Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 1116 getting married

Mu Bingyun doesn’t care what the outside world is saying now, or what the major forces are planning now.

Now her consciousness is sinking into the sea of ​​consciousness, looking at the small golden pagoda emitting light. After several years of comprehension, she is now a tenth-order Divine Formation Master, and the speed of progress makes anyone can’t help but be speechless.

In addition to this small golden pagoda, there are also books in the sea of ​​​​knowledge that look like books of monasticism secrets, which were obtained in the secret realm of Shinto. Originally, she thought that what existed in the secret realm of the divine way was just a chance for immortals to become gods. When she came up, she discovered that the secret realm of the divine way seemed to be a very dreadful existence in the eyes of Wu Yujiang and others.

The formation runes on the small urn are also more and more complex, covering one layer after another.

At that time, she withdrew from the sea of ​​consciousness and checked the situation in the Chiye. The black soil on the other side was still in it, and it didn’t expand much, but there was a small sprout inside. She didn’t know what the small sprout was used for. No idea either.

In addition to this small sprout, and the elixir she planted on it, one piece next to the other, occupying all the small black soil. As long as she finds the last three elixir, she will be able to wash her pulse.

She felt that washing the pulse was not as easy as she thought, and for some reason, the further back she went, she felt a little uneasy in her heart.

Originally, they planned very well, even if Wu Yujiang had other plans at that time, according to their secret plan, they could save their lives.

His eyes paused and he exited Chiye.

When she opened her eyes, she was greeted with a pair of dark eyes, and his hands were held by him, which made her smile: “What’s wrong?”

“I should ask Binger what’s wrong.”

“I feel a little uneasy in my heart. I don’t know what Wu Yujiang is trying to figure out. In the face of great strength, no matter how good the strategy is, there will be flaws.”

The man put her in his arms: “Don’t worry, no matter what happens, I will bear it.”

She raised her eyes, looked at his incomparably handsome face, and a smile appeared on the corners of her lips: “Why don’t eldest brother marry Wu Yun! Wu Yun’s stature has grown almost the same in the past two years, and I don’t know that eldest brother gave her food. what.”

She grabbed his hand tightly, “Don’t you always regret that our marriage was ruined, so let’s go together this time!”

“My mother is coming up. She will be the host at that time. You should have no worries, right? If you wait until everyone is gathered, you don’t know when it will be.”

“it is good.”

Hearing his agreement, she couldn’t help but smile a little in her downcast eyes.

Thinking of Nan Junmo’s resentful face, the corners of his mouth moved, “As long as you are by my side.”

“I always.”

“That’s good.”

She raised her eyes and took the initiative to kiss the corner of his lips, “I’ve been lucky enough to meet you.”

Looking at the pink lips, he squinted and bit them, wrapping her in his arms with his long arms. He was also very fortunate to meet her.

The major factions of Sanxiaotian over there are in danger, because unknown powerhouses appear, so they are all prepared. Here, the Golden Crow Palace and the Hunyuan Sect issued their wedding invitations at the same time.

They thought it was the wedding of the Junjun and the Holy Maiden, but they didn’t expect the wedding of Cangyu and Mu Bingyun, and they were greatly surprised for a while. But I was not surprised to hear the explanation of the person who sent the invitation.

However, the appearance of Mu Bingyun and Cangyu still caused a lot of psychological pressure to the major forces.

Especially the four major forces that chased and killed the two of them at the beginning. Seeing that the two of them came back intact, they were still in the mood to get married.

When Ao Zhizhen, who was far away in Zhenlong Palace, took the invitation in Ao Chuankong’s hands, he was also stunned: “The two of them are husband and wife, is it possible?”

“Zhi’er has been worrying too much. According to the explanation from the visitor, the wedding of the two of them was ruined that day, and I want to have another perfect wedding.” Ao Chuankong said, “It happened to be held together with Junjun and the Holy Maiden.”

Ao Zhizhen was really surprised: “Then why do you want to do it with Zhunjun? Their relationship is so good?”

How could the wedding of the monarch and the saint be ordinary?

Ao Zhizhen felt uncomfortable, but her temperament was rather forthright. From her point of view, what would happen if a wedding was held, it was a dispensable thing in the cultivation world. When the time comes, what should be divided will still be divided, and she really wants to see if the two can love each other.

It is good news for her to be able to hear that there is nothing wrong with Cangyu. As for his wedding, she will go, but she does not know when it will be her wedding to him.

Ao Zhizhen had a smile in his eyes: “Palace Master, I’ll go take a look when the time comes.”

“If Zhi’er likes Cangyu, just grab it, why not…”

Although Ao Chuankong lost such a talent as Ao Beidou, he didn’t feel much angry when he saw Ao Zhizhen in front of him. Everyone thought that Ao Beidou was the one that Ao Chuankong valued, but no one knew that the one who really valued him was Ao Zhizhen in front of him.

“Palace lord, won’t robbing people add to them and make their feelings more profound.” Ao Zhizhen’s eyes flashed with wisdom, “Just let them go smoothly, one day they will get bored, and then I will go again. Why do you need to slap your face at this time, it will not be good to hurt the harmony of a few sects.”

“Zhi’er is really righteous, no wonder the first elder likes you.” After all, Ao Chuankong didn’t care whether Ao Zhi really could grab Cangyu, and instead asked, “I don’t know when the first elder will leave the border. ?”

“Master has already said that he may go to the wedding with Zhi’er at that time.” Ao Zhizhen remembered Master’s face, and she was actually a little scared. The entire Zhenlong Palace knew that she was appreciated by the Great Elder, but behind this she always felt panicked.

There are other sects that are the same. When they hear that Mu Bingyun and Cangyu will hold a wedding together with the Holy Maiden, they all have different reactions.

Among them, the most violent reaction was naturally the four major forces that wanted to hunt down the two of them at the beginning, but after the anger, the four major forces quieted down. People can’t guess the reason, but they won’t be naive to think that this is the case.

Xue Yunxin naturally wanted to kill the two of them. Although there was no evidence, she always felt that Xue Mengxin was killed by the two of them. But now that the two of them can appear upright and open, and they have to hold a wedding, it can only show that the other party is not afraid at all. It should be that they have the strength and are not afraid of their pursuit.

At this juncture, there is the hidden powerhouse, Xue Yunxin did not dare to make another move until he found out whether he had anything to do with the two.

She thought about it, and every time she wanted to attack the people around them, she would suffer heavy losses in the end, and she had to be horrified.

Could it be that the strong man is really the person behind the two?

“Palace Master, the wedding of the Junjun and the saint, the wooden girl and Cang Gongzi, shall we go?”

Hearing Xue Wuxin’s words, Xue Yunxin came back to her senses and stared at the woman next to her, making Xue Wuxin’s heart tighten.

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