Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 1166 don't know where this is

“Uncle Jiu is right, let me think about it.”

Mu Bingyun also felt that with his and Cangyu’s ability, he had no chance of winning against an ancient beast, even if the opponent had already been suppressed by 90% of his strength. Not to mention whether they can deal with it or not, but if they can deal with it, what price they need to pay.

If she is really like Shui Xi, if she can fool him, she can use this to do many things. Even if she can’t use the power of the beast, she can make the other party no longer destroy Jiuxiaotian, and it can be regarded as a relief for them. Crisis, isn’t this exactly what her grandfather, who has never met, is thinking?

Although she had many things arranged for her along the way, Saint Dongxie just arranged the beginning. When she was in crisis, she also gave her what she needed. In the end, she didn’t have any resentment in her heart.

Some things, which seem to be arrangements, are actually another way of fate.

Without this series of arrangements, she might not have met Cangyu, the people she cherished, and would not have gained so much. Speaking of which, she really earned.

Shui Xi saw that Mu Bingyun was lost in thought and did not disturb him. He felt that his talented nephew must be trying to fool the ancient beast.

Ancient beasts!

Shuixi admired it for a while, I really don’t know what that stupid guy will look like when he transforms.



Or look oddly shaped?

The previous paw looked ugly at first glance, but after transforming, it must not look good.

Shui Xi secretly thought that he would never do something like cheating, so he should leave it to his nephew and his nephew. .

Thinking of this, Shui Xi felt that she was really too wise, and the corners of her mouth couldn’t help but rise, and with that beautiful face, she was really a stunning little boy.

Fortunately, Mu Bingyun and Cangyu both treat Shui Xi as a child, and no one will make any suggestions no matter how beautiful he is.

Cangyu prepared some covers for Shui Xi, and Shui Xi was finally satisfied. For this almighty nephew-in-law, he could make all kinds of strange things with his hands, and his bright eyes never went out. As the tortoise shell rolled, Shui Xi pestered Cangyu to help him get some things that he didn’t dare to think about before, and he felt more and more that he was taking advantage of it.

With a flash of inspiration, he took out a large amount of materials, which he had collected for thousands of years, and Cangyu did not refuse. In Shui Xi’s hands, these things were estimated to be similar to tatters. In his hands, they could be refined into various forms. Kind of baby, and it works.

Shuixi was satisfied. Of course, the rolling turtle shells also stopped. It was not that they were unwilling to walk any more, but that they had reached a very wide place and also did not know where to go.

The most important thing is that there are no beasts that entangle people here.

Mu Bingyun checked the surrounding environment, “There is no trace of the beast in the ten li radius, Jiu Shishu, why don’t we go out and have a look?”

Shui Xi stretched his neck, the boy leaned on a hole in the tortoise shell and looked out. He looked around with empty eyes. In the dark space, only the cool wind was blowing. Except for the three of them, he really didn’t see a living creature. thing.

“Okay, let’s go out and have a look. If there’s no danger, we’re going to break through the space and go back.”

Although it is easy to say, it is not easy to do. Shui Xi fell into the crack of space, which time did not return to Zixiaotian after going through a lot of hardships. Fortunately, he has a tortoise shell, and he can hide in the tortoise shell when he encounters any danger, so he doesn’t have to be afraid of anything.

Mu Bingyun naturally also thought of this. In the past few days, Shui Xi told them a lot of “heroic deeds” in the past. Fortunately, they knew that Shui Xi was an elder, and the two were not people who like to laugh and make trouble. Qian Qian Although the smile showed, Shui Xi, although smart, was also careless, and didn’t notice it at all.

Shui Xi felt that there was no danger outside, so he jumped out of the turtle shell. After Mu Bingyun and the two came out, the turtle shell slowly became smaller, and finally turned into a small turtle shell and fell on his back. , and finally disappeared without a trace.

Xu Shi’s wind was a little cold, and Shui Xi’s white and tender face was blown a little white. The wind was naturally not the wind of the mortal world, but Shui Xi didn’t care about it. A pair of bright eyes looked around, and when he saw it, he was curious. heart of.

Mu Bingyun and Cangyu have vigilant expressions on their faces. On the surface, there is no danger. However, the quietest place is probably the most dangerous place. Although Shuixi’s tortoise shell can ensure their lives, some accidents are not human. predictable.

Cangyu tightly grasped Mu Bingyun’s hand, in such a dark and uncertain place, he didn’t dare to care. If you don’t grab her hand, you feel that the dark night will soon drown the smear of red.

Feeling a little bit of his unease, Mu Bingyun smiled knowingly and tickled his warm palm, “Let’s go over and take a look!”

Shuixi walked in front of him swayingly, and he didn’t notice that he was a super big light bulb at all about the love between his nephew and his son-in-law.

“Sister-in-law, nephew-in-law, hurry up, swaying slowly like you, I don’t know when I will be able to finish this place.”

Shui Xi touched his chin. It wasn’t that he didn’t see Mu Bingyun and Cangyu’s worry and vigilance. Although he also felt that there was something wrong with this place, it stands to reason that the surrounding environment should be a place where many beasts like to live. If nothing else happened, he guessed that there should be a ferocious big guy here.

The reason why he can walk swayingly is because he feels that his tortoise shell is his support. When the situation is not right, he shrinks to the tortoise shell, and whatever you are, can’t hurt him in the slightest.

Besides, if there is any danger between the two of them, he can put them away with a single thought, so there is no need to worry at all. He feels that the two of them are worried too much.

Mu Bingyun looked at him helplessly. Although this Ninth Master Uncle is very smart, um, the turtle shell is also very powerful, but the current situation is that the enemy is unknown. How to live?

It should be noted that there are people outside the world and there are heavens outside the world. She is a little worried about what will happen to the careless Ninth Master if he is really in danger.

As she was thinking about it, she suddenly felt a crisis, and following the crisis, she looked at a certain place, which was exactly the direction Shui Xi walked past.

“Ninth Master Uncle!”

Mu Bingyun shouted in a hurry, causing Shui Xi to stop. In the dark night, Shui Xi’s pale green robe exuded a gleaming light. The young man’s long black hair was playing with the robe, his lips were red and his teeth were white. Clear pupils flickered with doubts, obviously not understanding why Mu Bingyun suddenly called him.

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