Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 1214 You should kill my grandson-in-law


Mu Bingyun opened her eyes and heard the words of Saint Dongxie. She smiled: “It’s really a breakthrough.” She didn’t expect that just by referring to these teleportation formations in front of her, she would be able to make her comprehension of formations a step further. She felt a sense of awareness. The small golden pagoda in the sea, at this moment, really can’t describe the feeling in one word.

I just felt that the light radiating from the small golden pagoda illuminated all her sea of ​​consciousness, as if she could easily comprehend anything as long as it fell into the sea of ​​consciousness.

Whether this is an illusion or not, but she feels that if there is any incomprehensible formation problem, it can be solved as long as the small urn is sacrificed, and she doesn’t know how long it will take to solve it.

“Grandpa, you help me protect the law, I have one thing to do.”

Mu Bingyun looked at the teleportation formation in front of him and greeted the guards at the same time. When Ye Hua left, he had already explained that they must cooperate with Mu Bingyun. Now that they were told to stay away from the teleportation formation, they naturally left far away.

Right after they left, Mu Bingyun set up a magic formation around him, with the Eastern Evil Saint guarding him. This is the territory of the human race, so no one should dare to break in and make trouble.

She sat cross-legged on the ground, her consciousness sank into the sea of ​​​​consciousness, and she wrapped the small golden pagoda inside, trying to see if she could bring it out.

Things seemed to be smoother than she had imagined. The little golden pagoda emerged from the center of her eyebrows, and the magic circle seemed to be illuminated by ten thousand golden lights. The sage Dongxie, who was guarding at the side, felt the mystery of the golden light, and couldn’t help sinking into it. Of course, he did not forget that his mission was to protect his granddaughter.

At this time, when he saw the small golden pagoda between Mu Bingyun’s eyebrows, he rushed into the teleportation formation. He couldn’t help but be surprised. What is this small golden pagoda?

How could he feel that no matter what kind of formation he arranged, it was not worth mentioning in front of the small urn, as if the opponent could devour all the formations.

The idea of ​​ made him feel a little surprised, and after the surprise, he felt happy.

The person who owns the small urn is his granddaughter!

At this moment, Mu Bingyun is closing his eyes, and his consciousness has been covering the surrounding of the small golden pagoda, accompanying it into the teleportation array. Originally thought that consciousness would definitely be attacked by the guards in the teleportation array, but she didn’t want the other party to seem to have not found her, but made her feel a little bit of affinity. It seems that the array here treats her as one of her own. .

The idea of ​​ together made her feel even more magical. Sure enough, this is the role of the small urn?

Without hesitation, she began to watch the essentials of the teleportation formation. As long as the small golden pagoda was by her side, she could watch it unscrupulously without being affected in the slightest.

At this time, she did not expect that the little golden tower would suddenly send information into her consciousness. When she got the information, her face was shocked. The information was all about this teleportation array.

When all the information came into her mind, a complete picture suddenly appeared. She seemed to see a figure in front of her evolving the formation in front of her. She was also affected by it and gradually entered a state of ecstasy.

Saint Dongxie was guarding him the most, and looking at Mu Bingyun covered in golden light, he was relieved and complicated, and there was a faint trace of worry. His granddaughter has had a turbulent life since she was a child, and she doesn’t know what she will face in the future.

Repairing the Heavenly Road and saving the Golden Crow, which of these things is simple?

Of course, the sage Dongxie is not a hypocritical person, and he knows that such a thing falls on the shoulders of his granddaughter. It can only show that she has this qualification, and it is really painful and happy.

Cang Yu, who was discussing with Ye Hua over there, suddenly felt something, quickly withdrew his aura, and disappeared in a certain direction under Ye Hua’s inexplicable gaze.

Yehua touched his head: “Didn’t you talk about learning from each other? Why did you just leave?”

But I rubbed my aching arm, I haven’t felt this way in a long time, this old man is really strong. Ye Hua threw his hand away, but luckily he left, otherwise he would definitely be beaten up if they continued to learn from each other.

He was naturally curious about Cang Yu’s sudden departure, so he followed without much thought.

East Evil Saint was startled, knowing that someone had broken into the illusion mirror, and immediately saw Cang Yu’s figure, he couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Cangyu saw the scene in front of him, the worried expression on his face was less, and after shouting grandfather to Saint Dongxie, he sat cross-legged beside Mu Bingyun, like a patron saint.

The sage Dongxie looked at it cheerfully. Someone was so nice to his granddaughter, he was naturally happy, wasn’t he.

When Ye Hua came in, he saw this scene and chose to sit next to Saint Dongxie.

“Dongxie, what is this?”

As for Ye Hua’s name, the sage Dongxie didn’t think that there was anything. In terms of strength, Ye Hua was still his senior. Of course, Ye Hua was friends with Mu Bingyun and Cang Yu, which made Ye Hua suspicious. There is only a hundred years in a hurry. Is it because they feel that it is particularly difficult to calculate the generation, and the reproductive power of mortals is relatively strong, so they are only given a hundred years.

If you are as immobile as a monk, you will be thousands of years old and tens of thousands of years old. After a while, will the streets be filled with people who can be called ancestors?

Putting aside his thoughts, Ye Hua was still waiting for the answer from Saint Dongxie.

“Yun’er wants to check the teleportation array. It seems that he has gained some gains. I believe that Yun’er will be able to arrange such an array in the near future.”

Ye Hua was surprised.

Looking at the red-clothed woman sitting cross-legged in front of the teleportation array, she thought to herself, these old antiques are really amazing, just by watching the teleportation array like this, you can understand the mystery, he is really incomparable as a semi-antique.

Yehua was an open-minded person. He was just a little envious of Mu Bingyun’s talent, but didn’t take it to heart. Everyone has their own strengths.

The sage of Dongxie saw Ye Hua’s calm look, and his impression of him was much better. It is really a good thing for the human race to have such an open-minded clan emperor.

Originally, he thought that after Chuangtianlu came over, he would definitely have some entanglements with others. Who knew that after meeting Ye Hua, the showdown between the two sides would be very fast, and now there is no conflict with Ye Hua.

It is also very pleasant to communicate with such an open-minded person.

Yehua seemed to sense the mood of Saint Dongxie, and couldn’t help but smile: “Why don’t we kill a game?”

The sage Dongxie was stunned for a moment: “What to kill?” His old face couldn’t help but shake, “I can’t stand to discuss with you with my old bones.” Yes, the sage Dongxie thought that Ye Hua was excited to invite him with him. After discussing, he didn’t even want to refuse. With such a gap in realm, he still didn’t have the confidence to fight against Ye Hua, “You should still find my grandson-in-law to kill him!”

Ye Hua:…

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