Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 1248 The emperor has always been smart

“Li Ming, are you in trouble?”

Feeling that the man closed his eyes comfortably under his massage, Jie Yucao Cui Chang raised a soft smile at the corners of his mouth, and asked softly in Li Ming’s ear, “These things take your time, the relationship between the Chen Group is wrong. It’s complicated, Li Ming, I’ll always help you.”

Li Ming opened his eyes, met Cui Chang’s eyes, pinched his chin, a smile appeared on his face, but didn’t reach the bottom of his eyes, “It’s still Ah Chang who understands my heart, Ah Chang, I’m afraid Xiaohua will have to do this. Wake up, according to our investigation, there is a very important document that only Xiaohua knows about. Moreover, 50% of the shares of the Chen Group are not in Xiaohua’s name. I think it has something to do with that document. “

Li Ming’s eyes were a little deep, Chen Yehua’s name only had 30% of the shares, so who the other 50% of the shares were, and why he couldn’t find out the identity of that person at all, he only knew one name.

Li Ming, who made everything went smoothly, was very angry. As long as he got Chen Yehua and the 50% of the shares, he would be able to completely control the Chen Group. As for the people in the Chen family, The mere 20% of the shares, he can get it back at any time.

Cui Chang’s heart also sank. He didn’t think that Ye Hua, who had always trusted him, would also have a back-up move, but he felt that Ye Hua shouldn’t have thought of this, “Li Ming, I think this should be done by the Chen couple, they estimate that They are afraid that the Chen Group will be defeated by Ye Hua.”

Li Ming paused, with some hatred in his eyes, “Yes, how could Xiaohua think so much.”

“Li Ming, about this document, I’ll go back and look for it.” Cui Chang looked at this man affectionately. Ever since he saw him, he fell in love with this man, no, it should be said that he fell in love, no matter what the reason. Whatever he does, he does it willingly.

“Okay, I’ll ask Ah Chang for these few things. If you can’t find it, forget it. If Xiao Hua can wake up, you can find a way to get the words out of his mouth.”

“You go back first, I still have some things to deal with.”

Cui Chang felt a little disappointed, but he was also very happy when he thought of being able to help Li Ming.

But want Ye Hua to wake up?

No, if Ye Hua woke up, he would definitely remember what he said before. From Ye Hua’s mouth, he couldn’t get anything out of it. It is impossible to do anything in the advanced ward, and there is all-round monitoring in it, and it is impossible to start at all, and he will fall into it when the time comes.

How to do?

Cui Chang is only glad that he only told Ye Hua about his relationship with Li Ming. It seems that there is still a chance to save this matter. Ye Hua has always been a soft-hearted and talkative person. If Ye Hua wakes up, he will tell the other party. , I can’t help liking Li Ming, but Li Ming still likes Ye Hua, he just wanted to say those words to stimulate Ye Hua?

Cui Chang breathed a sigh of relief, it seemed that this method would work. He didn’t know at all, but Ye Hua knew exactly what he was doing, but he just didn’t know that there was an affair between him and Li Ming.

Li Ming is a careful person. Even if the three of them are together every day, Ye Hua has not noticed anything wrong. Actually, the days with Cui Chang were not many. Although Ye Hua knew what Cui Chang was doing, he often showed Li Ming the documents, but he didn’t care about it.

Originally, because he liked Li Ming, he felt that he was more suitable for the person in power of a group. He had planned to give this position to Li Ming, but when Cui Chang talked about the entanglement between Li Ming and Li Ming, Ye Hua thought of it and understood everything. There was a drunken being bumped into something happened.

After Cui Chang wanted to understand everything, he first returned to the villa where Ye Hua once lived, and turned the villa upside down, but he couldn’t find the document. Afterwards, all the places Ye Hua had been to and the places he had lived had not escaped his search, and of course he was not found in the end.

Now he has only one last way, to scare Ye Hua, to make Ye Hua think that Li Ming loves him, what he said was just to provoke Ye Hua, he was jealous of Ye Hua.

Although he was really jealous of Ye Hua, as long as it was for Li Ming, he felt that he could do anything.

Thinking of this, Cui Chang came to the hospital every day to take care of Ye Hua with all his heart. Even the doctors and nurses in the hospital felt good about others, and he was indeed Ye Hua’s closest person.

Now even if Ye Hua jumped up and said his fault, he felt that the doctors and nurses would speak for him. Seeing everyone smiling at him, Cui Chang felt that it was really good.

It will take several months for Ye Hua to resume walking. As long as he finds the document during this period, he can be with Li Ming upright. And if Ye Hua is obedient, he doesn’t mind letting him live well.

“You little boy has been very diligent in going to the hospital recently.”

Dark Cloud’s consciousness was passed to Ye Hua’s side. Seeing that Cui Chang was different from the others, he could be considered to have relieved the boring time in the hospital, “Let’s wake up in two days!”

It’s been several days since they came back, and if they don’t wake up, the doctor probably thinks they’re going to be in a vegetative state.

“Okay, I don’t want to lie in the hospital anymore. The smell here is really bad! By the way, is there any news about Brother Nan?”

Wuyun said: “Not yet, don’t worry, he is fine, it is estimated that he has encountered something, and with our strength, we will meet sooner or later.”

Yehua wasn’t worried either. If something happened to Nan Junmo, he felt that there must be some irresistible force. He glanced at Cui Chang and sneered.

“He is so diligent, it is estimated that Li Ming encountered difficulties and wanted to get something from me.”

“What?” Dark Cloud asked strangely.

“A document, this document contains the information of a person who owns 50% of the shares of the Chen Group. Without this document, no matter how powerful Li Ming is, he would not be able to control the Chen Group. It seems that Cui Chang has searched all the places I have been, and is ready to wait for me to wake up and ask if he can’t find it?”

“Little Yingsan, how easy is it to get this emperor’s stuff?” Ye Hua sneered, “This emperor won’t give you this stuff, so go ahead and make your dreams come true!”

“By the way, Ye Hua, where did you hide the documents?”

“Secret. It’s a place that no one can think of anyway, the emperor has always been smart.”

Ye Hua said sullenly, “I guess this little scumbag wants to take care of me until I wake up, and then apologize to me, saying that he was impulsive, and maybe he will directly say that those words last time were just jealous and random in his heart. Said, in fact, the person Li Ming loved was me. Then he admitted his mistake and said that he didn’t expect such a thing to happen. He looked guilty and regained my trust.”

Wu Yun was a little stunned, “Ye Hua, with your brain, it’s actually easy to run the Chen Group, right?”

“This emperor is the smartest person, of course this kind of trivial matter is easy to handle. But this emperor doesn’t like to deal with such things, plus…” Ye Hua was a little embarrassed, “Back then, this emperor deeply loved Li Ming, and felt that He is very interested in the Chen Group, and he also thought that if we go abroad to register for marriage, we will give him the Chen Group as a dowry. Wu Yun, don’t make a joke. After all, when you love someone deeply, you look at him longing for it. He can’t help but hold the best things in front of him.”

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