Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 1072 I kind of want to be the senior sister of the Golden Crow Palace

“Then what do you mean?” Zixi smiled, “You want to leave the Golden Crow Palace?”

She is even more contemptuous of this. Those who shrink back when encountering problems are better off leaving the Golden Crow Palace.

“No, I kind of want to be the senior sister of the Golden Crow Palace.”

When Wu Yun said this, everyone was stunned.

The sentence “I want to be the senior sister of the Golden Crow Palace” made everyone’s heads a little blank for a while. So Wu Yun wants to challenge Zixi?

“Not only the senior sister of the Golden Crow Palace, but also all the auras on your Zixi. I am not yet 1,000 years old this year, so if I win against you, I should be able to become one of the fifteen sons of Sanxiao.”

When everyone hadn’t recovered, they heard the words of the dark clouds again, and the whole head was dizzy. They felt that they must have heard about it. Even if the senior sister of the Golden Crow Palace, Wu Yun actually wanted to be one of the fifteen sons of the Three Heavens.

To become one of the fifteen sons of the Three Firms requires two conditions, strength and identity. This identity must be a disciple of the three gates, five sects and seven palaces, and also need to pass the test of the other fourteen sons, especially if Wu Yun defeated Zixi, he must accept the challenge of the fifteen sons after Zixi. As for whether she wanted to take a step up, it was up to her.

Therefore, everyone who heard it thinks that Wu Yun must be daydreaming in the blue sky, a mere god-king realm. Since he tried to become the senior sister of the Golden Crow Palace, he still wants to become one of the fifteen sons of the Three Heavens.

When Zixi came back to her senses, her first reaction was that the dark clouds were crazy.

Yang Ruxin was also stunned, she couldn’t believe that the dark clouds were so arrogant.

Seeing that everyone had not recovered, she quickly walked in front of Mu Bingyun with a few steps. In her opinion, although Mu Bingyun was a little arrogant, she was still a wiser woman.

“Miss Mu, do you know what Junior Sister Wu is doing now? You should persuade her well, the majesty of Senior Sister cannot be arbitrarily provocative, and now Senior Sister’s strength is already the eighth rank of the gods. Wu Yun is only the fifth rank of the gods. It can’t be her opponent.”

Mu Bingyun glanced at Yang Ruxin, “No, the dark cloud is already in the realm of a god.”


Yang Ruxin felt as if she had been electrocuted, and then she saw the dark clouds disperse the aura of her whole body, and the aura of the goddess emanated, which really surprised her.

“Yes, I am indeed in the realm of the gods.”

The last time I accepted those inheritances, the dark clouds rushed up and broke through. Hiding their strength is just that they feel that it is enough to have a strong person exposed outside, so as to avoid attracting too many people’s attention. After Ying Changqing’s breakthrough last time, she also wanted to “break through”, but the Yang family was always by her side and couldn’t find a suitable excuse.

Now is just an excuse, she tells everyone that she is hiding her strength.

Zixi finally came back to her senses and saw a different dark cloud, and her heart also set off a wave of fluctuations. However, seeing that the other party is only in the realm of the gods, she still despised it.

What if you break through to the gods? If you dare to imagine the position of the senior sister, then she is welcome.

“Junior Sister Wu, although you have made a breakthrough, Senior Sister’s strength is eighth rank higher than you.”

Yang Ruxin frowned, although she also advocates strength and power, but she doesn’t like Zixi’s style. But now she is afraid that she can’t stop anything. If she knew she should have greeted them in advance, don’t be too arrogant in front of Zixi, otherwise Zixi will not let them go.

“Since Junior Sister Wu has the courage, I will satisfy you, otherwise everyone will say that my senior sister of the Golden Crow Palace is inhumane.” Zi Xi looked at Wu Yun with cold eyes, she climbed to this position and did not know **** her. How many people, Wu Yun, a disciple who has just entered the realm of the gods, dares to provoke her.

It seems that everyone has forgotten how she became a big sister, it is necessary for them to review.

There is no need to look back, many people have already thought of Zixi’s horror, and everyone shivered for a while, and looked at the dark clouds with pity in their eyes.

“So, Junior Sister Wu, when do you think it will start?”

Zixi’s voice was a little stern, as if she had remembered something, she suddenly laughed: “It won’t be long before the time for the ranking of the fifteen sons of Sanxiao will come, why not just then! Junior sister Wu doesn’t want to become the top ten of Sanxiao. One of the five sons? It just so happened that we solved it together at that time, and it didn’t take long.”

The expressions of everyone changed, especially Yang Ruxin, who was extremely worried. Zixi doesn’t want to give dark clouds a way to survive, who are the fifteen sons of Sanxiao? Although talented and the most expensive, everyone is not a good person.

In fact, it is not that other people can’t enter Sanxiao Fifteen, but the conditions for others to enter are too harsh. And the three gates, five sects and seven palaces have always controlled this quota, and will never let other people participate.

Zixi glanced at the dark clouds lightly, “Sister Wu, what are you thinking? If you feel very scared, you can leave the Golden Crow Palace directly. As the senior sister of the Golden Crow Palace, I will not treat you any kind of thing.”

Of course she won’t do anything, as long as Wu Yun leaves the Golden Crow Palace today because of fear, I am afraid that she will never be able to raise her head in front of the Golden Crow Palace, especially in front of her Zixi.

This method of directly destroying people’s confidence is truly terrifying.

“I think it’s a good idea.”

I am afraid that apart from Mu Bingyun and others, no one knows that Wu Yun must be excited now. Originally, they planned to find Nan Junmo some time later, but who knew that they could see Nan Junmo directly through Zixi.

Even Ying Changqing laughed, seeing the master earlier, he could ask the teacher about the art of time. That way he can see Xiaoxun earlier, I hope he can be faster.

Zixi was also a little stunned. He couldn’t help but glanced at Wuyun twice, and finally found that Wuyun really didn’t hide his strength anymore, because the momentum on Wuyun’s body was obviously just advanced.

The worries in her heart are put down, she will not be deprived of her current identity. Although this dark cloud is not afraid, it is too far from her strength. Even if there is still a period of time before the rearrangement of Sanxiao and fifteen sons, it is impossible for the dark clouds to break through to the eighth order of the gods at once, right?

“Very good, it seems that Junior Sister Wu still has some courage, so I won’t interfere in other things before that. When the time comes, I will naturally come over and bring Junior Sister Wu there. During this period, if Junior Sister Wu wants to go back, she can directly Just leave the Golden Crow Palace.”

Zixi believed that Wu Yun was just fighting for a breath, and didn’t think she was sure.

Destroying a small disciple, sometimes destroying the other’s confidence, is more interesting than using other methods. Once confidence collapses, there is no way to turn around.

Mu Bingyun felt Zixi’s viciousness, especially the look in Zixi’s eyes, clearly wanting to destroy the dark clouds. But she is not worried that the dark cloud will lose, the dark cloud will only win.

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