Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 1181 You are not good-looking, this smile

One of the checkout servants who helped Shui Xi to pack the gifts and wrote down the names one by one, looked at these names, his eyelids jumped, of course he knew that the names of these young masters and young ladies lived in Shuangxi. Cloud Mansion!

In the end, shaking handed a ring to Shui Xi, Shui Xi looked at it with satisfaction, gave him a lot of benefits, turned around and led Dasha away.

Shuixi likes light blue robes, this tender color makes his face look even better. His whereabouts were not hidden at all, and naturally fell in the eyes of many people.

I am afraid that there is no one in the fairyland who does not know that a young man named Shuixi is a distinguished guest of Shuangyun Mansion, and now he is looking for treasures in various places in the fairyland.

On this day, Shui Xi asked people about a special place. It is said that there are some strange treasures in it.

Without thinking much, I went with Dasha.

When he walked to the door, the decoration in front of him was mediocre. In fact, he had no desire to go in at all, but he couldn’t stop his curiosity. If there was really something interesting here, wouldn’t he regret it if he missed it?

In the mood of not being able to miss anything interesting, Shui Xi suppressed her boredom and walked in. The shopkeeper naturally invited him enthusiastically, and quickly said nice things.

When asked about his request, Shui Xi explained his intention of coming, and the shopkeeper laughed and said, “We do have some good things here, it is rare for the young master to find this place, and he really answers the sentence “I’m not afraid of wine.” The alley is deep! Young master, please come down.”

A ray of light flashed across the shopkeeper’s eyes, but Shui Xi didn’t see it, and even if he saw it, he probably wouldn’t care, and followed behind the shopkeeper. Instead, Da Silly noticed how the shopkeeper didn’t seem like a good person.

hurriedly voice transmission: “Master, Dasha estimates that there are no treasures here, this shopkeeper’s eyes are not right.”

Shui Xi frowned, paused in footsteps, and immediately followed. There was a bit of a smile on the corner of his mouth, and he didn’t know if he was really happy or something else. The shopkeeper didn’t feel anything, and his footsteps became faster and faster, as if he wanted to guide people upstairs.

“Master, what will you do later, kill him directly, or torture him.”

Dasha asked rightly, “Why don’t he cut off his tongue, chop off his limbs, put it in a jar, put some black water in it, and make him suffer from heart-wrenching pain.”

Shui Xi frowned and glanced at him dumbfounded.


Dasha stretched his neck, “Master, he will not be polite to you. There are people around. People who dare to attack the master deserve to be scraped.”

Shuixi thought about the picture Dasha said, and shuddered, it was disgusting.

“If the situation is not right, just blow it away, save trouble!”

After finished speaking, Shui Xi raised his chin, moved one eyebrow, and ignored Dasha’s slightly dazed look, and followed the shopkeeper.

“The shopkeeper, where is the baby?”

Shui Xi asked silently, the boy’s thin figure, standing in a somewhat dark and somewhat empty room, made people feel a little unbearable. Especially his pure and curious face is really touching.

Dasha curled his lips secretly. He had long understood that there was a little monster living in the master’s heart. When the little monster attacked, it was time for the person who angered him to be unlucky.

Shui Xi squinted his eyes, and his beautiful face was showing a brilliant smile: “Where is the baby, let the shopkeeper take a look at it.”

The shopkeeper gave a grim smile at the moment, and Shui Xi muttered: “Shopkeeper, you are not good-looking in the first place, this smile makes you even uglier, take out the baby, and I don’t blame your smile for scaring the young master. .”

Dasha shook, and he knew that the master must not be a good friend. Look, look, it’s coming.

“Young Master Shui, this treasure is naturally there. As long as you obediently go to Qin Sanfu, you will naturally be able to see the treasure.”

“Qin Sanfu?” Shui Xi recalled for a moment and kicked Dasha, “It seems familiar, Dasha, where are the Qin Sanfu?”

Dasha hurriedly said, “The place where Third Master Qin used to be.”

“It turned out to be here,” Shui Xi asked curiously, “You Qin Sanye have something to do with the young master?”

“Haha, the third master wants to invite the son to the house to see the baby, very strange baby, don’t you know that Master Shui can admire his face?”

Shui Xi nodded again and again: “Of course, I like the baby the most, I hope the third master Qin will not disappoint the young master, let’s go, let’s go to see the baby, if not,” Shui Xi smiled brightly, “Ben The son will be angry.”

The shopkeeper obviously did not expect this playful boy to be so easy to coax, and immediately thought that the other party was only fifteen or sixteen years old, and it was estimated that he was well protected at home. At first glance, the thin skin and tender flesh must not have experienced any setbacks. I don’t know the danger outside, so I don’t doubt anything in my heart.

Especially the vague interest on the boy’s face made him even less suspicious.

is nothing more than a young man with disabilities. If you lead him to the house, the third master will definitely reward him well.

How did he know that this innocent looking innocent boy in front of him was an old monster who didn’t know how long he had lived. The ability to pretend to be tender was still first-class. The key point was that although this old monster didn’t like fighting, he bullied him The weak and so on are still relatively good, the most important thing is that he sometimes has a bad temper.

If these people don’t come up with something fun, he thinks about how to make Qin Sanye feel uncomfortable.

In Shuangyun Mansion, Mu Bingyun received news from the third master of Qin, saying that she and Cangyu’s son were in his hands. If they didn’t go, their son would be finished. He also said that the boy was fine-skinned and tender. Haven’t suffered.

If they still want to see their sons, let them go alone, and recognize the third master of Qin as the master, and sign a contract with them. It is best to pack the Shuangyun Mansion or something. In short, this letter opened Mu Bingyun’s eyes. .

The corner of Wu Qishu’s mouth twitched fiercely, is this Third Master Qin having a problem with his brain?

“My uncle turned out to be the son of the great master. Forgive me for my lack of knowledge.” Duguzhuo said coldly. Originally, they were a little worried when they heard that Qin Sanye had arrested an important person in Shuangyun Mansion, but When they heard that the arrested person was Shui Xi, no one was worried, and some just mourned for Qin Sanye.

They don’t think Shuixi’s harmless appearance is a good bully.

“Leave them alone.”

Mu Bingyun tore the letter, “My uncle probably got bored some time ago, let him have a good time, anyway, the Qin family has already removed the third master Qin, no matter how the uncle plays, the Qin family will not will do.”

Of course, she’s not afraid of anything, but the less trouble the better, she doesn’t have that much time.

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