to hide it, but this time he had to pass Li Ming no matter what. Before he succeeded, he would never let Li Ming know about it.

He already felt that Li Ming liked Ye Hua more than he thought. If he let the other party know about this, he didn’t know if he could continue.

“Okay, go ahead and call back if you have any questions.”

Getting Li Ming’s concern, Cui Chang laughed out, walked to Li Ming’s side, put his arms around him and kissed him, “There will be no problem, Li Ming, wait for me to come back and help you with other things.”

At that time, the entire group belonged to Li Ming, and he was Li Ming’s housekeeper. He knew that it was impossible for Li Ming to marry him. He is different from Ye Hua. Ye Hua won’t share his love with other people, but Cui Chang can do it. Besides, even if Li Ming is married, he may not like each other.

And he, Cui Chang, can help Li Ming solve all difficulties, this is Li Ming’s perfect lover.

Li Ming didn’t know what Cui Chang was thinking. He sat on the seat and watched the other person walk out, a trace of doubt in his eyes.

After processing today’s documents, Li Ming came out of the office and went to the lobby downstairs, and saw a person entangled with the front desk in the lobby. Of course, he, the chairman, would not pay attention to these matters, and he swept across the hall to prepare to leave.

“Miss, please let me see the chairman. I am very unwilling to disturb him, but the whereabouts of Young Master Hua can only be found by finding the Chairman. If Young Master Hua hadn’t shut down, I would not have come. Miss, please inform Chairman Li. Sigh, I believe that there will be Shao Hua’s whereabouts there. I really have a very important matter to find Shao Hua, and I don’t know where Shao Hua has gone. I only contacted Shao Hua in the morning…”

“He said he would stay at home and wait for me to deliver the items.”

Hearing this, Li Ming had doubts in his heart, turned around and walked to the front desk, and looked at the ordinary young man in front of him.

“Are you looking for Xiaohua?”

The young man was surprised when he saw Li Ming: “It turned out to be Chairman Li.”

“You know me?” Li Ming frowned.

The young man quickly explained, “I was fortunate enough to see the photos of Chairman Li and Young Master Hua.” He suddenly remembered the relationship between the two and hurriedly stopped, “I’m really sorry.”

After a few seconds of pause, the young man finally couldn’t help but ask, “Does Chairman Li know where Hua Shao went?”

“I really have something important to do.”

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