Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 1067 win

When Mu Bingyun and Wuyun both smashed their opponents down with one punch, and then they still didn’t use any other moves, everyone finally understood that the two were really powerful.

Ao Beidou, who was present, naturally had a bad-looking face, but he was an arrogant person, and he didn’t come up with any bad ideas. Originally, he had instructed people to teach the two of them a good lesson, but he was bombarded without a single face-to-face.

Ao Beidou pondered that it would be impossible to make Cangyu become his side. His face kept changing for a while, and then he didn’t know what he thought of, and laughed again.

He thinks, like the performance of this group of people today, it is bound to make people notice that there will be no one who will challenge them at that time.

In Ao Beidou’s thoughts, the competition gradually came to an end. The final result was astonishing. All three people in Silver Light City won the final victory.

This is something that no one expected, especially Mu Bingyun and Wu Yun, both of which are a scene where people are slammed down with one punch when they face each other, making people numb to the end.

Of course, they only thought that Mu Bingyun and the two were only the strongest in the realm of priests and **** kings, and they didn’t think that Mu Bingyun was the one who could kill the **** emperor. If so, they thought they would go crazy.

Fortunately, Mu Bingyun didn’t like to be in the limelight, otherwise their hearts would definitely not be able to accept it.

In the end, Yang Jinghai was delighted to receive the award. No one doubted or embarrassed this kind of competition in front of everyone’s eyes. After all, the world really respects the strong. No matter what, the people on Yang Jinghai’s side won, and it was him. strength for sure.

However, Yang Jinghai, the beneficiary of this incident, was not so happy. He regretted it a little, why he was confused before, and directly offended Cangyu and others, who knew that Mu Bingyun and Wuyun were also very powerful, although their strength was not high, but given time, they would definitely achieve a lot.

One of them was incredible, of course Yang Ruyue. She didn’t expect that, without an apology, these two also won so beautifully.

Yang Jinghai was surrounded by victory. Although the city lords of each city were a little unwilling, they would not say anything embarrassing on the bright side. As for what they will do in the dark, that is not what Mu Bingyun and others care about.

They have already done what they promised Yang Jinghai, and they have stayed in Silver Light City for a few days, planning to go around. At present, their primary goal is to inquire about Nan Junmo’s whereabouts first, followed by the matter of the dark clouds.

Mu Bingyun secretly summed up that Yang Jinghai had already come this way.

He put on a smile: “This time, thanks to Miss Mu and Miss Wu.” In fact, he felt that the two of them were indeed the strongest in the same realm, and they were not the strongest above the **** emperor. After thinking about it, this Several people have already offended Ao Beidou, and I am afraid that the future will not be so easy. It seems that they have figured it out clearly, so they did not win over.

“I wonder what Mr. Cang’s plan is next?”

These words are already obvious. If Yang Jinghai wanted to win Cangyu, he would definitely not speak like this, but directly invite the person back. Cang Yu didn’t care, and Mu Bingyun naturally didn’t care either.

Yang Ruyue is only proud of Beidou, and she still has some resentment towards several people. Although they won, it also made her lose the opportunity to get close to Big Brother Beidou. If it weren’t for these people, she might have followed Big Brother Beidou.

There was only Yang Ruxin, with a slightly worried expression on her face, and she was a little helpless about Yang Jinghai’s behavior. But she didn’t say anything. In the end, the only people she cared about were her father and sister. With her current ability, she really shouldn’t care too much about other things.

“Miss Mu, although you won, but you also offended Ao Beidou, then you should work together to figure out how to escape. Although Ao Beidou may not be able to deal with you, there are many people who Yu Xiaotian compliments with Ao Beidou. .”

Yang Ruxin raised her chin and said in that way, don’t think you are powerful, there are not many people who want to deal with you.

Wu Yun was amused by her appearance, obviously she was kind enough to remind them that this Yang Ruxin had to look down on them, which was really interesting.

In fact, at first, she also felt that Yang Ruxin was very proud, but then she was relieved. She has also lived three lifetimes, so why bother with a Yang Ruxin. Although Yang Ruxin looked down on them, she was actually reminding them not to overestimate their abilities.

If their strength is really what they appear on the surface, they should really listen to Yang Ruxin, but well, their strength is not revealed on the surface, so what Yang Ruxin says, they will naturally do it in reverse, and if they do it in reverse, it will definitely cause Yang Ruxin didn’t like it.

But in the end, Yang Ruxin reminded them.

“Okay, you can do it yourself. Ao Beidou shouldn’t put down his body to deal with you. As long as this Cang Gongzi takes good care of you, even though it’s a little tough, there won’t be any danger to your life.”

Yang Ruxin is telling the truth, but there are many surprises in the cultivation world.

“This world speaks with strength, I believe you have already experienced it.”

Yang Ruxin glanced at the maids who warmly treated Mu Bingyun and others, turned around and left. She didn’t want to see Yang Jinghai’s hypocritical face, but this person was her father, so she could only pretend that she didn’t see it.

“Thank you for the reminder, Miss Ruxin.”

When Yang Ruxin heard the words of thanks from Mu Bingyun behind her, she couldn’t help but paused and turned back: “If you really listen, then leave here quickly, this is not a place where people like you can stay for long, wait until your strength is up. Let’s talk about the realm of the gods!”

Yang Jinghai was a little embarrassed, but he never thought of blaming Yang Ruxin: “That’s what little women are like, please don’t take offense. This time, I’m really thankful for Miss Mu, Miss Wu.”

After saying that, Yang Jinghai took out a ring. Needless to say, it must be the reward for them this time. If they accept it, it means that this time, it is just a transaction with Yang Jinghai. What happened to them in the future, and who they offended, absolutely would not have anything to do with Yang Jinghai.

“You’re welcome.”

Wu Yun took it without hesitation, they understood what Yang Jinghai meant, and they didn’t want to get in touch with people who thought a lot in their hearts. Such people are also suitable for cooperation.

Yang Jinghai breathed a sigh of relief, since today is like this, Ao Beidou will not use this matter to embarrass him in the future. As long as Yang Ruxin works hard and strives for a higher status in the Golden Crow Palace, if Yang Ruyue can follow Ao Beidou’s side, then things will be even more perfect.

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