Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 1185 trivia

Qin Fengling came back to his senses and felt the changes in his body, but he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. In a flash, he also wanted to understand that he had always entered a misunderstanding, yes, the Qin family was not beaten by those people, of course they did not know how hard it was, he carried all the suffering himself, they thought he was this The patriarch had an easy time.

Put it down!

Years of attachment finally let go. The inner demon that the Qin family master planted in his mind seemed to have been broken. When the Qin family master passed away, he planted an inner demon in him with the power of his soul. Dedicated to the Qin family, as if being pushed away by this oath.

Now that he thinks about it, he is really pitifully stupid. After returning to his senses, he bowed to Mu Bingyun and was very grateful. If it wasn’t for Mu Bingyun to wake him up, he probably wouldn’t be able to get rid of his inner demon in the end.

In fact, it is not only the inner demon of the Qin family owner, but also the cracks in his heart that allow the inner demon to take advantage. Now that everything is over, the mere Qin family doesn’t care about his business as to how it will develop in the future.

Now he only needs to hand over the Qin family to the next patriarch, and then deal with a series of matters, then it is time to go to the realm of the gods.

As for whether the Qin family provokes Shuangyun Mansion or not, that is their own business. Of course, he will kindly remind him that he can’t do anything else. Haven’t done enough over the years?

Those people are always dissatisfied.

Hearing what Qin Fengling said about the past, Mu Bingyun couldn’t help but spit: “It turned out to be calculated, there are really not many good people in your Qin family.”

Qin Fengling is not embarrassed. After taking off the burden, he smiled brightly: “If I hadn’t experienced this, I wouldn’t have this opportunity. I think my future practice will be smoother.”


Brother Xue Yu and Wu Qiwen looked at each other. If they could see the oppressive aura in Qin Fengling before, they were completely invisible now, as if they saw an ordinary person.

“This thing, just give it to Qishu to play with!”

Qin Fengling threw the things in his hand to Wu Qishu at will, and he didn’t mean to make peace for the Qin family at all. Thinking about it, he also had anger in his heart, of course, the anger passed away.

In the future, whether the Qin family is down or prosperous, it has nothing to do with him. However, there are some final things that need to be settled. In fact, what he prefers is cultivation, rather than thriving a family.

“Wood girl, I don’t know when you will go back?”

Qin Fengling asked with burning eyes, it is much easier to leave with an acquaintance than to touch an elephant by yourself. Looking at Qin Fengling who had changed into a different person, Wu Qishu and the younger generation were speechless, but also felt that it was not bad.

“Then patriarch Qin, if the Qin family offends me in the future, I’ll be very welcome.”

Qin Fengling waved his hand: “Whatever.”

It’s not that he doesn’t care about the Qin family at all, but that Wu Qishu is a gentle person. If he can provoke him, it can only mean that the Qin family is dying, and even he can’t save it.

As long as Wu Qishu is not provoked, the Qin family will not be in danger at all. Shuangyun Mansion has not expanded arbitrarily for so many years. Except for opening shops in some cities without the shadow of Shuangyun Mansion, it is also the only style of this family. , So although the immortal world is jealous of Shuangyun Mansion, it knows that they have not killed them all, and they have given some face.

As for the Qin family, it depends on their fate.

Mu Bingyun also thought about it when he went back, and said after a while: “You sealed too much power at that time, it is estimated that it will take three or five years to convert it. Let’s go after you have converted!”

Qin Fengling was naturally delighted, so he and these two became friends. In fact, he had wanted to do this for a long time. At first, it was because of the Qin family, but later there was no chance. Now both conditions are not obstacles.

“Okay, then I’ll go back to deal with the Qin family’s affairs. After everything is completed, I’ll be with Miss Mu and Brother Cang.”

After thinking for a while, he asked again, “Don’t you know that Young Master Shui?”

When he saw Mu Bingyun and the two of them now, of course he knew that Shui Xi could not be the son of Mu Bingyun and Cangyu. This was really a beautiful misunderstanding.

Mu Bingyun didn’t know what Qin Fengling was thinking, and when he heard him ask Shui Xi, he only thought that Qin Fengling was afraid of Shui Xi’s anger.

“He is my Ninth Master Uncle, don’t worry about Young Master Qin, Ninth Master Uncle is easy to get along with, as long as he is polite, he won’t hold grudges. Besides, if you didn’t offend Ninth Master Uncle, Ninth Master Uncle will not have any prejudice against you. The uncle will come with us.”

Qin Fengling was stunned for a moment, was that little boy actually Mu Bingyun’s uncle?

Thinking of the opponent’s strength, he couldn’t help but slapped hard. Of course, he knew that the young man would not have prejudice against him. If it was a murderous one, it is estimated that Qin Sanye’s family would have died without a burial.

It’s just that Mu Bingyun’s uncle is still ranked ninth, so there should be several more ahead?

Thinking about what else is going on, he smiled immediately, this is none of his business, as the patriarch for so many years, he will always get into some bad troubles, and when he hears some things, he has to analyze it.

laughed happily, thinking that this habit really needs to be changed.

After saying goodbye to Mu Bingyun, Qin Fengling hurried back to the Qin family to prepare for what happened next. As for the Xue Yu brothers, of course they would not go back like this, but stayed in Shuangyun Mansion, but after seeing the legendary people, how could they leave? Besides, after this meeting, I don’t know when the next meeting will be.

God knows how pitiful these juniors are without their elders to protect them. After finally getting a few elders, it’s too late to get along!

Among the group of teenagers in Shuangyun Mansion, the two Xue Yu brothers are really relatively older. However, they can still play together with the people from Shuangyun Mansion, especially the two are out of temper and can talk again, and they coaxed Shui Xi into a good mood. Of course, Shui Xi gave a lot of greetings, but he didn’t give them any more. Turtle shell or something, after all, he didn’t want to have that thing.

Even if you live for hundreds of thousands of years, there are only a few dozen coins, and it is simply not enough. So I sent some gadgets that I got from experience everywhere, which still made the two brothers happy.

As for Cang Yu, he made a sound and asked them to draw the magic weapon they liked and refine it for the two of them before leaving. Of course, the two are very active. Every day, they either follow Cangyu’s **** or Shui Xi’s back to play with Shui Xi everywhere in the fairyland.

As for Mu Bingyun, she has become the most idle person. Because she is idle, she plans to visit the places she has been to. It can be regarded as a memory. I am afraid that she will not come back in the future. Besides, it is not a problem to want to return to the fairyland. easy thing.

Just revisited the old place and didn’t see anyone familiar, so she was inevitably disappointed. After visiting for some time, she returned to Shuangyun Mansion to accompany these half-year-old children.

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