Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 1119 life after life


Mu Bingyun saw Mu Qingrou coming in, “Don’t worry, Dad will be fine.”

Mu Qingrou nodded, took Mu Bingyun’s hand, and touched her hair: “Bing’er, mother finally saw you get married,” handing Mu Bingyun’s hand to Cangyu, “After so many years, Bing’s The relationship between Er and Yu’er is very good. My mother is very relieved. My mother hopes that you can keep going. No matter what happens in the future, Bing’er and Yu’er, you must believe in each other. Our monks have a long life and remember things A lot, maybe after many years, some things will slowly be forgotten.”

Mu Bingyun was a little moved, Mu Qingrou smiled lightly, and patted her hand: “But mother believes in you and will not forget each other. Only when you work together can you reach the end together. If you forget anything, don’t forget to put each other together. Put the most trust in the most important position in your heart, only trust can last long.”

How long cultivator’s feelings can last, Mu Qingrou doesn’t know. But she can only tell her daughter what she thinks in her heart. The most taboo thing between husband and wife is distrust.

“Mother, don’t worry, he dares not believe me.”

Hearing Mu Bingyun’s words, and seeing Cang Yu agreeing, Mu Qingrou felt relieved. Although I know that the relationship between the daughter and the son-in-law is good, the child is still a child in the mother’s heart.

“Okay, today is your wedding day, come in!”

Push the two into the entrance room and exit to close the door. Mu Qingrou’s smile did not fade, and the curved corners of her lips showed how happy she was at this moment. Stepping out of the festive yard, I just put away that smile.

She raised her eyes to look at the sky, closed her eyes and recalled the memory that suddenly broke into her mind, and sighed softly: “It’s time to come.”

Ao Jingtian, just one Ao Jingtian unsealed her memory, I don’t know who else will appear besides Ao Jingtian?

A cold smile appeared on the corner of Mu Qingrou’s lips, no matter who it was, no one was qualified to hurt the people she cared about.

How could her Mu Qingrou’s children be hurt by others?

Mu Qingrou, who was standing in the corner at this time, had a vibrating aura on her body. If Mu Bingyun saw it, she would probably be directly surprised and said, as expected, it is the reincarnation of some unknown great master!

The wave of momentum was also in an instant, and Mu Qingrou returned to that weak female form.

“Brother Nan, this time we have to trust each other. Our daughter and son-in-law are doing better than us. You have suffered for these years.”

Mu Qingrou removed the coldness from the corners of his lips, thinking of that overly handsome face, a softness appeared in his eyes.

“No matter who says what to you this time, Rouer believes in you and will never make you sad.”

Muttered to himself, Mu Qingrou seemed to have turned into a clear spring, and no one would unite with the imposing woman just now. She closed her smile, took small steps, and walked towards her room.

Anyone who sees her will be happy to call Mrs. Nan, and she will smile back every time she does so.

Those waiters who passed by and met her always thought that Mrs. Nan seemed to be different, but they couldn’t see the difference. If you don’t understand, just don’t want to, it’s rare that Mrs. Nan has a good temperament.

Although they seem weak, they dare not provoke them.

Then whoever Zhunjun is the son of Mrs. Nan, and that Mu Bingyun is the daughter of Mrs. Nan. That Mu Bingyun is still the first rank of priests, but everyone knows that her strength will not be lower than that of Sanxiaotian.

No one dared to despise this weak looking lady, Mu Qingrou was very satisfied with this. When people saw it, she raised her brows. If she dared to bully her, don’t blame her for dealing with people.

Mu Qingrou, who has recovered his memory, will give ordinary people a kind of oppression even if the surrounding temperament is restrained. Maybe these waiters didn’t find out, but subtly pushed the cause to Nan Junmo and Mu Bingyun.

Finally walked back to the room with a smile, Mu Qingrou casually twisted a few formations, which seemed simple but contained the rules of heaven and earth. Immediately, she sat cross-legged on the bed. Many things were about to happen. As a mother, she couldn’t be a drag on her children.

The Golden Crow Palace became quiet here, and the Hunyuan Sect over there was bustling with excitement until there were only two newcomers left in the room. Compared with Mu Bingyun and Cangyu, Wu Yun and Nan Junmo were still nervous, they were the newly married couples.

The room is decorated inside and out, the bright red color is full of joy, and you can see how patient the people who set it all up are everywhere.

Dark Cloud looked at the large carved bed in front of him, and at the beautifully hazy paper-cuts on the window, the lifelike shape of the golden black, which seemed to be plated with a layer of gold, as if it was about to fly out.

Even the burning candles are carved by the owner, and the patterns on it seem to contain affection.

She never thought that in the cultivation world, she could have a wedding in the mortal world, and everything in the room was enough to prove that person’s seriousness. She has taken this seriousness and will treasure it in her heart.


Nan Junmo held the small dark cloud in his arms and breathed in her fragrance, “My cloud is so fragrant.” He licked her fair neck and couldn’t help but look at her flushed cheeks, which were like honey The lips, biting into it is really sweet.

“Yun’er, may we be like this every moment of our lives.”

The dark eyes met her bright eyes, she blinked, hooked his neck, kissed his lips actively, but said in his ear: “It’s not just your life, you are dead. You are also my dark cloud person, you are reincarnated, or my dark cloud person, since you and I are married, you can only be my person.”

One moment she was a docile little girl, the next moment she looked fierce and fierce, but in his eyes she was so cute.

He responded, “I’m not afraid that I’ll make Yun’er scared if I press on?”

tightly bound her waist: “Then don’t regret Yun’er, you have to be my Nanjunmo’s person forever!”

Wu Yun paused and looked at him, always feeling that something was wrong. How could that person make her react, took out the jug, and poured two glasses of wine into the glass.

“Bring a glass of wine, Yun’er, drink this glass.”

Drinking a glass of wine, she suddenly felt dizzy.

thought, what kind of wine is this?

Before he could react, the whole person was picked up by him: “A spring night is worth a thousand dollars, Yun’er, let’s not waste it.”

A certain alcoholic was secretly proud of himself. After raising such a big one, he should be able to eat it, right?

It’s not easy, it’s not easy, life after life, for this life after life, do you know how much lovesickness he suffered?

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