Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 1058 Lord's request

Yang Jinghai was obviously stunned for a moment, and even Yang Ruxin was a little incredulous.

Originally, they all guessed that Mu Bingyun was just something Cangyu liked and brought it with him. This kind of thing is normal in Yuxiaotian. As long as you have enough strength, you can naturally bring the person you like by your side.

There are also a large number of people, because their own strength is not enough, they finally choose a shortcut that can quickly improve their status, that is, cling to the strong.

They thought that Mu Bingyun was the one who was not strong and chose to survive by clinging to the strong, but they did not expect that she was Cangyu’s wife.

The words wife and husband still hold a very heavy weight in the eyes of monks.

“It turned out to be Mrs. Cang.”

It took a split second for Yang Jinghai to react. Since Cang Yu said so, it means that Mu Bingyun is highly valued by this powerhouse. Regardless of the reason, in order to impress the strong, it is the most important to him.

Mu Bingyun nodded, not caring.

Yang Jinghai hurriedly greeted them to sit down, and his attitude towards Mu Bingyun was much better than before. Of course, except for Mu Bingyun, other people were still not in his eyes.

“I don’t know where Cang Gongzi came from?”

Yang Jinghai asked tentatively, although Yang Ruxin told him that these people had just come up from below, he was still going to ask again.

“God Xiaotian.”

Yang Jinghai finally breathed a sigh of relief when he heard Cang Yu admit it himself. After all, a strong man like Cangyu came up from below.

Yang Jinghai hesitated for a moment, then continued: “Young Master Cang, it’s your first time in Yuxiaotian, and you don’t have a place to stay. It just so happens that I, Yinguang City, really hope that a strong person like you will join. If Master Cang is willing, you will be The elders of Yinguang City have become elders, and with your strength, their status is comparable to that of the lord of a city.”

Although it was a bit difficult for Yang Jinghai to leave a person comparable to his own status, but thinking of the current situation in Silver Light City, he felt that it was worthwhile to do so.

As long as there is a strong man like Cang Yu, his status as the City Lord of Silver Light City will not be threatened.

Yang Jinghai thought for a while and found that Cang Yu didn’t speak. He couldn’t help but look up to find the man in front of him was drooping his eyes, like an old monk.

is a little unpredictable in his heart, is his condition not rich enough?

“Young Master Cang?”

Cangyu raised his head slowly: “City Lord Yang, we are ready to leave.”

Yang Jinghai’s expression changed, but he didn’t say much. If the strong are unwilling, does he still dare to force it?

But remembering that the precarious day of deciding the city lord’s position is coming, if there is no strong suppression by that time, Yang Jinghai will become a thing of the past. Thinking of this, he felt that another method could be used.

“Young Master Cang has no interest in the position of the elder of Yinguang City. I don’t know if I can ask Master Cang for a favor. Afterwards, I will definitely thank Master Cang from Silver Light City. If Young Master Cang wants to know, just ask me, and I will know everything.”

“What are you busy with?”

Hearing that Cangyu did not immediately refuse, Yang Jinghai knew that there was a drama, and said quickly: “Speaking of which, Yang is also ashamed, the cultivation base has not progressed quickly over the years, and Yinguang City is in the most remote place, and the strong are unwilling to stay here. .”

After sighed, Yang Jinghai talked about the reason for this.

Yinguang City belongs to the sphere of influence of the True Dragon Palace. There are countless cities under the control of the True Dragon Palace. Silver Light City only belongs to a very small and remote city, but no matter how small and remote it is, it also has its benefits. There are still many people coveting the position of the City Lord of Silver Light City.

The gifts that Silver Light City presents to True Dragon Palace every year are indeed inferior to those of other city lords, which is not to be mentioned. The most important thing is that there are no strong people in Silver Light City. If there is no strong man to meet the challenges of other cities this time, his good days as the city lord of Silver Light City will come to an end.

Once you lose the city lord, unless there is a huge breakthrough in strength, it is impossible to become the city lord again. Losing power is not to be feared, but to be afraid of never turning over.

“So, Mr. Yang begged Mr. Cang to help him once. As long as he gets through this difficult time, Mr. Cang will never refuse if he needs anything in the future.”

Yang Ruyue also said quickly, “Yes, Young Master Cang, if our Silver Light City loses this time, we really have no chance to turn over.” At that time, her status was getting farther and farther from Ao Beidou, Even more distant from Yang Ruxin.

But she knows very well that her cultivation talent is not outstanding, and her status is only the daughter of the city lord, and now she is about to lose it.

Yang Ruxin is also a little moved, but she is the second senior sister of the Golden Crow Palace, and she is not far behind in the sphere of influence of the True Dragon Palace. She also didn’t understand why her father and sister didn’t want to go with her. Anyway, she could help them win some interests.

After Yang Jinghai finished speaking, he didn’t say anything. He didn’t dare to offend the strong man in front of him. Although he couldn’t see how powerful Cangyu was, he could feel an unfathomable feeling.

“What does Binger think?”

After a long time, the words of this man made Yang Jinghai stunned, Yang Ruyue’s eyes widened, and Yang Ruxin frowned. She didn’t understand, Cang Yu was clearly a strong man, why should she ask a woman who was only a first-rank priest.

Of course, she didn’t make a sound either, it’s not good to offend the strong. However, there was a bit of unease in his heart. A strong man like Cang Yu should indeed be matched with a more powerful woman, not a fancy vase like Mu Bingyun.

Mu Bingyun sighed in his heart, why is this man so naughty at this time!

Of course, she knew that he was just protecting her, although she didn’t care about this kind of face. But she doesn’t care, doesn’t mean he doesn’t do it.

Just like a sincere man takes you into a restaurant and asks you if you are hungry, if you say you are not hungry, he will still order some snacks for you, instead of ordering and eating by yourself and letting you watch.

is also not like some people who only make verbal promises without actually doing them. Some things may not care, but people who are sincere to you will definitely do it for you.

“So take it!”

She looked directly into his eyes, and the two smiled at each other. The tacit understanding between the two simply blinded Yang Jinghai and the three of them. They really don’t understand, how can they find resonance when one is a strong man and the other is a vase.

“it is good.”

Cangyu withdrew his gaze, his eyes fell on Yang Jinghai, “City Lord Yang, I will take care of this matter.”

Although the process was a bit unacceptable, Yang Jinghai felt that as long as Cangyu agreed to help, he would be able to survive this crisis.

The next battle between the cities will be ten years later. At that time, Yang Ruxin may have grown up to the true dragon palace and is not willing to offend him, and his status will also rise.

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