Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 1239 finally come

Ling Jichen looked at her in a daze, and vaguely felt that something was different. But he didn’t want to ask so much. Seeing that Mu Bingyun had nothing to do and didn’t offend the Emperor Xizhou, he didn’t want to stay here any longer.

“This seat will go first.”

Ling Jichen turned around and left. He wanted to tell her not to feel bad about Xueer again, but thinking of her previous smile, he still didn’t say it, forget it, he can take Xueer away from now on.

He ignored the different feeling in his heart, maybe he didn’t care at all. Mu Bingyun nodded in a daze, not caring what Ling Jichen was thinking, let alone Ling Jichen here, even Ling Jichen, who is now considered a powerhouse, she would not care.

Now she is very happy, and finally found the second thing she wants to do. Next, she wants to live a peaceful life with her lover for decades, which can be considered to make up for their running around for so many years.

Although she tries to avoid troublesome spirits, she forgets that troublesome spirits have long legs and will come to her.

“Mu Bingyun, you really have the ability to let Chen personally ask you about your affairs. It’s really unexpected that you still have the ability to hook the Emperor of Xizhou.”

Mu Bingyun glanced at the floating little white lotus. When he looked at her, he really had no hatred at all. The other party was only one of the weakest creatures in front of her. He even raised his hand to destroy the other party’s Not in the mood, she was too lazy to raise her hand to kill people.

She wants to wait for Cangyu to come over and have a baby together, so she doesn’t want to be entangled with this little white lotus.

“I said, you can’t entangle my dust, he is mine.”

Wood Blizzard Warning.

Mu Bingyun smiled lightly: “I didn’t pester him, I’m going to get married in a while, will you come?”


Mu Fengxue’s eyes widened, she couldn’t believe that Mu Bingyun was getting married?

Her brain seemed to explode, and she quickly reacted, her eyes suspicious: “Who are you married to?”

“Don’t worry, it’s not Ling Jichen, someone like Ling Shouzu is the right match for you, isn’t it? I don’t dare to expect him,” Mu Bingyun embraced with a smile, “You’ll know in a few days, when the time comes I’m about to leave the Liuyun Sect, and have a good life with my husband, raising children…”

After saying this, she couldn’t help showing a happy expression, and Mu Fengxuelei was stunned.

Mu Fengxue thought to herself, is her cousin crazy? Isn’t this cousin a female villain? She looked at Mu Bingyun suspiciously, trying to see the flaw, but Mu Bingyun’s excited look didn’t look fake.

It is indeed her current goal to let Mu Bingyun leave Liu Yun Sect and Ling Jichen, and it is also her goal to make everyone in Liu Yun Sect hate Mu Bingyun. She hasn’t thought about killing people yet. After all, she has only recently joined the Liuyun faction. The movement of killing is too big, and killing it will probably be suspected.

Let Mu Bingyun withdraw automatically, as long as there is no such a big sect as Liu Yun sect, she still doesn’t believe that the other party can make any waves.

“Are you really going to get married?”

Mu Fengxue said hesitantly, if a woman can really kill the opponent’s fighting spirit after becoming a biological child, then she can be regarded as a blow to the female partner, and the other party will not be a threat to her in the future. As long as the person who married Mu Bingyun was not Ling Jichen, Mu Fengxue smiled when she thought about it.

She came here because she wanted to stand at the top with integrity, and she didn’t want to be a small employee because of the tragic life experience in her previous life. If she wanted to reach the top, she could only rely on a man, or a disgusting junior. Of course, she didn’t think she did anything wrong. If the man didn’t steal sex, would there be a mistress?

As the saying goes, there is no killing without buying and selling.

If a man is firm, he will definitely not have the status of a mistress.

“Of course it’s true, when the time comes to have a wedding drink, I guess we won’t meet in the future!”

Hearing what Mu Bingyun said, Mu Fengxue suddenly felt that she had been worrying in vain for the past few years. Since Mu Bingyun had no thoughts about Ling Jichen, maybe she gave up, and it was infinitely beneficial to her.

“Okay, I’ll definitely come for a wedding wine then.”

Troublejing is not looking for trouble anymore, Mu Bingyun is willing to do so, as for who the troublesome jing will find trouble with in the future, it is none of her business. From now on, she will live behind closed doors with her lover.

Mu Fengxue has been observing her expression, looking at the other party’s appearance, it seems that she is really in love, now she took a deep breath, very good, Mu Bingyun has fallen in love, and she has no fighting spirit in the future, this world is her The wood wind is snowing, she can gallop at will.

“Then I’ll go first. You’d better tell the truth. If it’s not true, hum, you know how good I am.”

Mu Bingyun stared at each other’s back and smiled. At this time, she felt that she had been fighting back and forth with Mu Fengxue, and it was really boring. It seems that she was stupid once. Why should such a person fight? It’s a pity that they used to have revenge, and her revenge was already avenged in the previous life.

Mu Fengxue here, let’s see what her future destiny is!

She is still looking forward to it.

Three days later, Cang Yu finally came.

As for him coming over in three days, Mu Bingyun is still a little skeptical. With his speed, he should be able to come over in one day.

The head of the Liuyun Sect and many elders felt inexplicably nervous because of the gloomy and high-profile arrival, because they found out last time that they could not see through the gloomy realm at all.

Therefore, this time, all the elders were waiting in the main hall. When they watched Cang Yu walk in, and there were people behind him carrying in a large box of items, they looked at each other, a little confused.

“I don’t know if the Emperor is here?”

Cang Yu raised his eyes, scanned the people in front of him, and found that these elders were all here. It’s good, I’m here, and I can also witness his wedding with Bing’er. This time, he will give her a complete wedding, no one can destroy it, and no one will surpass it in the future.

“Propose marriage.”

Liuyun faction’s high-level officials were stunned and proposed marriage?

They shivered, who did the other party like?

“I don’t know who the emperor is looking for?” Sect Master Liu said cautiously. In fact, these elders are not willing to go to Xizhou.

Only Ling Jichen may have some feeling, and he looked up and saw Cang Yu. Cangyu also saw him, but Cangyu didn’t give him a good look.

“Mu Bingyun.”

‘s voice is very firm, which means that if you don’t agree, I will turn your world upside down, and you will have no peace. The elders breathed a sigh of relief. It turned out to be the disciple who was not very talented. If it wasn’t for Mu Fengxue, they wouldn’t remember the disciple’s name.

Sect Master Liu was also relieved, he was also very afraid that if Cangyu took a fancy to Mu Fengxue, it would not be very good.

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