Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 1120 I'm here to serve you

After tossing all night, facing a certain evil spirit for many years, even if he has the body of a god, he can’t stand it.

Dark Cloud lay on the bed and stared at someone’s contented appearance, and her heart suddenly became a little unbalanced. She knew that she had been tricked last night. But thinking that it would be a good thing to live with this person forever, the corners of his lips tickled, and he couldn’t help but think about it in his mind.

Actually, it’s good to travel to this place, at least she is no longer alone, and there will be someone who wants to accompany her forever!

“Yun’er, my husband is here to serve you and take a bath.”

She moved her brows and spit out a sentence: “Then you have to be comfortable with waiting. If you feel uncomfortable, don’t go to bed at night.”

“Naturally, for my husband, I promise to serve Yun’er comfortably, to make Yun’er so comfortable that it is no longer comfortable, and to ensure that Yun’er will always think about how comfortable it will be…”

‘s long arms picked her up, and she rarely cared about the nonsense in his mouth. Anyway, this alcoholic is sometimes crazy and sometimes serious, she has long been used to it. Getting married is actually good. For example, when someone is serving you, you can stretch out your hand to eat and open your mouth. Your husband can help you rub your back, wash your hair, um hum, and someone will bring tea and water…


Dark Cloud was thinking beautifully when a certain alcoholic took her into the warm pool, “Yun’er, my husband is here to serve you.”

So, a certain drunkard squinted his eyes and helped his daughter-in-law wash her body with both hands. Naturally, she wiped her oil upright and bright, and kept asking if Yuner was serving her husband well, and if she was feeling well, don’t rush her husband out at night. house!

“Yun’er, why is your face so red?”

A certain alcoholic pinched his daughter-in-law’s waist, “Yun’er, are you feeling well, you know you’ll hear it, don’t be a husband, how do you know if you’re feeling well?”

Dark Cloud blushed, looking at the smiling face of this person, but the pair of big hands wandering around her body, comfortable, comfortable, your sister!


“Yun’er, you’re talking. You see, you’ve even thrown away your clothes when you serve your husband.”

“Yun’er, my husband’s pants were also served.”

“Yun’er, what’s wrong with you, why are you so hot? Are you uncomfortable? Hey, Yun’er, what are you doing?”

“Yun’er, you are trying to be your husband, hey, Yun’er, don’t be in such a hurry, girl, take a shower first, wipe your body, and then discuss the communication between husband and wife, where do I hide a lot of storybooks , when the time comes, let’s talk together.”

“Shut up and concentrate!”

Some alcoholic shut up.

“Yun’er, this is what you said, don’t say it was bullying you for your husband…”

Therefore, a certain waiter waited for her for another half a day, before holding her, who was a little hungry, dressed up and eating. Wu Yun sat in someone’s arms, enjoying his feeding, squinting like a kitten, enjoying it very much.

Nan Junmo rubs her soft hair from time to time, this baby is finally his.

I think back then when she was just a little bird, she brought her delicious snacks, and she had the same expression.

“Yun’er, is your husband serving you well?”

Seeing a woman like a kitten wiping the corners of her mouth contentedly, he smiled, “If Yun’er is satisfied, she will have to let her husband continue tonight.”

“Satisfied, very satisfied.”

She grabbed his collar and squinted: “This girl will never find you so satisfied.”

“That’s good.”

He waved his hand, and everything on the table disappeared. Seeing the tired look between her brows, she felt a little distressed.

“Yun’er, sleep again, I’m too anxious.”

She hummed twice, then gradually fell asleep while grabbing his collar. The beautiful sleeping face made his heart skip a beat. He turned around and hugged her on the couch. He closed his eyes in satisfaction, but his arms wrapped her tightly around her.

He never thought there would be such a day, and never wanted to fall in love with her, she was just a bird all the time, but that was the fate between them.

hope that there will be life after life.

The Golden Crow Palace and the Hunyuan Sect have been lively and lively for a few days. Among them, the Wuhenzong has an innocent heart and is also very friendly with the two factions.

This scene is seen in the eyes of the sects, no matter what the people of the fifteen major forces think, the major sects are surging secretly, and the surface is calm, as if a violent storm is brewing.

After the wedding of a pair of children, Mu Qingrou came out of the room one day with a warm smile on her face, indicating that she was going to retreat.


Nan Junmo’s eyes flickered with doubts, if it wasn’t for the person in front of him who was still familiar to him, he would have thought that someone had taken his old mother away.

But the tenderness and kindness in Mu Qingrou’s eyes did not disappear. Seeing Nan Junmo’s doubts, she said, “Mo’er, Yun’er, you don’t have to worry. Mother is not going anywhere, she’s just retreating.”

Don’t mention Nan Junmo, the rest of the people found that although Mu Qingrou was still soft and gentle, and her strength did not seem to have increased by half, but no one dared to underestimate her appearance in front of others.

That momentum, as if met a strong man.


Mu Bingyun and the others suppressed their thoughts. After seeing Ao Jingtian, they knew that their old lady seemed to be of unusual origin.

“Mrs. Nan, the disciples of Zhenlong Palace have brought something again.”

Recently, Ao Jingtian will send someone to deliver things here every few days. Everyone knows that Ao Jingtian is worried about Mu Qingrou.

The disciple stood aside, waiting for Mu Qingrou’s words.

“Go back, if it is sent by Elder Ao in the future, please take them back.”

Mu Qingrou smiled lightly, her eyes did not have much defense, but more alienation, “By the way, I asked him to bring a sentence to Elder Ao, and he said, don’t bother him, after a few years Qingrou and Nan Ge will come to visit together, thank you for many years of care.”

The disciple withdrew, Mu Qingrou and Mu Bingyun talked for a while and then retreated.

“It seems that the old lady really knows something.” Nan Junmo squinted his eyes and took a sip of wine habitually, “There is no hatred in the eyes of the old lady, so apart from our three sects, there should be no problem with this True Dragon Palace. But well, for the sake of safety, we still need to prepare well, after all, Ao Jingtian’s mind is not ordinary, and he actually misses the old lady.”

Immediately, Nan Junmo snorted coldly: “If the old man doesn’t come back, my mother will be taken away.”

“Brother, why do you feel a little gloating to hear your words?”

Hearing his sister’s ridicule, Nan Junmo smiled and said, “That old man is treacherous, sister, when you see the old man, don’t be polite.”

Mu Bingyun didn’t take it seriously, the voice that stayed in her mind back then was her memory of Nanyuan.

That voice was majestic, noble, and untouchable.

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