Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 1207 a complete road

Mu Bingyun took out a stone and said in a low voice, “If you can connect them, but what connects them, is it a formation?”

“Binger might as well take out a few more pieces.”

Mu Bingyun was stunned for a moment, but without hesitation, he took three stones out in a row, still the kind of white awn, even worse than the white awn under their feet.

She didn’t think of the reason for a while, and put the four stones in Cangyu’s hands.

Cangyu was playing with four stones at will, cluttering them together, but suddenly he found that there was a connection between two of them, and immediately investigated the special features between the two stones.

was originally a random fiddling, and no one thought that they would actually find anything in it.

Mu Bingyun saw Cangyu still, and couldn’t help but ask, “What did you find?”

“I found something strange, Bing’er take a look.” As Cangyu said, he picked out two of the stones, put one in the air, and held the other in his hand. The stone did not fall from the air.

“Looks a little weird.”

The eyes of the sage Dongxie shone brightly. This kind of stone has been in his hands for a long time, and he has never found these problems.

“But that’s not enough. The connection of the stone itself is simply not enough to support a heavenly road that can’t see the end.” Cang Yu put away a few stones and fell into contemplation, Mu Bingyun and Dongxie The saint accompanied him and did not disturb his thoughts.

After a while, a gloomy voice sounded: “What if these stones could be refined and pieced together into a road?”

Mu Bingyun was surprised, and immediately thought that weapon refining and formation techniques were still quite magical methods among cultivators. Although it didn’t seem easy, if you didn’t try it, you might miss an opportunity.

Saint Dongxie stroked his beard, squinted and said, “Since you have thought of it, you might as well try it. Now let’s go over and see if we can cross this heavenly road this time.”

Crossing the Heavenly Road has always been the obsession of the sages of Dongxie, and now his strength has taken another step forward.

The three of them didn’t stop either, and their figures fluttered again. The stars are dotted on the road, and there are only white stones that are less than the size of a fist. There are either fierce beasts, dark rocks, or nothing at all. It is dark, and the wind is blowing. , and the cracks in space that fluttered to their ears from time to time.

Although Saint Dongxie is now in the Holy Void Realm, he will still experience many crises in the next journey. Fortunately, Mu Bingyun and Cangyu are here, so he can quickly escape and see the strength of the two young people. , He was relieved, and felt that he was really useless, not even the two juniors.

But he quickly put away this messy idea, these two young people are not ordinary young people, they are the two people he has always expected.

The further back, the more dangerous it is. The space cracks that have appeared many times are actually that high. This is a danger to Mu Bingyun and Cangyu, although with their current strength, they are not so afraid of the so-called space cracks. But if one is accidentally swallowed by the space crack, there will still be a lot of trouble.

No matter how powerful they are, if they fall into it, there will be some setbacks. If they want to come back, they don’t know when they need to.

Therefore, their journey is particularly difficult and dangerous, and they go slower and slower, like an old man walking forward on the road.

Time passed without knowing it, and there were only three moving figures left in the dark space.

Suddenly, Mu Bingyun felt a piercing white light, and the figure suddenly stopped moving forward.

“This is?”

Mu Bingyun said in doubt, Saint Dongxie and Cang Yu were also slightly stunned. In the dazzling white light in front of them, they could not see the way forward, instead the scene in front of them looked like a horizontal beam of light.

“Let’s go take a look.”

She hesitated for a moment, only to feel that there were big fluctuations in the formation on these white lights. When she got close, she guessed that there was no mistake, the beam of white light turned out to be the remaining formation.

The formation here is still very well preserved, which surprised her.

After hearing what Mu Bingyun said, the sage Dongxie was also surprised: “What is Yun’er going to do?”

“Will this formation affect our passage?”

“It won’t. The formation here is not disordered. It is relatively complete. If we pass through it, it should not be affected.”

She looked down and saw that the way to get here was not damaged, and there should be a very complete road under her feet. No matter what, she has planned to go up and walk, maybe she can see how to repair the way of heaven through this relatively complete place!

Besides, this Heavenly Road, with her eyesight, was supposed to be very stable. Speaking of which, ordinary people could not destroy it, and I don’t know who would destroy the Heavenly Road like this.

But what she saw in front of her made her guess. It shouldn’t be someone who deliberately destroyed it. Maybe it was destroyed in a fight. Otherwise, a person who really wants to destroy the way of heaven will definitely not leave such a complete section. , it is time to erase all traces.

“Is Bing’er going up for a walk?”

“Well, just to see if there is any breakthrough point. The teleportation array that arranges this road is slightly different than the previous one, and it seems to be more mysterious.”

After all, this road is too far away. They have been here for a few months and almost a year, and they have not come to an end. It is unbelievable. This is still guided by the way of heaven. If it is just relying on them to leap on their own, I am afraid it will take several years.

This is the convenience of the teleportation array. If there is no teleportation array, no matter how powerful the cultivator is, in this unstable space, many methods cannot be used, and they can only fly honestly.

“Then let’s go up and have a look.”

She knew that Cangyu would definitely go up to see it, so she glanced at Saint Dongxie.

Sage Dongxie quickly stopped: “Don’t worry about Yun’er, I will definitely go up.”

Mu Bingyun had no choice but to nod: “Then grandpa, be careful, we are next to each other. If something happens, there will be someone to take care of.”

The sage Dongxie did not refuse, and naturally agreed. Although he wanted to break through the sky, there was no reason to want to lose his life. Knowing that the two juniors were powerful, he would naturally stick to them.

The three decided to jump on it when they were sure that there was no danger in the beam of light. In an instant, they felt that they were wrapped in abundant divine power, and they had been on the road for nearly a year, and they would have a brief relaxation at that time.

“I didn’t expect the divine power here to be so strong.”

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