Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 1108 scolded

Wu Yun touched the ring filled with divine stones contentedly, but when he saw Nan Junmo’s ring, he felt a little resentful.

Nan Junmo didn’t know that this girl was thinking about the divine stone in his hand. Under her pitiful gaze, she took off the ring and stuffed it into her hand, which immediately made her smile.

“It’s very interesting! I know that the divine stone has to be turned over.”

She peeked into the ring, the golden light was shining, and she couldn’t close her mouth all of a sudden, and rubbed against him again, “Not bad, not bad.”

Seeing this girl’s contented appearance, a certain drunkard touched his chin, wondering if he should work hard to earn more divine stones to make his Yun’er happy.

The people around are already jealous, there are so many divine stones!

Why are these two people so lucky? ?

There is also that Zedi, and Yang Ruxin. In short, they found that those who bet on the existence of Shuangyun Mansion made a fortune. Of course, the one who made the most money was Nan Junmo. Many people sighed in their hearts, worthy of being a quasi-monarch!

Yang Ruxin couldn’t help but be shocked. It was just a mere bet, and now she has earned an unknown number of times the amount of Divine Stone she once accumulated. This is not even the dividend that Wu Yun wants to give her.

After thinking about it, her eyes were all red.

Sure enough, it’s good to follow Senior Sister!

Wu Yun saw Yang Ruxin looking at her with red eyes, as if he was looking at a divine stone mine, he couldn’t help shrinking into Nan Junmo’s arms, this was too scary.

“Zun Jun, Holy Maiden, what do you think about this matter?”

Suddenly, Xue Yunxin’s voice broke the surrounding atmosphere, and everyone who was watching the two continued to watch them. One after another is incredible, strange and weird, and even looks at them with anticipation.

Of course, even Xue Yunxin would not believe that this matter is really related to the two of them. If it is really related to them, with such a strong person, do Mu Bingyun and Cangyu still need to avoid them?

They just wanted to confirm whether they could get some news from Wu Yun and Nan Junmo.

Dark Cloud raised his head and said with a smile: “Palace Master Snow, we really don’t know, but your people died on the way, which makes me really relieved.”

One sentence was so open and aboveboard that it almost made Xueyun vomit blood.

“Don’t be angry, you guys will send people to destroy Shuangyun Mansion, but I know how much I want to kill you, but ah, you guys are too powerful, even if you have a few people around you, you are not an opponent!”

Xueyun’s heart suffocated and did not speak, and Qinghong was about to jump over there.

“Mu Bingyun and Cangyu killed a disciple of my sect. We did this just as a courtesy.”

“So, it can only be said that you are unlucky.” Wu Yun smiled, “Mostly the strong man passed by and saw that you were not pleasing to the eye, so let’s take care of you by the way?”

“Besides, you said that Bingyun and Cangyu killed your disciples. Excuse me, Palace Master Qinghong, do you have any evidence?”

Wu Yun suddenly became righteous, “If it wasn’t for me, I would have sent someone to stop you. You will implicate Shuangyun Mansion indiscriminately, and hunt down Bingyun and Cangyu without evidence. Tell me, is it because of you? It’s a big power, so can you do whatever you want?”

Qinghong was blocked and her face was red. They really had no evidence, but do they need evidence to kill?

The big fist is the evidence. As long as there is doubt, it is better to kill by mistake than to miss it. This means that there is strength without evidence.

Of course, no one would say this, so being blocked by such a dark cloud made them feel extremely uncomfortable.

“If it wasn’t for the ghosts in their hearts, how could they escape!”

Xue Ruoxin, who was beside Xue Yunxin, saw that her palace lord was in a hurry and couldn’t help but say. This incident has been known to everyone, and Yue Ji and Ao Zhizhen are also here. The two of them also have some regrets about Cangyu being hunted down by the four major forces. After all, such a character has offended these four forces.

Wu Yun smiled lightly and said: “If they weren’t being chased, would they be able to run? When did you send someone to chase them? They suddenly left during the palace lord’s birthday banquet that day. When the birthday banquet was about to end, they only went to hunt down the two of them. Could it be that they were able to know what you were thinking in advance, so they ran away in advance?”

“Ha ha!”

Hehe, made Xueruo Xin’s face pale.

Yeah, what the dark clouds said makes sense, this incident is clearly a coincidence.

Xue Ruoxin had to think that it was indeed the other party who left after something happened, and they only found out later.

“Also, they have been in the Golden Crow Palace for more than a year, so why did they leave at the Palace Master’s birthday banquet?” Wu Yun suddenly smiled, “Also, didn’t you find them in the Golden Crow Palace? So, this Is it the guilt you arbitrarily imposed on them? Halfway through the way, Bingyun and Cangyu suddenly encountered a large number of chasing and killing people, and a fool would not run away.”

“You have shouted, don’t run away, we are just asking you about things? Even if you say that, who would believe it? Who knows if it is a trick to catch them and kill them directly?”

Qinghong was angry, but he was speechless. He found that he couldn’t speak to this little girl at all.

In addition, Xuanwu and Luo Liuguang also have ugly faces. After such a rumor this day, they may have to bear one of the four major forces. They will kill people indiscriminately. The face made them feel that their faces were sore and painful, and they were extremely uncomfortable.

“This palace master just wanted to ask the saint, do you have any guesses about this matter? After all, everyone leading to the lower realm has died. This is just this one time, or it will happen many times. I believe that all sects are very concerned about it. Bar?”

Xueyun Xin was worthy of being Xue Yun Xin, and quickly calmed down from his rage. It was hard for an elite disciple to die, but what happened next made her feel the crisis. If it’s just a coincidence, that’s all, she can still send someone, if it’s always like this, it’s not very friendly to Sanxiaotian.

“How could I know, but Palace Master Xue, did you send someone to kill the sects in the lower realms, did you do a bit of a feat? Although I’m not strong enough, it’s not that one big force is not smooth, and the small forces have provoked you. Are you going to kill other people’s sects?”

Suddenly, all the people from the small forces looked at a few people with bad eyes.

“Besides, your people have been damaged in Shenxiaotian. In the dangerous cultivation world, do you think that the lower world is to go shopping in the street? Dying can only show that they have no ability. Is it possible that your people can kill people casually? People can’t just kill you? If you kill one of you, you will take revenge on everyone else?”

A hat was buttoned down, making Xue Yunxin and the four of them look ugly.

Especially when she felt the burning eyes around her, she cursed to herself. But I also know that after today, I can’t send someone to destroy the Shuangyun Mansion like this, and I feel extremely unwilling.

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