Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 1111 rumor

Since that day’s conversation, Wu Yun’s heart has become much heavier.

Mu Bingyun didn’t dare to say too much, if it wasn’t necessary, she didn’t want to let the dark cloud carry so much. But now that it has come to this point, it is not a question of whether or not to go, but it has to go.

No matter who is behind the big hand who controls the whole situation, in control, she must live first.

Wu Yun was silent for several days, and none of the Golden Crow Palace disciples dared to come up to provoke him. Even Yang Ruxin, who was most familiar with Wu Yun, became cautious after talking, plus Nan Junmo didn’t go to the Golden Crow Palace, they thought there was a conflict between the two.

As soon as the idea of ​​ came out, it spread all over Sanxiaotian.

“Senior Sister Zixi, your chance has come.”

Zixi’s eyes darkened as she glanced at Xueruo Xin, “Junior Sister Ruoxin really understands what’s going on outside!”

“What did Senior Sister Zixi say? Back then everyone knew that you had the right mind, but who knew that you would be preempted by the dark clouds. Many people are still regretting it, it’s not worth it for you!”

“Now, Wu Yun and Zhunjun are not the same people. After only two years, there was a conflict between them, which means that they can’t get together after all.”

Zixi thought so too, but when she thought of Nan Junmo looking at her cold eyes in the past, her heart tightened. She subconsciously felt that Nan Junmo was empathic, but now that there is no freshness, she naturally doesn’t like Wu Yun so much.

Besides, weren’t they very tired before?

I haven’t seen each other for several months now, so he believed that the relationship between the two was as good as ever, and he really didn’t want to!

“Senior Sister Zixi, I really don’t deserve it for you. After I liked Zhunjun for so many years, a dark cloud suddenly appeared and took everything from you. If you look at the bottom of your eyes and feel the pain in your heart, that dark cloud has taken everything from you. “Is Senior Sister Zixi so willing?”

Where can Zixi be reconciled, she can’t wait to kill Wu Yun, but now Wu Yun is the elder sister of the Golden Crow Palace, stronger than her, how could she act rashly.

This Xueruoxin suddenly appeared beside her, and she said these words to sow discord, and she didn’t know what the purpose was.

Zixi remained silent and continued to listen to Xueruoxin.

“That dark cloud is really hateful. Although those two killed my senior sister, who knows if she was involved in the dark cloud. It has been so long now, and the two of them don’t know where they went.”

“If I were strong, I would definitely kill Wu Yun directly. Even if I couldn’t take revenge, I could vent my anger.”

Zixi’s eyes flashed with light, it turned out that she wanted to use her hand to deal with the dark clouds.

“Junior Sister Ruoxin is joking, her strength is already the realm of a **** emperor, how can I handle it. I can only cultivate well and try to catch up with her. As for other things, I really dare not think about it.”

“Senior Sister Zixi, her talent is so strong, if you say something unpleasant, even if you practice day and night, you may not be able to catch up.” Xueruo felt that Zixi was silent, and said, “Besides, sometimes removing a person, What you need is not only strength, but you can also use a knife to kill people, or use some other methods. As the saying goes, everyone gathers firewood and the flame is high.”

Zixi understood in her heart, it turned out that Xueruoxin came to find her to cooperate, and of course she would use it more.

But after she understood the other party’s purpose, she also pondered.

“Senior Sister Zixi, what are your thoughts?”

Xueruo saw that Zixi was silent, and knew that Zixi was already thinking about her words.

“The palace lord has already said, no matter what, if you can’t kill those two people, it would be good if you can get rid of the dark clouds. You must also know how much the palace lord doted on the senior sister at the beginning, and the palace lord is really not reconciled. !”

Zixi raised her head and said, “Let me think about it.”

Xue Ruoxin didn’t speak again, and smiled silently, which counted as a promise.

No matter how many intrigues and tricks there are outside, Mu Bingyun and Cang Yu once again retreated to practice. Although the four major forces really wanted to find the two in the secret realm, they did not dare to rush into the secret realm with people. We can only send people to guard outside, hoping that the two of them will appear outside the secret realm one day.

Wu Yun was unable to retreat for the time being because he ate too many good things last time. After Mu Bingyun retreated, she also wanted to understand.

‘s expression became relaxed again, who would have heard all kinds of rumors as soon as she came out.

Saying that the Holy Maiden fell out of favor, and the quasi-jun is empathetic.

What quasi-jun is just infatuated with little loli for a while, but now he still likes a more feminine look.

In short, all kinds of rumors kept going, although Wu Yun knew that Nan Junmo liked her, but he gritted his teeth for these rumors.

What loves femininity!

“I have seen Senior Sister.”

“Elder Sister.”

No matter where they went, the disciples of the Golden Crow Palace called out to Senior Sister, but their eyes were a little off.

“Elder Sister.”

Yang Ruxin knew that the dark clouds were coming out, so she hurried up, and she didn’t know who made these rumors. Although she didn’t like it very much, there was nothing she could do. She couldn’t stop her mouth growing on these people.

“As Xin.”

Dark Cloud frowned and said, “Come with me.”

Yang Ruxin nodded and followed the dark clouds away.

Zixi in the crowd glanced at the dark clouds, and a smile appeared on the corner of his lips.

Dark clouds, one day, you will return all my Zixi. Seeing the back of the dark cloud, she seemed to see the miserable end of the other party.

“Sister, why are you here?”

Yang Ruxin didn’t understand Yang Ruyue’s unexpected visit, but she was happy. Yang Ruyue does seem to be more promising than before, as long as they don’t provoke trouble, they will all be better off than before.

“Ruxin, can’t I come? You are my sister, can I come to see you?”

“No, of course.”

Yang Ruxin glanced at the few people beside Yang Ruyue and nodded as a greeting. It wasn’t that she had to ask this before, because Yang Ruyue didn’t come alone, she was accompanied by Yue Ji, Ao Zhizhen and Luo Qianshan.

A few people are well-known people, and she doesn’t want to neglect them. She arranges them in a nice yard and asks a waiter to serve them.

“Ruxin, I heard that Junjun hasn’t come over recently?”

Yang Ruxin frowned, but seeing Yang Ruyue’s curious expression, she nodded, and then said, “The matter between Junjun and Senior Sister is not something we can discuss, if you want to stay here, Sister Stay and let me know where you want to go.”

Yang Ruyue pouted, “It’s amazing!”

If an ordinary disciple dared to talk to Yang Ruxin like this, she would have been beaten out long ago. Who would call this person her sister!

“That’s not the case. The palace lord asked Ruxin for some things, and she may not be well entertained by her sister, but I have already instructed them. If my sister needs anything, just ask them to arrange it.”

Yang Ruyue was satisfied.

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