Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 1024 It's time to vent properly, otherwise it's not good for cultivation.

Mu Bingyun and the others started to destroy the temple at the outermost distance from Qiuluo Mountain. For several months, they could reach a temple in an average of three to five days. Combining her phantom formation and the hypnotism of the dark clouds, all the believers were awakened, even those who could not be awakened were also arrested by them.

Every time the believers wake up, Cangyu will provide them with Tianleizi, a divine weapon in each hand, Wuyun will provide them with some divine stones, and Mu Bingyun will take out some medicinal pills. Let this group of believers who have been oppressed for thousands of years fight back with all their might!

“Hehe, I believe they have a lot of anger in their hearts. If they don’t vent it, they will be suffocated.” Wu Yun looked at the temple where the smoke was billowing. He threw the thunder son on the temple, grabbed the things that could be used inside, and finally slashed at the temple.

Because they were made believers, they lost a lot of things, why not make them hate it?

“It’s time to vent, otherwise it’s not good for cultivation.”

Mu Bingyun nodded, “These people are likely to be their own people from now on, let them play by themselves! Spread the news to Chang Qing and Tao Ran, let them entertain the people who break in, and let them experience the warmth of home. .”

“Understood, Bingyun, in fact, we have to thank Chen He, otherwise we will have to go everywhere to select talents, haha!” Wu Yun laughed with excitement, “I heard Xiao Changqing say, are there any people who go in? Young talent is good, there are also alchemy masters, artifact refiners, and divine formation masters, it seems that the development of our Shuangyun Mansion is much faster than that of the fairyland.”

Mu Bingyun’s eyes couldn’t help but smile: “It’s time to thank him, why don’t you help him destroy a few temples, I think he must be very busy, destroying some will save him trouble and let him relax a bit. good.”

Dark Cloud also shivered, is there such a way to thank him?

But, she really likes this way of thanking, I wonder if Chen He knows now?

Chen He only felt that the power of belief was decreasing recently, and he really didn’t know that the temple was destroyed. After all, where there is a temple, the people in Shenxiaotian are not willing to approach it, but everyone knows that there is a group of lunatics recently. As long as they see something about the God Emperor of Incense Fire, they will rush up to chop them up. It looks really terrifying. very.

Naturally, the news reached Chen He’s ears.


Chen He’s face was hideous: “You mean that many believers suddenly woke up and smashed the temple?”

“Yes, God Emperor, there is indeed such a thing. These believers are like crazy. As long as they see something about God Emperor, they will rush to kill them.”

Since the whereabouts of the three of Mu Bingyun were uncertain, they even hid when they were walking outside. Not to mention Chen He, even the people outside thought it was the believers who woke up. After all, the three of them didn’t show up and did anything at all, so how could they know that it was the three of them who woke up the believers.

“How awake are you now?”

Chen He didn’t doubt Mu Bingyun and the others, after all, he didn’t think they had the ability to wake up his followers. He suppressed the anger in his heart, wishing to kill all those sober believers.

“The current number is not clear, but, God Emperor, there are nearly a thousand temples that cannot be reached now.”

Hearing what the person below said, Chen He almost fainted.

“Thousands of seats? Can’t get in touch?” Chen He gritted his teeth, “What do you all eat, why did you report it now?”

It’s no wonder that his power of faith has decreased a lot recently, and he has lost nearly a thousand seats.

“Check, go and check, we must find out, what happened, and let the saint come back, ignore Shuangyun Mansion for the time being, find out this matter, and kill all those disobedient believers. !”

“The reason why believers are sober must be found out!”

A kind of fear has arisen in Chen He’s heart. He must stop it. He must not continue to wake up the believers. Otherwise, his power of faith will become less and less… less and less, and even disappear in the end.

He is different from other people, other people absorb the divine power between heaven and earth, but he only absorbs the power of faith to convert it into divine power. If there is no believer’s power of belief, he even has a kind of fear, whether he can live and die with Shen Xiaotian.

He has really offended a lot of people. If this matter spreads, his fate can be imagined.

“Be sure to stop this!”

After he figured it out, he immediately decided to stop the believers from sobering up with all his strength and not to care about other things.

Mu Bingyun and the others couldn’t help laughing when they received Chen He’s stop attacking Shuangyun Mansion.

Without Chen He’s stubbornness, their Shuangyun Mansion developed even faster. Basically, it takes ten days to open a shop in a new city, and they don’t open too many shops.

A city, a restaurant, a grocery store. A restaurant is a place to eat, and a grocery store sells all kinds of things. In general, there are three floors. One is for things used for cultivation, one is for clothing, and the other is for all kinds of messy things.

Shops like are very popular, as long as you have enough patience, you will be able to find what you like.

Rules like also make other people feel that they will not take away their business. Besides, in today’s Shuangyun Mansion, the entire power of Shenxiaotian would not dare to offend!

The three of Mu Bingyun still quietly hid behind, and continued to wake up Chen He’s followers. As believers continue to sober up, more and more temples are smashed. Another phenomenon is that more and more people go to the bamboo forest.

Finally, within a year, the three of them awakened the believers who were close to the Ten Thousand Temples, and Chen He was so angry that he vomited blood. Although the power of faith provided by these believers was very thin, they couldn’t stop the crowd and directly caused him to lose. With 30% of the power of faith, he can no longer describe it with anger.

If he hadn’t been a god, he would have been **** off long ago.

The three of Mu Bingyun also stopped.

“No way.” Wu Yun shook his head, “With my current strength, I can no longer wake up the next believers with hypnotism.” Hypnosis should also be based on strength. The harder it is to wake up.

Mu Bingyun also shook his head: “No way, although I have realized the fourth-order divine formation with my formation technique for more than a year, but the hypnotism technique that mainly awakens believers to see the dark clouds, I can only create hallucinations for them.”

Therefore, Dark Cloud’s hypnotism is the main method to awaken the believers. Even if she realizes the fifth-order divine formation, there is no way to awaken her.

“I need to study hypnotism well and improve my strength.” Wu Yun instantly understood that as long as Chen He still had a believer, the threat to them was not small, “Now the sober believers have all gone to the Zhuanzhu Forest, he should know that it is what we do.”

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