Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 1118 proud

Mu Qingrou looked up suspiciously and looked at the person who came. His eyes were stunned and then the color didn’t look good. Mu Bingyun also looked over, but his face changed.


She couldn’t help but immediately checked it with Chiye, and was shocked to find out the shocking information.

Strength: God Venerable ninth order.

Age unknown.

“This is the Great Elder of our True Dragon Palace.”

Ao Zhizhen introduced and said to Ao Jingtian, “Master, these are the ones I mentioned recently.”

Ao’s shocking gaze was on Mu Qingrou’s face, showing a sudden look: “Qingrou doesn’t remember me?”

Mu Qingrou was a little inexplicable, but Mu Bingyun was very strange. If she remembered correctly, Ao Jingtian was very angry with her mother and father many years ago.

No, that Ao Jingtian is different.

It’s not the Ao Jingtian in front of him, or they are all split from the same Ao Jingtian, and things are getting more and more interesting.

Although there was a strange expression in this person’s eyes, he didn’t have the hatred that Xiaoxianjie encountered that Ao Jingtian, Mu Bingyun had a lot of doubts in his heart, but there was no way to solve it at this time.

Ao Jingtian’s eyes revealed a very strange feeling, but the gentle eyes also frightened Mu Qingrou. After all these years, there is indeed a person like Ao Jingtian in her memory, but… is this person in front of her the Ao Jingtian she knew before?


Mu Bingyun pulled Mu Qingrou and gave him a comforting look. Mu Qingrou quickly realized that although she wasn’t sure, the Ao Jingtian in front of her was different from that old immortal who had inexplicably troubled her family many years ago and threatened to take her away.

“Qingrou has a pair of good children.”

Ao Jingtian’s words made Mu Qingrou suddenly wake up, a pair of beautiful eyes staring at Ao Jingtian, as if to see something from the other party’s expression. But Ao Jingtian just smiled gently, there was no alienation in that smile, but a bit of tolerance.

Ao Jingtian looked at him like Mu Qingrou was preventing a thief, feeling a little uncomfortable: “Qingrou’s temperament has not changed a bit after so many years.” Ao Jingtian glanced around and wiped away the light in his eyes, “Why not? Brother Nan.”

Ao Jingtian saw that Mu Qingrou was still on guard, and laughed a little: “Even though Qingrou has almost forgotten me, she still hasn’t forgotten to guard me.”

“I really don’t remember you, but I have seen someone who looks exactly like you. If I hadn’t looked closely, I would have thought it was a person. But his eyes were full of domineering, selfish, and wild eyes. All grabbed.”

“Qingrou…” Ao Jingtian touched his nose uncomfortably, “He won’t appear.”

These words made Mu Bingyun’s pupils shrank suddenly, she didn’t forget that Ao Jingtian escaped from Cang Yu. Right now, this Ao Jingtian said that that person would not appear again, what is the meaning of the implication?

Is it the same as the previous Wuyujiang?

The Wuyu River in the Immortal Realm has completely disappeared, but where did it disappear?

She doesn’t know, maybe only the player who controls the pieces knows.

“If he reappears, I won’t let go,” Mu Qingrou said fiercely, she could sense from her words that she was very dissatisfied with the former Ao Jingtian, but thinking of her own strength, her face couldn’t help turning red After a while, he said again: “If Bing’er and Mo’er see that black dragon, they will beat the old lady hard.”

“My child remembers.”

What else can Mu Bingyun and Nan Junmo do? They can only agree. Of course, she wouldn’t say at this time that that person was beaten by your son-in-law and fled, and now if he met again, he might lose his life.

Mu Qingrou didn’t like Ao Jingtian’s tolerant gaze, as if he could tolerate and forgive anything she did. According to her intention, this kind of look can only be shown to her by the old man in Nanyuan, who was talking about it in her heart.

Mu Qingrou thought about the incomparable resentment on her face, the old man didn’t know where he went for so many years, how could she not be worried.

“If Qingrou has any difficulties in the future, you can come to Zhenlong Palace to find me.”

At Ao Jingtian’s show of affection, not only the people on Mu Bingyun’s side were surprised, but even Ao Zhizhen, who was used to seeing Ao Jingtian’s cruel and dark side, couldn’t help but stunned. When did the first elder look so gentle, is it the only one for Mu Qingrou in front of him?

Thinking that Mu Qingrou is Mu Bingyun’s mother, she quickly lowered her eyes. She is very aware of Master’s temperament. Once she hates what she likes, she is afraid that she will be hated by Master.

She is proud to have come to this day in the True Dragon Palace, and being appreciated by the master must not fall short. As for this man Cangyu, she has something to do slowly. She Aozhi is really very patient, even if she has to grow old, she will one day get what she wants.

As for the other forces, especially Xue Yunxin, who had discussed dealing with Mu Bingyun and Cangyu, when he heard Ao Jingtian say these words, his eyes could not help but darken. Now she can’t touch this thorn at will, these people are lucky.

But remembering the elder’s words, Xue Yunxin became happy again. Once the matter was as the elder said, she was afraid that Xuefeng Palace was going to climb to the top. At that time, whatever Hunyuanmen, Jinwu Palace would still stand aside.

The wedding ended in such a strange situation, but fortunately, Mu Qingrou and others were very satisfied. Nan Junmo was the one who laughed the most at the scene. He took his daughter-in-law’s little hand and poured the wine sip by sip. He couldn’t stop the smile on the corners of his lips and brows, and his eyes seemed to have disappeared.

Mu Qingrou was also very happy. When she met Mu Bingyun and the two, they were already husband and wife. She was somewhat regretful that she did not personally participate in her daughter’s marriage. Now that she saw her daughter and son getting married together, she was worried about Nanyuan’s heart. Also much lighter.

With a smile on his face, he accepts the blessings of all parties.

Especially seeing the happy appearance of her son and daughter-in-law, daughter and son-in-law, moved her heart. Looking at the vacant seat beside him, if Brother Nan was here, today’s wedding would be complete.

The wedding was over, and the major sects also said goodbye and left, thinking more or less in their hearts. They are still investigating the matter of the Three Firms and Fifteen Sons, but after so long, nothing has been found.

At this moment, Mu Bingyun was snuggled in Cang Yu’s arms, and the corners of his lips slightly curled as he watched Nan Junmo leave with the dark clouds, as if the joy in his eyes had not yet faded away. And today’s grand wedding was managed by Cang Yu and Nan Junmo, and she was very satisfied.

It can be seen that Mu Qingrou is also very satisfied.

The only thing she was dissatisfied with was the appearance of the variable Ao Jingtian. Thinking of Ao Jingtian, she couldn’t help but glance at Mu Qingrou who walked in from the outside. Originally, she thought that her mother was a native of the immortal world. After all, the origin of Mu Qingrou could be traced back, and when she didn’t see Ao Jingtian, she didn’t doubt it at all.

But now…she sighed, I’m afraid her father and mother are the reincarnations of some great power! Why is it said to be reincarnation, Mu Qingrou and Ao Jingtian and others are different.

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