Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Chapter 1023 crazy revenge

Cangyu became famous in the battle, which really made all the sects dare not look down on Shuangyun Mansion. After a few days of Zidian Sect, the head of the sect sent someone to the door and sent an apology, saying that there was no grudge with Shuangyun Mansion. Qin Ming’s behavior is just a personal grudge between them.

This move made Shuangyun Mansion gain a firm foothold in Shenxiaotian. The Purple Lightning Sect is a sect, and they don’t dare to provoke the Shuangyun Mansion easily. It can only show that their strength is worthy of affirmation.

This is a world where the bigger the fist, the bigger you are.

After the Purple Dianzong incident, all the factions also made good friends with Shuangyun Mansion, and they did not dare to lower the price arbitrarily in business dealings.

What makes them feel relieved is that Shuangyun Mansion is not unreasonable, as long as you respect, they will respect you.

But if you don’t respect them, you will be hit hard by them.

Mu Bingyun and the others have returned to the Shuangyun Mansion. Although Cang Yu did not challenge the Talent List again, his ranking was still tenth, but everyone vaguely regarded him as the number one on the Talent List.

As for the little person He Yan, they killed him on their way back. Even Qin Can didn’t say much this time. If it wasn’t for the strength of Mu Bingyun, this time because of He Yan, it would definitely bring countless blows to Shuangyun Mansion.

“Wood girl, in the end, I’m the one who got you involved.”

Qin Can felt a little guilty, if he hadn’t seen He Yan clearly, he wouldn’t have caused them trouble.

“Let’s pass this matter, Qin Can, what are your plans in the future?”

Qin Can paused: “Now my enemy is dead, and I don’t have any obsessions. My talent is not good, but I also want to go to experience and experience, maybe I will encounter some miracles.”

Mu Bingyun didn’t say much, Qin Can stayed for a few days and then left. It’s not that he doesn’t want to stay in Shuangyun Mansion, but this time, he has no face to stay.

If he hadn’t listened to He Yan’s words, he would have been invited by Chang Qing and Tao Ran, and this would not have happened. These people in Shuangyun Mansion are either rich or expensive. He Qin Can is just a small person. Since he is a small person, he can only be drowned in the world.

Chen He knew that Shuangyun Mansion had a firm foothold in Shenxiaotian, the whole person was so angry that his chest was about to explode, and he ordered all the believers under him to start crusade against Shuangyun Mansion.

Everyone knows that Shuangyun Mansion provokes the Emperor Xianghuo, and many people start to watch silently. Everyone knows that a local snake like the Emperor Xianghuo is more terrifying than anything else, so don’t try to provoke it.

I thought that the Shuangyun Mansion would stand firm, but I didn’t expect it to be like this. Everyone in the Purple Lightning Sect burst out laughing, all watching the jokes of Shuangyun Mansion!

As for the people in Shuangyun Mansion, they didn’t see Chen He’s attack on what they should cultivate and eat.

But Chen He wanted to destroy their shop, foundation, if they didn’t fight back, wouldn’t they be showing weakness?

So, Shuangyun Mansion fought back.

Mu Bingyun, Wuyun, Cangyu three people ran to the temples of Shenxiaotian, and began to wake up the followers of the Incense God Emperor one by one. All awakened believers start to beat, smash, burn and loot when they wake up, and they will do these things automatically without them destroying them.

“These are all for you, fry as much as you can.”

Cangyu threw a ring to these believers, all of which were incomparably powerful Tianleizi, as long as one went down, he could blow up a lot of the temple. In order to destroy the temple, he prepared many such things.

The believer held a ring in his hand, probed into it, and found that there were Tianleizi densely packed. Next to Tianleizi, there were many divine stones and medicinal pills. When they saw these, all the believers who woke up were shocked. What means?

“After you blow up the temple, Chen He will definitely not give up. You try your best to escape to the bamboo forest. This is the site of my Shuangyun Mansion. As long as you can break in, you can make a home in Shuangyun City. There are powerful The formation, and the protection of powerful monsters, even Chen He didn’t dare to attack.” Wu Yun said with a smile, “My Shuangyun Mansion is very rich, and this little thing will be your fortune. “

Mu Bingyun ticked the corner of his mouth, does this count as recruiting the enemy’s people to be his own?

Chen He will be mad?

“As long as you are willing, my Shuangyun Mansion is your future destination. You can choose to be loyal to Shuangyun Mansion, and those who follow Shuangyun Mansion will not suffer.” After a pause, Mu Bingyun continued, “You can also If you choose to stay in Shuangyun City, you don’t need to be loyal, and you need to obtain all the resources yourself. How you choose is up to you.”

The corner of Wu Yun’s mouth twitched, and Bing Yun is now even more black-bellied.

These people are forced to become believers, and naturally they hate being forced to do things. When Bingyun said this, he formed a contrast with Chen He.

While forcing them to become believers and providing Chen He with the power of faith, the resources are still pitiful.

The side gave them enough freedom, and even asked them to choose their own path. Even if they did not go to Shuangyun Mansion, they could take refuge in the Zhuanzhu Forest. As long as they were not fools, they all knew that they would choose Shuangyun Mansion. As long as they go out to inquire again, the reputation of Shuangyun Mansion for their own people is simply very good, and most of them will probably return by then.

After all, he fled outside, and Chen He will definitely take revenge on them. Following Shuangyun Mansion, he can also attack Chen He. It can be regarded as their own revenge for themselves. It’s good to think about it.

But now these people don’t trust other people, they just looked at the three of them suspiciously, Mu Bingyun smiled: “Okay, let’s go first, in fact, our destruction of Chen He’s temple is also a personal grudge, He tried to force me to become his disciple, but it didn’t work out.”

Having said that, everyone couldn’t help but feel the same hatred, and Mu Bingyun couldn’t help but feel much more pleasing to the eye.

“Okay, Mu girl, when we destroy the temple, we will go to the Bamboo Forest. Thank you all today. No matter what, Shuangyun Mansion will be our friend from now on.” , it will not hurt Shuangyun Mansion.

Mu Bingyun is not in a hurry, they will choose by themselves.

“Well, then let’s go first.”

Wu Yun also said with a smile: “Be careful, after all, Chen He is not a vegetarian. There are thousands of believers under him who have been brainwashed, and some of them have already fallen into the devil. If the situation is not right, it is right to flee to the Zhuanzhu Forest. “

Everyone was a little moved. Now they have a hard time believing people, but in front of them is the person who saved them. To make them trust them a little bit, they just nodded to show that they would pay attention.

After the two sides said goodbye, the three of Mu Bingyun quickly went to the next temple, where the same thing happened again.

Some time ago, although Wu Yun didn’t make a substantive counterattack against Chen He’s forces, he did an investigation of the temples under his hands. They chose those places that were not so thorough in brainwashing and were far away from Qiuluo Mountain. Even if the temple is destroyed, Chen He has no choice for the time being, and may not even know it.

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