Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 1186 white hair white man

After three years, Qin Fengling finally transformed all the immortal power in his body into divine power. On the day he leaves the customs, he will invite all the elders of the Qin family and all the heads of the side branches.

In front of everyone, he announced his resignation as the patriarch. As for who the next patriarch will be, he will hold an election meeting for the patriarch. Whoever is qualified will be who will be, and a series of matters in the Qin family will be arranged. And after the arrangement was made, he was about to leave.

Everyone in the Qin family who heard the news was shocked. They would never understand why Qin Fengling was willing to give up the huge Qin family. You must know that many people have been looking forward to the position of the patriarch for a long time. Everyone is still blaming Qin Fengling for monopolizing the power, but they did not expect that such an unpredictable thing would happen.

But seeing Qin Fengling’s serious announcement, they said they didn’t quite understand, but they believed that Qin Fengling was definitely not joking.

“Okay, what do you have to announce on your own? After the new patriarch takes over, the Qin family will have nothing to do with me, Qin Fengling. How the Qin family develops is your own business.”

is not that right?

He Qin Fengling was all alone, he didn’t even have a room, let alone a Taoist companion. As soon as he leaves, doesn’t this matter?

These elders and patriarchs just reacted, yes, Qin Fengling seems to be just taking care of the Qin family for so many years, and it seems that he has not taken care of himself at all.

Of course, these thoughts were only thrown away by them for a moment, and now they should plan how to win the position of the patriarch.

Qin Fengling had a panoramic view of the expression below, and then smiled lightly, children and grandchildren will have their own children and grandchildren!

He also wouldn’t choose a patriarch at will. Under his nose, he didn’t want the Qin family to decline immediately. At least if you can do it, try to choose a good candidate. I believe that with the ability of the new patriarch and the people he left behind, there is no problem in making the Qin family prosper for some time.

It has been a month since the dust settled. Recently, the Qin family elected a new patriarch, which can be said to be very noisy and aroused everyone’s curiosity. Fortunately, it went well in the end, and the new patriarch seemed to be a side branch patriarch who did not reveal the landscape.

Although each family was not convinced, in the end it was indeed the other who won. I was already thinking about it secretly, how to put pressure on the other party, get some stumbling out, find some mistakes, and let them retreat.

However, when Qin Fengling handed over all the resources in his hand to the other party, and the new patriarch took office for only three months, he held the Qin family extremely firmly, no matter what they did, the other party seemed to have a countermeasure. In the end, they really had no choice but to accept their fate.

Even Qin Fengling didn’t think that the person he had chosen still had the ability. It turned out that it would not be difficult to hand over the Qin family. At this moment, he was really relieved.

Actually, the Qin family still has good candidates. In the past, he was just uneasy and didn’t believe in himself.

After the burden was left behind, Qin Fengling moved into Shuangyun Mansion, which made the Qin family depressed. You said that the previous patriarch did something bad, but after leaving the Qin family, he went to live in Shuangyun Mansion.

But the new patriarch was expressionless and worked conscientiously, as if he didn’t know Qin Fengling’s actions, so it was confusing.

Later, they found out that the new patriarch would go to Shuangyun Mansion from time to time, and when they knew that he was actually going to ask Qin Fengling for advice, they sighed, and saw that the new patriarch actually called Wu Qishu brothers and sisters.

Qin Fengling became more and more satisfied. At the same time he was in a good mood, he left some good things for the new patriarch, and told him what Mu Bingyun had said, so that he should not put everything on the Qin family.

At this moment, he seemed to see some understanding and gratitude in the eyes of the new patriarch. After receiving the affirmation, Qin Fengling let him go. Since then, the Qin family has moved to another line. .

Therefore, Shuangyun Mansion is not bad for the Qin family.

As for the third master of Qin, he didn’t know where to go with his tail between his legs. When Qin Fengling was the patriarch, he would take care of him for his face. Now the new patriarch has nothing to do with him. When he knew that this person was the patriarch, he moved his family away without any hesitation.

Later, someone said that it turned out that the new patriarch had been hurt badly by the third master Qin, and the third master Qin was just afraid. Without Qin Fengling, does he still have a backer?

This matter is talked about in the fairy world, and it is not their concern whether the third master Qin who is far away from their sight is doing well.

The matter in Shuangyun Mansion was almost over. Mu Bingyun repeatedly confirmed that he had nothing to regret, so he passed the news to Shui Xi and was ready to go to Jiuxiaotian.

However, when Shui Xi brought back a strange man with white hair and white clothes, it made Mu Bingyun vigilant. Because this man is really unfathomable, he doesn’t believe it when he says that he is traveling everywhere.

Especially she felt that this was an extremely dangerous person, but the other party didn’t do anything to hurt Shui Xi, on the contrary, she was not bad to Shui Xi, so she secretly guarded and said nothing more.

“What kind of person do you think he is, I always feel that the aura on his body is fierce for a while, and ethereal for a while, and it is completely uncertain.” Mu Bingyun and the two secretly closed the door and spoke.

Cangyu shook his head: “That vicious aura is somewhat the same as Dasha’s. As for the rest, he can’t see it. But although he looks at danger, he doesn’t feel malicious. Maybe he’s just interested in Uncle Ninth Master.”


Mu Bingyun was astonished, then hesitated, “Ninth Master Uncle is not really a simple child.”

“It’s alright, let’s watch it, we won’t hurt Jiu Shishu, besides, isn’t there a big fool?”


In this way, Mu Bingyun and the two accepted this man to appear beside Shui Xi. As long as Shui Xi did not leave their eyes, they believed that they would be able to detect what the other party did.

As for Dasha, who had high hopes for him, his whole face was almost touching the ground at this time, and his body was shaking violently. It was obvious that he had seen something terrible.

The white-haired man in white on the soft couch chuckled and played with his long white hair. The strands of hair seemed to be able to shine, adding some fairy energy to him. An unparalleled handsome face, but a malicious smile appeared on his face, and the fierce aura on his body was aimed at Dasha to oppress him, pressing Dasha so much that he couldn’t support his body.

“Ha ha!”

Hearing this sound like a spell, Dasha said that he did not want to live anymore.

“Big… silly, hahaha!”

Dasha lay on the ground with an innocent face and whimpered: “Master.”

“Hehe… Master…”

Dasha: Woohoo, new master, Dasha is sorry for your cultivation, sorry for your love, but the previous master was really scary.

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