Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 1063 Don't look down on her?

Yang Jinghai was already sweating nervously, and only listened to the steward say: “One in the realm of gods, one in the realm of gods, and one in the realm of priests.”

When the manager’s words fell, only Yang Jinghai’s face changed, but he was under the strong emperor of the gods. He couldn’t help but look at a place on the high platform, that place was where Ao Beidou was sitting.

If it were normal, Ao Beidou would never come. He understood that Ao Beidou was hating him, and he was also warning Cangyu.

He leaned on the seat with a pale face, and he knew it all, because he didn’t have the realm of the gods at all.

But he can’t guarantee that the god-king realm can also win.

This time, even Yang Ruxin’s face was very ugly, and she couldn’t help but look at Ao Beidou. Ao Beidou glanced proudly, and with disdain in his eyes, he directly faced Cangyu’s figure.

Obviously, he wanted to use this method to take revenge on Cangyu and Yang Jinghai.

“Father, I am the only one about the realm of the gods.”

Yang Ruxin said immediately, which made Yang Jinghai feel better. Yang Ruxin’s strength, he is still very sure. But when he saw that the other city lords were all around the seventh, eighth, and ninth rank of the gods, his face flushed and he lowered his head.

Yang Ruxin naturally understands that this is a game, a game against Silver Light City. But this situation is open and aboveboard, other people’s cities can do it, and there is no reason why you can’t do it in Yinguang City. So, this is an open and aboveboard plan.

Even if she is the second senior sister of the Golden Crow Palace, there is no reason to stop such a thing.

“Then who will go to the realm of the king of gods?”

Yang Ruyue said at this moment, her eyes couldn’t help but look at Ao Beidou. She is not a fool either, it must be Ao Beidou’s last grudge that led to this result.

After finished asking, she got up and went straight to Ao Beidou regardless of Yang Ruxin’s stop.

When Yang Jinghai saw this, a glimmer of hope rose in his heart, which made Yang Ruxin’s mouth open, but she didn’t say anything. On the Silver Light City side, only Mu Bingyun and the others seemed to be the most calm.

Yang Ruxin shook her head when she saw this. It was estimated that these people had not seen much of the world, and they didn’t know that today’s events were very bad for Silver Light City.

“Young Master Cang, while this is the time, you’d better leave quickly. Ao Beidou can’t be provoked by anyone. You offended him last time, and now it’s his revenge. You are helpless, it’s impossible. his opponent.”

This is very interesting. First of all, I said that Ao Beidou was offended by them, and now Yinguang City is implicated by them. He also said that if Ao Beidou wanted to retaliate against them, Yinguang City would not help, so let them leave quickly. If something happened, it would definitely have nothing to do with Yinguang City.

This time, Yang Jinghai didn’t stop him, but he was a little hesitant, thinking about whether to win over Cangyu, a powerful **** emperor. Although a strong **** emperor is very attractive, a strong **** emperor who has offended Ao Beidou needs to be carefully weighed.

Therefore, when Yang Ruxin spoke, he chose to ignore it and pretended not to hear. If he can overcome this hurdle, it will not be too late to win Cangyu. If he can’t resist, he can only give up the powerful **** emperor and protect himself.

With Yang Ruxin here, Ao Beidou will not do anything to him, let him fall down to the position of the city lord at best.

Mu Bingyun didn’t know what Yang Jinghai was thinking, but when Yang Ruxin was talking, Yang Jinghai didn’t stop her, smiled clearly and didn’t care.

But now that he has offended Ao Beidou, there is no reason to make the other party feel that they are easy to bully. Even if they give in, it is not necessarily that Ao Beidou will let them go.

The most important thing is that the True Dragon Palace and the Golden Crow Palace are very interested in her, and she wants to know what kind of secrets there are behind these two forces.

If what the dark clouds saw before is true, then behind these two forces, something should be able to be found out.

“Let’s let the kings and priests come!”

After thinking about it, Mu Bingyun also understood the purpose of Ao Beidou. It’s just because she is in the realm of a priest, she deliberately made such a situation to embarrass them, in order to make Cangyu recognize the reality, and it happened that she also wanted Ao Beidou to understand what it means to look down on others.

Yang Ruxin looked disapproving: “As for the realm of the god-king, Miss Wu and Young Master Tao are good, but there are also many people in the ninth rank of the god-king of Yinguang City, so there is no need for Miss Mu to worry about it. As for the realm of the gods, let’s come here. It is true that there is not, but Miss Mu, with the strength of your first-rank priest, you should not go up and die.”

Yang Ruxin couldn’t help looking at the various city lords over there. There was a person with the strength of the ninth-rank priest. I thought that these people knew in advance that there would be such an event and prepared in advance.

Yang Jinghai also disagreed: “Yeah, Miss Mu, although Yang knows that you want to help, but with your strength, it is true that you are not a ninth-rank opponent of priests. Miss Mu is Cang’s wife, in case you have one , Yang will be deeply disturbed.”

Yang Jinghai was just afraid that something really happened to Mu Bingyun, and if Cangyu took his anger out, it would be bad. More importantly, he didn’t believe that Mu Bingyun had the ability to defeat those people.

“We have already agreed to this matter, City Lord Yang, no matter what you think, now Ao Beidou has been offended. If we leave immediately, doesn’t it mean that we are showing weakness, and besides, the other party will not deal with us then? Wu Yun couldn’t bear to see these people, so he couldn’t help but said, “Then do you have a first-rank cleric in your hands? If not, you will lose anyway. It’s better to let Bingyun go up. If you don’t come out, you won’t be laughed at.”

As soon as these words fell, Yang Jinghai’s face was indeed a little ugly. But what Wu Yun said was the truth, but what he considered was that Ao Beidou’s move was definitely aimed at the first-order priest Mu Bingyun.

“Since Miss Mu is not afraid of heaven and earth, just go as far as you can. The ugly words will be said first. No matter what happens, it’s just that Miss Mu is not strong enough. Don’t care if my father and I didn’t persuade you.” Yang Ruxin’s eyes were obviously disdainful, so Weak, yet trying to be brave, it is really beyond our own power, “Miss Mu, I advise you to think about it.”

In short, she did not believe that Mu Bingyun would come down intact.

Mu Bingyun smiled lightly, as if she didn’t think: “Thank you,” she said in a very confident voice, “This is no longer a matter of Silver Light City.”

This is related to their group’s reputation in Yuxiaotian, Jingxiaotian, and Danxiaotian in the future.

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