Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 1201 recognize relatives

“Are you arresting people directly?”

Dasha stared at the gloomy palace and felt the breath inside. The big eyes moved, “I already felt his position, but I also saw some others.”

“What’s the situation?”

Mu Bingyun asked.

“It seems that there is a person not far from him, it seems that he is preparing to attack.” Dasha said his guess, “I don’t feel wrong, the malice in him is towards Xixie Supreme.”

Mu Bingyun was surprised, “Let’s go in and have a look and see who that person is, otherwise it would be bad if we misunderstood later.”

“That person is not weak!” Dasha was surprised and said, “This person’s strength is a little stronger than Xixie Supreme, and he almost broke through the holy world, which is really surprising.”

Dasha was really surprised, because he could feel that the person looked very young. Of course, he didn’t know his soul, but he felt it again. Although the soul of the other party revealed a sense of vicissitudes, it was not clear. Outside is indeed new.

He thought of a possibility, most likely to be reincarnated with memory, or to awaken memory in the middle of reincarnation after reincarnation. Of course, this is not important, he stroked the air, revealing a gloomy black hole, gestured to Mu Bingyun and the two, and jumped inside.

When the two people and one beast appeared again, they were already behind that person.

Dasha had already prepared that if the other party acted rashly, he would immediately imprison the person. As a result, when the person turned around, Dasha was also stunned.

Why does it look familiar?

Mu Bingyun also felt a little familiar? As if I had seen it somewhere, so I didn’t do it, and silently remembered it.

Cangyu was stunned at first, then Yixi.

The man opposite was startled at first, then looked at the two people and one beast who didn’t do anything, and was a little confused, and finally his eyes fell on Cangyu’s face, his face changed, why is it a little familiar?

I seem to have seen it somewhere.

The next moment he knew.


That’s right, this is what Cang Yu shouted.

Dasha waved and grabbed it messily, Mu Bingyun was stunned for a moment, and then shouted, “Father.”

shocked the man in front of him, when did he have a pair of children. But… wait, these two are like husband and wife, and finally their eyes fell on Cang Yu, and they silently felt the breath.


Cangyu’s face collapsed a little, his father didn’t even know him anymore, he used to be anxious for a while, but now he is so heartbroken.

Mu Bingyun couldn’t help laughing: “Father, I’m your daughter-in-law.”

Qiangong quickly reacted, his face became serious: “What are you doing here?”

“It’s very dangerous here, you go first, and I’ll find you after I finish my business.”

It’s no wonder that the sky doesn’t know anything. In fact, he has been lurking in the Western faction, and only pays more attention to the news of his wife, so he doesn’t know anything about the outside world. These days, he has been looking for opportunities, how can he take Xixie Supreme in one fell swoop, so that he can rescue his lover.

Who knew that when he was moving, two people named his father suddenly appeared behind him, making him bewildered.

Now the sky looks only in his twenties, well, a son in his twenties is called his father, but the picture is actually very weird, okay?

“We are also here to arrest Xixie Supreme.” Cang Yu said silently, ignoring what his father had forgotten about him. After all, he has also grown up, and his face is different from the original one, so it’s normal not to think about it for a while, but They are monks, and they still have a little sense.

After the sky was confirmed, he no longer doubted that Cang Yu was his wise son. And this son brought him a daughter-in-law back, which is really good.

But this daughter-in-law’s face seems to be a bit familiar, who does it look like?

This doubt made the sky temporarily forget what he was here for.

“Is Yu’er here to arrest someone?” The word ‘caught’ was bitten by the sky very hard. It wasn’t a sneak attack, it wasn’t a deal, and it wasn’t a frontal anus, but a arrest?

He looked at Cang Yu, his strength was in the Holy Master Realm, and he glanced at Mu Bingyun again, the whole person didn’t move, there was some exploration in his eyes, and then he suddenly realized that Mu Bingyun’s strength and level did not match.

“Well, we are indeed here to arrest people. Mother has been cursed and needs to be caught before they can be lifted.” This time Cangyu quickly explained, and introduced Dasha. In the sky, he knew that his wife was there. After the Eastern faction, the whole person laughed, but after hearing the curse, he became angry.

Good you Xixie, you hurt my wife once, and now I want to hurt my wife again. Originally, he planned to seal Xixie’s strength directly because of the name of master and apprentice, but now he thinks that he needs to get Xixie to reincarnate. , directly into the animal realm.

The sky put away Xiao Jiujiu, his eyes fell on Dasha, is this a beast? Or the Holy Land? He couldn’t really see it, but he knew his son wouldn’t lie to him.

“Damn, I’ll get rid of you later.”

Dasha nodded, and he was in a good mood for the sky that respected him so much, “You guys just wait here, if you go over, he will probably be woken up, and it will be difficult to handle then, I will go over to him alone. Take it back.”

The three of Mu Bingyun did not object, and felt that it was indeed easy for Xi Xie to find out with their own strength.

So, Dasha’s figure disappeared in front of them, and they didn’t dare to use their consciousness to spy there, they could only wait quietly, it was very quiet here.

Cang Qiong looked at Cang Yu and Mu Bingyun with relief, “Very good.” For a long time, he only said these two words.

remembered that Mu Bingyun was a little familiar before, so he couldn’t help asking Mu Bingyun’s family.

“My father’s name is Nanyuan, and my mother’s name is Mu Qingrou.”

The face of the sky was cracked, and then he was excited. If he was not afraid of being discovered, he would have let go of his divine power and laughed three times. After saying a few good words to the two, it turned out to be Brother Nan’s daughter, no wonder it looks so pleasing to the eye.

Besides, when he and Brother Nan met Lunjing, he still hadn’t recovered his memory. That time, he was helped by Brother Nan, but it was also that time that the two separated. He went on another adventure by accident, and finally unsealed the power in his soul and successfully restored his memory.

Then he found a place to practice secretly. Finally, after he felt that it was almost done, he infiltrated the Western Sect. After seeing the strength of Xixie Supreme, he planned to practice for a while.

Of course, he didn’t do anything less during this period, such as secretly gathering forces that Xixie didn’t pay attention to, and preparing to swallow Xipai.

He just wanted to understand that if he wants to live a good life, Xixie must not be able to exist with him at the same time, and he must control the Xipai.

Of course he knew that Xixie had captured his wife, but he never found out where it was. Xixie has become more and more cunning these years. As for Xixie’s central force, he didn’t dare to touch it, if it aroused Xixie’s vigilance, it would not be worth the loss.

And those forces that he has gathered, he has basically not moved, and he is preparing for the final blow to catch the opponent by surprise.

As a result, the son and daughter-in-law brought a little monster and rescued his wife.

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