Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 1172 Duguzhuo

“Qin Tianwu, this time you are going too far.”

A boy in white helped the boy in green on the ground, frowned, fed a pill to the boy in white, and asked, “Yun Xing, are you alright?”

Yunxing shook his head, a little unwilling in his eyes, but after thinking of something, his sad expression flashed, “I’m not good at learning.”

“What are you talking about, Yun Xing, he is just bullying you for not being strong enough. With your hard work and talent, it’s not easy to reach this state. You work hard, I believe that you can go to the God Realm to find Uncle Chunsheng in the future, just that lazy Uncle Chunsheng. It looks like you can cultivate to that realm, and you can too, trust me.”

Yunxing was inspired by the young man, more confidence in his eyes, and nodded heavily: “Well, I believe I can succeed, thank you Dugu.”


With a light hum, who is the slightly older looking boy in front of the two?

Qin Tianwu raised his head: “I thought that the people in Shuangyun Mansion are so powerful, but this kind of stuff, the young master turned ten with one finger. I heard that this Yunxing is still Chunsheng’s youngest son, I really can’t see it. Come out, how can there be such a wasteful young master in Shuangyun Mansion?”

“Qin Tianwu, you have the ability to compare with me!”

Duguzhuo was intent on venting his anger for Yunxing, but his aura trembled, but Qin Tianwu disdain: “Oh, who are you, go away, don’t stop the young master from teaching this ignorant thing. If you don’t go , the young master will teach you a lesson. Anyway, communication will not kill people, and the Shuangyun Mansion will not dare to trouble my Qin family. “

“Who is to blame for not being as skilled?”

“It is a waste like Yunxing who deserves to live in Shuangyun Mansion. I think it will be time to replace Shuangyun Mansion in a few years. If you continue to operate like this, sooner or later, the foundation of Shuangyun Mansion will be destroyed. The house will be handed over to the young master to take care of it.”

“I am a closed disciple of Huang An!”

Duguzhuo took a step forward, “You are qualified to protect Shuangyun Mansion and the people of Shuangyun Mansion.”

Huang An’s disciple?

There was a voice of doubt in the crowd, and soon everyone remembered, who is Huang An? Isn’t that Master Huang?

Who is Master Huang?

Mu Bingyun’s disciple.

Who is Mu Bingyun?

The big owner of Shuangyun Mansion!

Everyone was excited, and looked at Duguzhuo with burning eyes, but made the little boy’s cheeks a little embarrassed. Although he was a close disciple of Huang An, he was separated from his master more than ten years ago when he was only a few years old.

But by worshipping the master, he can’t lose face either.

He was a close disciple of Master.

Mu Bingyun heard the conversation between the two youngsters in the crowd. When he looked at Duguzhuo, his eyes inevitably became more eager. This is Huang An’s disciple. He looks good, he looks calm, and he is a short-sighted person. Just make her very satisfied. You should protect your own people, and the boy named Yun Xing on the ground is Chunsheng’s son?

Thinking of Chunsheng’s appearance, Mu Bingyun couldn’t help laughing. Chunsheng was really lazy, too lazy to cultivate, but he never thought that after so many years, he still cultivated to the God Realm. It seems that many people are changing.

I don’t know if there are any people she knows in Shuangyun Mansion. I guess there are no more. If not, who is so courageous to bully people in Shuangyun Mansion.

Qin Tianwu’s face changed and changed after hearing Duguzhuo’s identity, as if he had eaten something unpalatable.

“Are you a disciple of Huang An?”

Qin Tianwu said fiercely.

“Naturally, if you don’t change your name, you don’t change your surname, the next one is Huang An’s closed disciple, Duguzhuo. Yunxing is my friend of Duguzhuo, and everyone in Shuangyun Mansion is protected by me. You hurt me today. protector, so I’m going to duel with you.”

When heard that Duguzhuo was going to challenge Qin Tianwu, the crowd became noisy again.

Immortal world has been quiet for too long, how long has it not been so lively.

After appeared in Shuangyun Mansion that year, the disputes in the fairy world seemed to be less. Of course, there are still secrets, but no one has the courage to make trouble in Shuangyun City.

It’s just that with the passage of time, after the older generation of Shuangyun Mansion has all gone to the God Realm, the remaining junior generation is smaller than the first generation, not because they are too weak, but because their cultivation time is too short. It is said that the mansion owner of Shuangyun Mansion is a young man under twenty years old, how can he not let other people have any thoughts.

But Shuangyun Mansion has a background. No matter what kind of conspiracy is not implemented, it will be strangled in the cradle by mysterious people, so these people dare not deal with Shuangyun Mansion, but they can bully the juniors of Shuangyun Mansion and treat them It can be said to be able to vent.

“Huh, it turns out to be Huang An’s disciple, then the young master will teach you a lesson!”

At this time, the crowd separated. It turned out that the arena was next to it. Mu Bingyun asked the people on the left and right. After knowing that Yunxing was designed by Qin Tianwu to be bullied in the arena, he couldn’t help laughing.

Yunxing is not a person like Chunsheng. Chunsheng is at peace with everything. If there is no incentive for him, it is estimated that he will not cultivate to the realm of the gods.

And Yunxing is different, his talent may not be better than Duguzhuo, but he really wants to become stronger. Qin Tianwu can only bully a young man like Yun Xing, and someone like Duguzhuo can only be bullied.

She watched Duguzhuo’s eyes flash with a ray of light, but there was a look of panic and calm on her face, and she never put away her smile. I didn’t expect Huang An to be able to teach such a disciple. It’s really good, no wonder it’s a closed disciple.

I don’t know how many disciples Huang An has accepted. At the beginning, her mission to Huang An was to carry forward the formation technique. Recalling that there are traces of immortal formation masters everywhere in the city, she should not be disappointed.

Now she really wants to see how Duguzhuo can surprise her. With her eyesight, she naturally knows that Duguzhuo hides his strength. I am afraid she wants to teach Qin Tianwu a good lesson in the arena.

“I don’t know who this Qin Tianwu is.”

Mu Bingyun asked the person next to him, who was a little surprised, and then suddenly asked, “Is the girl from out of town?”

Mu Bingyun nodded and said yes.

“This Qin Tianwu is the son of the Qin family’s collateral line. Qin Tianwu’s branch should be the best in the immortal world except for the Qin family’s main line. Many years ago, Qin Tianwu’s branch wanted to get a piece of the pie in Shuangyun City. Naturally It failed. So I remembered that until now, this Qin Tianwu often finds trouble in Shuangyun Mansion. It’s a pity that a few young masters, the young lady ignores him.

It’s just this young master Yunxing. He looks more honest and works hard. Qin Tianwu often tries to find trouble with him. It was also because of the existence of Shuangyun Mansion that although he dared to make trouble, he did not dare to go too far.

But today in the arena, it was unexpected that Young Master Yunxing was seriously injured, and I don’t know what this sideline of the Qin family means. “

When was speaking, Duguzhuo had to enter the ring under the “oppression” of Qin Tianwu’s aura.

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