Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 1167 This ancient monster looks familiar

The young man stood in the dark, turned his head with a smile, and showed his white teeth. In the dark space, a refreshing voice sounded: “Nephew, what are you doing to stop the uncle?” The young man blinked and flicked. robe, lift your legs and walk forward.

While walking around, “It’s just a little cold here, there seems to be no problem, nephew, there are nine uncles who will protect you and bring you back intact, who told me to be your elder!”

The young man had a smile on his face, and there was still a touch of confidence on his face. His smile was very clean.

“I know there must be a big guy here, don’t worry, depending on the situation, I can protect you all with a single thought.”

Mu Bingyun saw that Shuixi had nothing to do, but the crisis she felt did not disappear, so she quickly walked behind the boy with Cangyu and protected him from left to right. Although Shui Xi is their elder, and he has lived longer than them, but in their eyes, this clean young man is still like a child.

“Uncle Jiu, no matter what, it’s better to be careful.”

“I know, don’t worry, if there was any danger, I would have shrunk… Hide.” Shui Xi’s cheeks flushed, and he almost shrank directly into the turtle shell and said it, which was really embarrassing.

Seeing that Mu Bingyun and Cang Yu were protecting him around him, his face became a little uncomfortable, but he knew that the current situation was really not reassuring, and he did not reject the kindness of the junior. Besides, his body was indeed at a disadvantage in battle. The two nephews will not talk about anything else. He could see how they were fighting before, and they were very brave, and it is estimated that one punch can blow up the same level.

I don’t know what my nephew grew up eating. Looking at a delicate little girl, I didn’t expect it to be so powerful. She shook her head.

By the way, why did he forget, the senior brother has the pure blood of the **** of thunder, and the senior sister Qingrou has the pure blood of the **** of life. This nephew seems to have both.

The nephew and the son-in-law are not bad. It turns out to be the son of Senior Brother Cang Qiong. I heard that Senior Brother Cang Qiong is often mentioned by senior brothers. He is also a super powerful person. Unfortunately, he has never seen Senior Brother Cang Qiong. .

Mu Bingyun only felt that there was a strange aura coming out of Shui Xi, of course she didn’t care, she seemed to understand what the crisis was about.

Shuixi also stopped, glanced at the slightly uneven ground, at the huge head in front of him, the thick chains around him, and the mysterious formations mixed in.

“Nephew, tell Uncle Ninth, we didn’t go wrong, nor did we stand on the back of some beast?”

Mu Bingyun silently attacked: “Ninth Master Uncle, congratulations, you are right, we are indeed on the back of a vicious beast. Although it is hard to believe, it is a fact.”

“Ninth Master Uncle, this ancient monster looks familiar.” Cang Yu added silently, his eyes fixed on a certain incomplete place, “If I read it correctly, I cut off one of its paws.”

The tragic voice of the young man shouted in the dark, Shui Xi covered his eyes helplessly, “Uncle Ben didn’t see anything.”

“Uncle Jiu, let’s face the reality, it has already discovered us.”

Soon Shui Xi calmed down, and the three jumped away from the place where they were, and they were grabbed by a claw and scratched the back of the beast. Shui Xi was frightened for a while, and hurriedly dodged to the safe area.

“This is the big guy who was suppressed? It’s really ugly.” Although there was a trace of fear in the boy’s eyes, the fear was quickly replaced by curiosity, “Nephew, let’s fool this big guy back!”

What a good thug, doesn’t Old Xie want to take this big guy for his own use?

So after they subdue this big guy, they will take him back to Zhenxiaotian to show off their power. It makes people very excited to think about it.

Mu Bingyun also guessed the reason for the excitement on Shui Xi’s face. Although she also hoped to subdue this big guy, it was obvious that the facts would not go as they wished. Now this big guy’s eyes are full of anger, and he is still facing Cangyu. It was obvious that Cang Yu was the enemy who cut off one of his paws.

This is endless death!

Mu Bingyun’s eyes suddenly turned cold, since he can’t be kind, he can only fight.

“Uncle Jiu, hide in the turtle shell.”

Hearing Mu Bingyun’s cold words, Shui Xi blinked, and then saw his nephew and nephew’s son-in-law start to deal with the huge guy, and saw two figures like little ants jumping up and down , which made the ancient beasts roar angrily, it was obvious that Mu Bingyun and Cang Yu were not in danger because of the speed of their figures.

Indent the turtle shell?

How is it possible, he doesn’t want to indent the turtle shell now.

“My nephew, my uncle should stay away. If you feel that you are invincible, your uncle will come to support you.”

Of course Mu Bingyun knew what Shui Xi’s support meant. After thinking about it, he thought it was feasible. No one knew what would happen next. The strength of this big guy is obviously not that easy to deal with. Besides, the opponent’s strength is suppressed, who knows what will happen later. They won’t be unblocked. If there is Shui Xi behind them, if they lose, they can still have a way out.

“Ninth Master Uncle, stay away.”

She knew how delicate the skin of this Ninth Master Uncle, apart from the tortoise shell being a little harder, she often suspected that Shui Xi’s body was a mortal body, if it wasn’t for his amazing resilience.

Shui Xi undoubtedly took his life, he answered and hid far away, his eyes were always paying attention to the situation of Mu Bingyun and the two, and his consciousness was locked on them. If something was wrong, he could immediately tell him The two were put into the tortoise shell. When it comes to fighting, he really can’t help much.

Mu Bingyun and Cang Yu looked at each other, and found that Shui Xi had really gone far away. After knowing that Shui Xi was safe, the two of them showed no mercy. For a while, their moves became more ferocious. , his eyes are all round, his nephew and nephew’s son-in-law are simply amazing, and he is probably more powerful than the brothers in his family.

No wonder, no wonder Master and his old man always said that the senior brother is not the most powerful. According to such growth, the nephew and the son-in-law will sooner or later be more powerful than the senior brother. No, Shui Xi has a serious face. will surpass him.

There are two other people, Nan Junmo and Wu Yun, who are also his nephew and niece-in-law. According to the master, the fate of these four people is very special, and even the master cannot calculate it.

Yes, yes, Shui Xi touched his chin, and it was worthwhile for him to give the four most precious tortoise shells to the four of them.

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