Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 1074 Gathering at Yunxiaotai

“Junior Sister Wu, I really didn’t expect you to have the courage to stay.” Zixi was surprised that Wu Yun did not leave the Golden Crow Palace. What made her even more surprised was that in a few months, Wu Yun turned out to be the second rank of Divine Sovereign. .

It seems that Wu Yun is indeed talented, which makes her nervous. If Wu Yun is given more time, maybe he can really surpass her. But now, there is no such opportunity, and now they are going to Yunxiaotai.

Even if Wu Yun’s cultivation speed is fast, he can’t reach the eighth rank of the gods in just a few days, right?

Zixi’s face was relaxed, but she thought in her heart that she must hit the dark clouds hard this time, preferably with her friends. Although the strength of these people is still very low, it was not long before the other party came up. Given time, there must be a rapid increase in strength. Such an enemy seems to be a bit scary.

Since it is terrible, she will be strangled in the cradle, it is best to destroy all the confidence of these people.

Her eyes swept the gloomy eyes, especially this person, she couldn’t see through, she heard that he was a powerful **** emperor. A light flashed across her eyes, and she might be able to use other methods to make this person work for her.

Mu Bingyun seemed to have sensed it, but he did not miss the calculation in Zixi’s eyes, and was very unhappy in his heart. If she is so tolerant of Yang Ruxin, she is really displeased with Zixi.

This person yelled at the dark clouds as soon as they came up, and scolded them a lot.

“Bingyun, this girl will help you vent your anger later.” Wu Yun pulled Mu Bingyun’s hand, “Because I made you feel wronged.” If it weren’t for her, Mu Bingyun could have shot directly and brought Zixi to the ground. A hard lesson.

“What do you mean because of you? I just want to let the person standing on the high fall down again.”

“Yes, yes, that’s it.”

Wu Yun’s eyes smiled, but she knew that Mu Bingyun heard the news from Nan Junmo, and after seeing Zixi’s provocation, she was able to replace Zixi with everything.

They haven’t seen Nan Junmo until now, but they know that Nan Junmo will definitely come. Wu Yun was very nervous. She already understood her heart. Mu Bingyun asked her to replace Zi Xi, but it was to give her a better identity and give her more confidence to face the person she liked.

Because Nan Junmo is very good, although she is not bad, but in this big environment, she is not willing to bow her head. At least when she is not sure that Nan Junmo has changed her mind, she must not let herself be too low, she understands the importance of identity sometimes.

Sometimes an identity protects everything you have. If Mu Bingyun had had a noble status in the Flowing Cloud Sect back then, he would not have suffered so much.

Just like now, Mu Bingyun seems to be only a first-rank priest. If he is really a first-rank priest, his heart will definitely not be able to stand the pressure around him. But her real strength is not like this, so Mu Bingyun can ignore the pressure from the outside world, or even despise everything.

But her Wuyun’s strength is not high, so if she can become the senior sister of the Golden Crow Palace, and then can become a member of the fifteen sons of Sanxiao, it will be more logical to be with Nan Junmo.

Then, be able to do what they want to do better. Some time ago, she went to see Wu Yujiang, and the other party was very satisfied that she accepted the challenge. It seemed that the other party was more eager than her to increase her cultivation base rapidly.

The more she did, the more she felt that there was something wrong with Wuyujiang.

Every step they took was actually carefully planned. Zixi naturally didn’t know that Wu Yun had already decided to deprive her of her status, and she was still accepting the admiration of everyone.

No wonder Zixi didn’t know, it should be that everyone would not believe that the dark cloud has this ability.

In just a few days, they finally arrived at the legendary Yunxiaotai.

Under the Yunxiao Terrace, there are countless people watching, and there are many people standing around the Yunxiao Terrace. Every time Yunxiaotai is opened, there will be people who do not belong to the three gates, five sects and seven palaces to challenge, in order to be able to challenge the Sanxiao fifteen sons with one’s own strength and become one of them. As long as you can defeat all the three sons and fifteen sons, you can directly become the quasi-monarch.

If you have a sect, then this sect will rise. If there is no sect, these big forces will use various favorable conditions to win you over.

No one can withstand this temptation. Over the years, only one person has succeeded, and that is the current Zhunjun. He not only succeeded, but also directly solved the dissatisfied Zhunjun, and finally succeeded in replacing the previous Zhunjun. all status.

“Sister Wu, this is Yunxiaotai.”

Zixi saw that several people did not speak, and said with a smile, “Didn’t Junior Sister Wu say to take my place?”

“You can try it on Yunxiaotai. As long as Junior Sister Wu can beat me and beat everyone after my ranking, she will be able to replace me.” Zixi seemed to be joking with Wuyun. She should have said it though. But he was very disdainful and didn’t think the dark clouds could win.

Zixi ranked fifth, so there are ten people behind, and Wu Yun must challenge these ten people.

Even she doesn’t have this ability, so she doesn’t really believe that Wu Yun has this ability. From the beginning, she set this trap. Although the latter four are one of the fifteen sons who have been re-promoted, this does not mean that the other party is weak.

The former four people were killed, and they can only become the past tense. The fifteen major forces will not let the position of the third and fifteenth sons be vacant.

“Haha, I have long heard that someone wants to replace Zixi’s position. I heard the name a little familiar, but I really didn’t think it was you.” Ao Beidou came from a distance and landed directly beside Zixi. Zixi cupped her hands, as a greeting. After all, Sanxiao and Fifteen are usually competitors. At this time, they can be said to be the same enemy. After all, today is the time when other sects have the opportunity to provoke them.

“Miss Wu, you are really capable, I have seen it from Ao Beidou.” Although Ao Beidou was talking to Wu Yun, his eyes were actually on Cang Yu, “Young Master Cang, as long as you speak, I can promise you, keep it safe. The dark cloud is dead, how is it?”

The elders of each faction couldn’t control the actions of the Sanxiao and Fifteen Sons in Yunxiaotai, but Ao Beidou was able to sell him a face.

“Big Brother Beidou, what are you talking about?”

Yang Ruyue ran up quickly, came to Ao Beidou’s side, and hugged his arm, making Mu Bingyun and the others understand. Yang Ruyue finally got her wish and followed Ao Beidou.

Followed by Yang Jinghai, many people are concerned about this kind of thing, especially now that his relationship with Ao Beidou is not normal. When he saw Ao Beidou hugging Yang Ruyue, he couldn’t help laughing.

It was just that when he saw Cang Yu and others, his face was still a little uncomfortable.

“I met a few acquaintances.” Ao Beidou replied with a smile, his eyes closely following Cang Yu, “What did Mr. Cang think? Actually, Mr. Ao always hoped that Mr. Cang would agree.”

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