Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 1238 deceased

Mu Bingyun hurried back to Dongzhou along the familiar road. The places she had seen along the way, the things that had happened, were like watching flowers on a whim. In the end, she found that these could not attract her. The only person she wanted to see was the only one, Cang Yu.

This person has been unforgettable in her heart and can no longer be separated. When she thinks of him, her eyes are a little warm, and she realizes how lucky she is that he has been silently accompanying her all the time.

Finally, she passed through the nearest city of Liuyun Sect without stopping, and finally saw Liuyun Sect, how beautiful the lofty mountain looked to her at the moment.

Thinking of being in the Liuyun faction now, she had to take out a sword, stomped on it and leaped in. Consciousness was looking for the entire Flowing Cloud Sect, but unfortunately he didn’t find the figure, and he was a little anxious.

How not?

Of course she didn’t know that something would happen to him, she was just worried that he wasn’t in the Liu Yun faction.

Without thinking too much, she had to go back to Ling Yunfeng’s small house and look at the mist-shrouded land below, then she breathed a sigh of relief and calmed her heart down. She thought that he would come, but maybe he didn’t come now because she didn’t see her in the Liuyun faction.


With a flash of inspiration, she knew a possibility. Mostly, Cangyu did not find anyone in the Liuyun faction. When she asked her if she had gone to experience, she went to that place. As a result, they were all looking for each other without thinking too much. Just missed it.

But now she doesn’t plan to go anywhere, but stays in the Liuyun faction, waiting for him to come. Now she is looking forward to what it will be like when they are separated for so many days this time.

Speaking of which, she felt that her heart hadn’t been beating so fast in a long time, and her face was flushed so fast that she couldn’t restrain it at all. Well, she is here waiting. Waiting for him to come, she glanced at the gray robe on her body, smiled strangely, and did not intend to change it.

She still remembered that when he gave her the red clothes, it was the first gift she received, the most cherished gift, but it was a pity that the clothes were destroyed in order to survive, but they were kept in the smelt by her. Never thought of throwing it away, this is her warmest memory.

Sitting on the top of the mountain, Mu Bingyun recalled the past, but they didn’t know that the top level of the Flowing Cloud Sect was shocked. A few days ago, the Emperor of Xizhou suddenly came to the door and asked about Mu Bingyun’s whereabouts. They thought that Mu Bingyun had offended the Emperor. , I found out later that it wasn’t, but Ke Xin also twitched violently in surprise.

But the other disciples thought differently. They all felt that Mu Bingyun must have used some indiscriminate method to hook the emperor of Xizhou. Xizhou was originally a place of demon cultivation. The Mu Bingyun, now in the disciple’s heart, the impression is even worse.

Mu Bingyun wanted to cover Liu Yun Sect with his consciousness at this moment. He listened to the words that he hadn’t heard for a long time, and finally smiled and retracted his consciousness. Different realms mean different things. Now if someone points at her and scolds her, if she doesn’t like it, she will just flick her sleeves and make her ashes annihilated.

If she didn’t care, she would just smile.

Therefore, any words can’t evoke the slightest fluctuation in her heart, and her heart is only with one person.

“Ice cloud.”

was thinking, when a voice suddenly sounded behind him. The voice was very familiar, and now I heard that she was not afraid or hated, but turned around generously and smiled at the person who came.

“The first seat.”

Ling Jichen originally came to ask about the relationship between Mu Bingyun and Emperor Xizhou. Who knew that she would be sitting in a place surrounded by clouds and mist, and she was clearly in front of him. As if he was going to leave immediately, although he clearly admired this named disciple and admired her character, but because of Xue’er’s existence, he also had a prejudice against her.

If it weren’t for these prejudices, he would not refuse to grant her some small requests.

People are always selfish and small-minded. The person he loves is Cher, so naturally he can’t give other people a chance. He has completely forgotten that once this opportunity was given by himself.

“The first seat, I don’t know what is going on here today?”

Ling Jichen was broken by this calm voice, and couldn’t help looking at the person in front of him, “By the way, the Emperor Xizhou came a few days ago and said he came to you. What happened to your experience this time? Is it something that offends him, or something else?”

In fact, he would rather it was her who offended the Emperor. In this case, the rumors outside should also dissipate. But although this disciple was dressed in a gray robe, his face was stunning, and his brows were vaguely seductive, so it was no wonder that he was considered a seductive fairy. He still doesn’t believe that she seduces people.

But this matter could not stop many rumors, and over time, more people believed it.

He didn’t plan to explain anything to her. That’s fine. She and Xueer always have a gap. As long as someone stares at her, Xueer will not suffer. He also didn’t understand why she had to get along with Xueer.

He didn’t say these words, he just showed his attitude with actions.

“That’s it!”

Mu Bingyun was too lazy to ponder the deep meaning in Ling Jichen’s eyes, and smiled lightly: “If he has something to do, he will naturally come to me again. I didn’t offend him, and it won’t bring a crisis to the sect, the first one can rest assured.”

‘s still indifferent voice, but Ling Jichen always felt that something was different.

That’s right, at this moment, her voice is just indifferent, with a vague sense of wanton and free and easy, not the coldness that she once deliberately formed. Ling Jichen was surprised to find that she was smiling all the time, although the smile didn’t seem to be facing him, through her clear eyes, it seemed that he couldn’t see something clearly.

Mu Bingyun didn’t want to stay with Ling Jichen for a while, maybe some troublesome spirit will come to the door. She really has no interest at all in crushing Mu Fengxue here.

Now she is waiting for Cangyu to come and pick her up, and then go to make a baby.

By the way, her eyes lit up, by the way, she knew she had one more thing, making babies. Their strength is too strong, and they have long lost their fertility. If they want children, can they give birth here?

She knew that Cangyu wanted a child of her own, and now she is gradually liking it. In fact, it’s not that she doesn’t like it, it’s just that she is afraid that she won’t be able to take care of her, but they have so much time, so it’s okay to give them a little time. Anyway, a child will only grow up for 20 years. If it’s a big deal, she should spend more time out in these 20 years. When the child grows up, she will have her own world, and it will not affect her relationship with Yu.

Mu Bingyun fantasized about the wonderful life in the future, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but rise.

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